We’ve all heard about the wonders of the Big O.

Some of us have been lucky enough to experience it, multiple times, on the same night. You see articles describing it as the second coming, the great release, that it’s like fireworks going off in your head (in a good way).

Usually, it’s all about hitting that G-spot or having an explosive clitoral orgasm. I’ve read (and written) plenty of articles that focus on identifying the right ‘trigger’ to achieve the best kind of climax, what toys to use to make it more pleasurable, and how to train your partner to treat your coochie right.

Now, if you thought vaginal orgasms were hard to come by, anal orgasms are straight-up confusing. Not only for the people having them, but the ones giving them as well.

What part of the butt am I targeting?

How do I make sure that I’m going to have one?

Does it have to hurt?

Plenty of questions I’ve pondered over myself.

Not that I’m a butt expert or anything, but I’ve had my fair share of anal orgasms. Truth be told, they’re not that difficult to experience, but like all things sex, all you need is some patience and communication.   

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it.

What Exactly is an Anal Orgasm?

what's an anal orgasm?

Here’s the 411 on orgasms: it’s a bunch of nerves getting stimulated at the same time.

Since you have nerves in your anus, chances are, if you sexually stimulate them enough, they’re gonna have you standing on the edge of glory after only a few minutes.

I don’t want to get too scientific about it, but the butt has something called a pudendal nerve. This nerve connects to the clitoris, and as most of us girls know, plenty of our orgasms derive from that little nub of pleasure. 

Basically, the sensations traveling down that little nerve move through the anus, the vulva, and the vagina. In other words, if you incorporate women’s sex toys while having anal, you’re bound to have the orgasm of your life.

From personal experience, it feels very similar to a ‘spreading wave’ of pleasure that starts in your butt and moves to your vagina – especially when you’ve got your hands busy with your clit during anal penetration.

But before you grab your partner and get down to business, there are still some things you should consider.

Tips on How to Hit the Backdoor 

There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to get yourself off anally – just ones that work to stimulate the mentioned nerve just right. 

That includes using whatever toy that you think can help you feel good. Alternatively, you can work on getting the angle right with your partner. Not every anal orgasm come as the result of penetration, because some can and do stem from something as simple as a butt plug. 

This is where experimenting comes in. 

And buying sex toys!

I know plenty of women who aren’t able to handle an entire dildo, or those that feel downright uncomfortable at the thought of anal beads. That’s why exploring the backdoor is important – and thankfully you don’t need a lot of experience or gadgets to do so.

Step 1 comes with some lube and a finger,  and these are all you need to find exactly what you’re into. 

If you like the feel of what you just experienced, then step 2 is going for something a bit bigger: a dildo, anal beads, or a penis. Or just about anything other than a small toy – as long as it’s safe for use, of course.

One extremely important thing to note when it comes to getting anal orgasm: you need time before the going gets good. 

That doesn’t mean the sex should be uncomfortable or even painful, but it takes time to adapt to these new sensations – it’s a journey from a bit of pressure to the ultimate pleasure.

Rim First

rim job for anal orgasm.

If stuffing fingers or toys up your butt seems intimidating, there’s always the good ol’ rim job to help you relax. Of course, this does warrant having a partner (or very good friend) to help out, but it’s less scary and can help you in the long run if your end goal is penetration.

Thanks to the huge selection of women’s sex toys, there are options on the market that offer women the oral fixation they’ve been looking for.

It’s never really going to feel like the real thing, but it will get pretty close to it. All those oral sex toys that are meant to ‘eat out’ are perfectly appropriate for use on your butt as well.

Tasting the forbidden fruit has never been more simple!

If at First you don’t Succeed…

… Try again!

The good thing about sex is that you don’t always have to experience an orgasm in order to have a great time. I’ve had a number of enjoyable experiences that didn’t end with me climaxing, and they all turned out to be excellent opportunities to explore the ways in which I love getting pleasured.

Peach play is something so individual that it takes time for you (and your partner) to get accustomed to the exact things you want during sex. For me, a little simulation on both ends has me flying high, and it’s also enough to give me an anal orgasm!

Plus, it’s worth mentioning, getting pleasured isn’t all about having an orgasm. Edging, having fun, and exploring your body are all important parts of a very happy sex life, which is why the benefits of a little anal investigating outweigh all fears of trying it!

Stay curious,

Stay sexy,

Stay Devine.