Spicing up things in the bedroom (or anywhere else!) includes trying out new things to bring varying pleasures to your sex life. Various stimulations come to mind, but it might be time to explore the backspace area, or simply told – the booty. 

Of course, anal play can be a lot of fun, and it can always include anal sex toys, although using fingers at the beginning can also come in handy – pun intended. But regardless if you’re a newbie or a pro in the anal game, you will love learning how to use anal beads. It’s such an intense experience for the first time!

For those who have already used anal beads, I’ll try to maybe teach you a few tricks on using them properly to avoid messy and weird situations. Most importantly, I’ll try to give beginners a clear image of anal beads and some useful tips for those already using anal sex toys in their bedroom. 

What are Anal Beads? 

anal beads explanation

Just one among many types of men’s and women’s sex toys designed to bring sexual pleasure through anal stimulation. It consists of multiple ball spheres attached together, which are supposed to be inserted into the anus and removed at a certain speed, depending on how it’s working for you. 

Anal beads will open new horizons for you and your sexual pleasure – just don’t pull them out like you’re trying to start up a chainsaw!

They’re usually made of smooth material to make sure the user stays safe. Rubber, plastic, silicone, and even metal or glass are common materials. You should always insist that your anal beads have a little ring at the end called the stopper. This is of utmost importance, as it’ll prevent the beads from completely slipping into your anal cavity! You don’t want to have that talk at the emergency room, trust me!

How To Use Anal Beads?

This might disappoint your boyfriend but using anal beads for stimulating your anal nerves is far better than a penis. It’s also better than a finger for that matter. Anal beads offer constant pleasure and a smooth glide inside and out of the anus. This incredible anal sex toy will enhance your orgasms like never before, as it helps you explore erogenous areas you never knew you had.

Taking off

We would recommend that you start off by introducing anal beads in your foreplay. You don’t want to rush anything – especially if it’s your first time. 

If you’re not feeling comfortable doing it in front of your partner for the first time, try it out privately at first. This will kick your anus and sex drive into high gear because of course stimulating anal erogenous zones makes you wet in seconds.

Another absolute-must whenever you pursuit anal play is using lube! Your anal area is very sensitive, full of nerve endings, and you need to be cautious! Pleasure can turn into pain quickly when you’re reckless around your back door.

Continue by inserting the anal beads, each ball, one by one. You will feel how each time you pop in a ball, the anal opening will gently stretch, effectively igniting the nerve-rich area. Then slowly remove the toy to properly stimulate your anus again – and get it ready for further action. 

Repeat this and see where it takes you – probably, straight to a masturbation session you will remember for the rest of your life.

As you get more and more turned on, try inserting small beads first and then gradually increase towards larger ones. Taking this process step-by-step is the perfect way to build up tension and achieve that level of anal pleasure you’re looking for!

Stimulate Your Orgasm 

anal beads stimulating orgasm

As I mentioned, beads are a great stimulator to go along with your sexual activity or masturbation – so here’s another tip on how to use them. 

Try getting the anal beads inside of you and gently stimulating your vaginal area by using your fingers. 

You will lose your focus on the beads, but know they’re there, tracking and matching your libido. You’ll masturbate harder and harder, and it’ll build inside you, only more intensely because of the beads. 

Just when you’re about to burst, start removing the anal beads one by one, slowly and gently. This will bring you extremely close to climax – and may even push you over the edge! Now, as it gets hotter and you’re reaching orgasm, remove the beads just when you begin cumming. Stimulate your anus and vagina at the same time – hard! 

Now, that’s an orgasm you’ve probably never experienced – or maybe you have, but rarely. Still, by using anal beads, this type of orgasm can become an everyday thing for anyone.

Got a little carried away! Let me fix my shirt, and we’ll continue.


Spicing It Up

This is for slightly more-advanced users. 

Usually, people who really enjoy anal play practice this method. Instead of just letting the beads sit inside your anus, try playing with them every time you get the chance. Just as a reminder, pleasure from anal beads comes from inserting and removing, but real professionals take the game a bit further. 

This works especially well if you’re with a partner! Allow them to insert and remove at their own desire when you feel comfortable with it. This will definitely kink things up – and it’s pretty fun too. 

Remember: ensure consent, talk it out first, and set some boundaries. It’s supposed to be fun, not unsafe. 

Combine It With Oral

For this one, you definitely need a partner. Have them give you oral while you gently control the raging libido growing inside using the anal beads. Relax and enjoy every minute of it, be there with yourself and let go of everything. 

You will be in control of the situation but can also let your partner lead. Then, they’ll simultaneously stimulate your erogenous zones in both holes. Exciting, right? Change roles occasionally and orgasm at the highest peaks. Yes, peaks – plural! Remember to remove beads when orgasming for maximum effect! 

how to clean anal beads

Hygiene Comes First

Now that you’re all relaxed and satisfied, you want to pack your toy for further use. It should be treated as all women’s sex toys. Don’t just toss it in your toy box. If you have a semblance of self-respect, you’ll use plentiful amounts of soap and water, as well as an antibacterial gel for the roughest pieces. 

Store the anal beads on an open space to dry after washing. 

If you don’t have the gel with you at the moment, hot water and soap will also do, temporarily. The anus is full of bacteria that you don’t want to cultivate, so make sure to sterilize your anal beads after every use. Enjoy!

Stay classy.

Stay clean.

Stay Devine.