Ladies, I hear you – being turned off by anal dildos is not out of touch.

Sometimes, it’s constant pressure from partners that have seen one porn video that they want to recreate. Other times it’s a bad experience of diving right in without any preparation, equipment or lube. 

I was one of those women that was put off by anything going up my butt. Women’s sex toys were all fine for my vagina, but I couldn’t see the appeal of using one for my butt. It always seemed a bit too rough, and seeing women use anal dildos to please themselves? It looked a bit gross, and very painful! 

Then one night, after having one long wine session with a couple of girlfriends, one of them brought up the topic. A couple of minutes later, we were fully immersed in the conversation of happy sex lives – precisely because of these anal adventures. We all wanted to know more – all the hows, whys, whens, wheres and especially whos.

I soaked it up like a sponge. Seems fun and pleasurable, why not try it out, right? 

Now, before I have anyone rushing off to search for the best anal sex toys for women on Amazon, there are a couple of things to consider. 

Not to be too anal about this, but your safety should be top priority when trying out any butt toys.

Whether it’s anal dildos, anal toys or anything else in between, the world of anal sex toys for women offers a lot of orgasmic opportunities. As always, read the instructions and practice safe sex – women wielding anal dildos can result in really awkward visits to the doctor if you don’t do your research. 

So now that we have that out of the way, which ones work best, and for what type of stimulation? 

Butt plugs

butt plugs as anal dildos

The most recognizable anal toys are those bulbous sparkly diamonds that look like they could complete your jewelry set on a night out. And they can – but special jewelry is only seen by special people.

The butt plugs.

Their job description is pretty much in their name. 

This was the first toy I used in my butt. Anal dildos seemed too frightening to start off with, so I went with what I thought was the less intimidating option. 

As the anal cavity doesn’t work the same way as the vaginal, dildos need some help when you (or your partner) decide to explore the forbidden fruit. That means plenty of lube, lots of foreplay, and careful, sensual widening to prepare the muscles around the hole. A butt plug is all you need to reach the ultimate climax once you’ve loosened up. 

They are very easy to use too. Lube them up, put them in and let them prep your butt for whatever comes next. 

Be warned to check exactly where you’re buying them from. It’s important to look at materials used, texture and even price! If you’re going to be putting unfamiliar items where the sun don’t shine, you better make sure they’re safe to use. 

Remember: clean meticulously! Like a maniac! It’s better to spend 20 more seconds cleaning than go to the clinic because you got an infection from dirty toys.

Anal beads

anal beads popular anal dildos

We’ve learned about the butt plug. But what about their cousins, the anal beads? 

Now, these are very different types of toys. I often hear people referring to them as the same thing, and trust me, you can get a very uncomfortable experience if you switch them up and use them in the same manner. You cannot just slip them in like you would a butt plug – it takes time!

See, anal beads are these little balls attached to a long, almost completely circular chain. Their job is to give you the most fulfilling pleasure when being used, one at a time, increasing the internal pressure with every added bead. I know, I’m already getting turned on too.

The magic of anal beads is of course in the pull-out, which arouses the nerve endings of the sphincter muscle, located right next to your anus. When I first got a taste of how good this felt, I didn’t want to use another butt toy ever again. 

Make sure to consider the size of those balls. It’s easy to get wrapped in the heat of the moment and think you can handle more than your butt can – and get a rude awakening – and probably a messy clean-up! 

Like with most things anal, lube is your best friend. Make sure you have plenty on hand (and other body parts) for every step of the way. 

Anal vibrators

improved sex life with anal dildos

We ladies appreciate good vibrations in and around our vaginas – fact.

But getting your butt in on the action with some anal sex toys for women is key for some fulfilling, long nights by yourself or with your partner. 

I started spicing up my love life by getting an anal vibrator in the bedroom. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one to your liking, after doing some tests. You just need to know what you like. If you know that, then your possibilities are endless – even the sky is not the limit!

Are you into butt plugs, but crave that pulsating feeling every once in a while? Get a remote controlled one for some extra naughty nights. 

If you’re into your rabbit vibrators, get a mini one meant specifically for the anus so you can really stimulate every little nerve between your legs. 

I would caution against getting something too big, too small or too cheap. It could get lost, leave stains from cheap chemicals or hurt because of its size – and you want to protect your butt while exploring. Trust me, you don’t want the consequences of crappy plastic toys.

Anal dildos

anal dildos as women's sex toys

If you’ve already gotten used to some of these butt toys, you can take your anal play to the next level by introducing a dildo into the mix. After all, when we’re talking anal sex toys for women, that’s what a lot of ladies usually think about.

These aren’t any different than the regular dildos you may be using to pleasure your vagina. Only this time, they are used for that special P-in-A (or in this case, D-in-A) intercourse. Women and anal dildos make for beautiful relationships – if done right and with plenty of caution. 

Since we’re talking safety first, I recommend going for a silicone material or something like stainless steel. Easier to wash, easier to maintain. 

Another important thing – butts have an uncanny way to suck things up into the rectum, so go for a more flared base to ensure you avoid that kind of visit to the ER.

There’s always the option to go bigger later, but your first dildo should be slimmer and shorter. Sometimes we forget that our butt is meant to push things out as opposed to taking things in, which means plenty of patience, lots of lube, and most importantly – practice

The key to having a great time with anal dildos is relaxing and enjoying it. That way you can level up your anal adventures in no time!

Listen to your body

Whether it’s women and anal dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, or any other anal toys, keep in mind how your body reacts when you insert something in it. Most women’s sex toys are safe, but some might be unsuitable for you.

Butt toys may just be what you have been missing in your relationship too!

Even if you’re a toy veteran for your vagina, mouth or your partner, getting yourself invested in the wonderful world of anal pleasure can lift you and/or your relationship sexually in no time.

Just make sure to stay clean, safe, and communicative throughout prep and penetration.

Otherwise, it can be a real bummer.

Stay classy.

Stay anal.

Stay Devine.