Anal has been taboo for a long time, but now it’s finally having its moment in the spotlight, as more and more women are deciding to give it a shot. Opening yourself to anal pleasure can open a whole new world for you – literally and figuratively. However, the question women most frequently ask before expanding their women’s sex toys collection is – where do I start? 

Of course, introducing anal sex toys for women has to go step by step, just like anal sex itself. Tissue back there is prone to damage if you start big and unprepared. To enjoy your bedroom games to the fullest, be careful when selecting anal dildos, or other anal toys for that matter! 

I’ve been an anal connoisseur for years, so I’ll try to help you with your choice of anal toys, by introducing our list with detailed descriptions of my favorites. Women and their toys have a special connection, so don’t feel shy to pick what’s best for you! Average prices will be given below every description depending on the website selling them and shipping location.

Before starting, remember: whatever you do – don’t forget the lube! 

The Lube Shooter

The Lube Shooter anal sex toy

Let’s start off with the lube shooter, in accordance with the last line above. Lube is a necessity when it comes to anal play and in a way, it’s a precondition for using any anal toys. The lubricant applicator is technically not a toy, it’ll make all other anal dildos much more comfortable. I’d buy this before buying anything for direct insertion – it’s just common sense!

Instructions? Simple! Fill up the accessory with lubricant and shoot it up your anus. This ensures that whatever you insert additionally, be it a sex toy, a finger or a penis, will get additional lubrication from within, keeping your rectum safe, slippery, and satisfied! 

Price: $8 

So Divine Lubricants and Massage Oils

So Divine Lubricants and Massage Oils

I want this sentence to engrave itself in your brain: inserting an anal dildo or any other anal toys is, if not impossible, then quite insane without a decent amount of lube. 

I recommend using So Divine water lubricants and massage oils for their amazing sensations and scents. From regular strawberry or aloe vera to the amazing prosecco, or sandalwood aroma – So Divine has it all! 

They’re vegan-friendly too, meaning no vicious animal testing. You can just relax, knowing that no creature’s been hurt for you to have your pleasure. 

Price: $8-$10

Anal Training Kit and Education Set: B Vibe

Anal Training Kit and Education Set: B Vibe Anal Sex Toys

When exploring your A-hole sensitivity, going from virgin to deep penetration is a big no-no. If you’re unfamiliar with anal sex toys for women, consider purchasing this B-Vibe’s all-in-one educational kit – it’ll help you dive into the world of anal.

The kit consists of three butt plugs: 

  • Finger-sized silicone butt plug for beginners;
  • Medium vibrating butt plug for intermediate users and;
  • Large plug for the more experienced ones among us.

Also, you get a lube shooter (yes, the one from before) and a solid handbook with 50+ tips to get the best anal play experiences from top-tier sex educators. Finally, of course, you get a travel bag – we can’t have these toys dropping out of your backpack at the airport, now can we? 

Anal sex is not something you jump straight into. Education is essential and this kit is a great choice to teach yourself how anal works. 

Price: $150

So Divine Butt Plugs

So Divine Butt Plugs

Butt plugs for everyone! Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran with anal toys, So Divine offers something for everyone.

Their silicone butt plugs come in lusty violet color, with a little diamond on the handle to make them classier:

Price: $13

Club Vibe 3.oh 

Club Vibe 3.oh Anal Sex Toy

The Club Vibe 3.oh is suitable for beginners and all who are fresh to the world of women’s sex toys, as well as experienced anal pleasure enjoyers and enjoyees. It’s tiny and discrete, which means it’s easily transported. The 3.oh was designed to be worn in your panties, and it even comes with a pair of black lace panties. Moreover, it has a wireless remote control and a Bluetooth connection, so you can include your partner in your sex game! 

So what’s so great about it? Well, the toy has three modes: a pulse mode, a pattern mode, and a music mode. This one follows the ambient noise and goes along with the music you are listening to – thus, the Club Vibe! 

Price: $139.99

B-Vibe Swirl Texture Plug

B-Vibe Swirl Texture Plug

The Swirl Texture Plug is one of B-Vibe’s best-selling anal sex toys for women and there’s a great reason for that: it’s the perfect combination of fullness and vibrations, providing magnificent sensations when inserted and removed. The texture is made of body-friendly silicone, which is very important knowing how sensitive the tissue in your anus is. The grip is very easy to handle and there is practically no chance it’ll get lost in your rectum and of course, removing it is literally, a breath of fresh air. It offers six modes and multiple sizes for the ultimate pleasure. 

Price: $93 

Lovehoney Slimline Butt Plug 

Lovehoney Slimline Butt Plug

Experienced users of anal toys are probably familiar with this one from the old days when they first introduced anal play in their sex life. That said, Lovehoney’s Slimline is perfect for beginners with un-stretched, or barely stretched rectums. All you need is a bit of lube before and the toy will slip right in. It’s small, yet big enough to give you a ton of pleasure and the chances of it getting swallowed are practically zero. A highly recommended butt plug! 

Price: $10  

Fun Factory B Balls 

Lovehoney Slimline Butt Plug

This is one of the most popular anal sex toys for women as it resembles anal beads that have a great reputation with anal connoisseurs. It’s made of very flexible and smooth silicone with a fine, smooth texture. Inside the beads, you can feel several smaller, free-moving balls – these are a special surprise for when you’re walking around with this toy inside you. 

The shape of this plug allows you to wear it during sex, making it very convenient. The base is pretty tiny, yet big enough to keep the toy outside and dismiss any ER visits. The size is perfect for both advanced users and beginners, so it’s nearly impossible to over-use this toy. It feels amazing when the balls slide inside exactly because of its size – not too big – not too small. The balls inside are constantly jiggling and pressing the G-spot, taking sex to a whole new level!

Price: $40 

NJoy Pure Plug

NJoy Pure Plug

NJoy pure plug is a shiny little metal companion. Unlike its silicone counterparts, it doesn’t absorb any odors, it’s very easy to clean, and some say that it’s even more comfortable to use. If you have beginner-butt syndrome, make sure to purchase the smallest size and use tons of lube. You can also combine it with some V-hole toys to enhance pleasure. 

There is an additional game to play with anal toys made of metal: you can cool them down or warm them up to some extent. Experimenting with temperature can be so stimulating, you just need to set limits and be imaginative within them! 

Price: $100

Lelo Hugo

Lelo Hugo Anal Sex Toy

This discreet vibrating anal toy is primarily designed for massaging the prostate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it too!

Lelo Hugo is ideal for hands-free orgasms, as it can be controlled from up to 12 meters away with a motion-sensitive controller. It has eight settings and it’s considered one of the most powerful vibrating anal massagers at the market. It’s made of waterproof silicone, making it ideal for shower play too. 

Price: $164

B-Vibe Trio

B-Vibe Trio Anal Sex Toy

You’re wondering what’s so ‘trio’ about a single butt plug? 

Hold your panties, ladies, as this is one of the most sophisticated butt plugs on the market, and it’s worth every dollar you spend on it! B-Vibe Trio has three motors packed inside its medium-sized silicone body. It has 9 vibrating patterns and 8 intensity levels (speeds) taking you from a gentle to a wild ride with just a few clicks. Moreover, it has a USB rechargeable lithium battery with a 1-hour duration, if you can hold it in that long…

This one doesn’t come as part of the B-Vibe’s educational set, and you’ll see why as soon as you put it inside you and turn it on!

Price: $140

Anal Beads

Anal Beads

Anal beads are usually made of silicone, but you might run into metal ones as well. In case you’re considering buying some plastic trash please don’t. I’m not specifying a producer, as they’re more or less the same, just watch out for the materials as they can really hurt you if you don’t do your research.

Anal beads are great for beginners because of their variable ball size, so you can start with the smallest ones and progress further as your hole hungers for more. If you’d like to learn how to safely use anal beads, please read this article. 

Price: $20 

So Divine Magic Body Stimulating Vibrator

So Divine Magic Body Stimulating Vibrator

This multi-use toy is designed for both your solo and partner play. Its bunny-ears shaped body is excellent for both external and internal stimulation. You can vibe out your clit and g-spot at the same time, or even better – place one ear in your vagina and the other in your butt and reach some high-end orgasms! 

This one’s my personal favorite of all anal sex toys for women, as it gives me multiple options for achieving pleasure – and I want all of them!

Price: $41

Luxe Beginner Plug Kit 

Luxe Beginner Plug Kit

As the name suggests, the Luxe Beginner Plug Kit is the perfect set for all who want to get acquainted with women’s sex toys. You have to keep your booty safe and always be aware that it’s very gentle! As for the kit, every anal plug comes with a tapered tip, making insertion smooth and easy. 

Moreover, all plugs have a tight, solid neck, made for extended wear. This set will allow you to start off small and then gradually work your way up to wider pleasures. The texture is very smooth, almost satin-like, even though the toy is made of platinum cured silicone. This is one of the easiest anal toys to clean. 

Price: $19 

Beaded Black Anal Dildo 

Beaded Black Anal Dildo

When choosing from all the available anal dildos on the internet, consider Lovehoney’s Beaded Black Anal Dildo. This one builds sensations gently, thanks to its suction cup base and tapered beading. Its 6.5 inches are enough for both advanced users and most beginners. The design looks firm, but is actually very flexible and capable of reaching your deepest erogenous zones, as it conforms with your natural curves. Of course, the one feature everyone loves – the beads – increase gradually in size! I have just one word: gimme!

Price: $19.99

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 12 Inch Big Boy

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 12 Inch Big Boy

The big boy has that name for a reason. Obviously, this anal toy is not for everyone, but for those wanting to fill up with something quite big from time to time, the subtle curves on this dildo will be able to reach deep – really deep! The design of the toy gives a very pleasurable feeling of insertion and intensity. The product contains no latex and has non-phthalate PVC. If you get bored you can put it in your vagina too – just make sure to clean between switches! 

Price: $24  

Icicles Daisy Plug 

Icicles Daisy Plug Anal Sex Toy

This remarkable example of anal sex toys for women wins just because of its stunning looks! 

The Daisy looks like an expensive piece of art instead of a butt plug. It’s on this list because it’s made of hypoallergenic glass, which can create the perfect sensation up your anus. This plug has a smooth and tapered top to help you get it in more easily. 

Also, the base is nicely designed in the form of a flower, to make sure that the toy doesn’t go fully inside the rectum. The toy is very flexible and it can be warmed up or cooled down, based on what you need to take things to the next level. You can even put it in a microwave! 

Price: $18.99 


ShareVibe Anal Sex Toy

The ShareVibe will make your knees shake with the mere mention of its name.

As you probably already guessed, the ShareVibe is not just any example of anal dildos. In fact, it’s not just an anal dildo – it’s the kind of sex toy made for both clitoral and anal pleasuring. 

It can also be used as a vaginal penetrator, but for the sake of this article, let’s keep it anal. 

This is the perfect toy for those who have wanted to try double penetration for a while, but couldn’t force themselves to invite an extra person into the bedroom. Have your partner penetrate you in the butt while you stimulate your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. Talk about crazy times! 

Anyway, the ShareVibe is perfectly designed using non-porous hypoallergenic silicone. It’s waterproof and very easy to clean. 

Price: $125

Glas Pure Indulgence Anal Dildo

Glas Pure Indulgence Anal Dildo

The Glas Pure Indulgence Anal Dildo comes in a large box, which will make wonder how big this thing actually is. When you open it, you realize it’s not that horrifying. The dildo has two ends – a large one, about the size of a lemon, with a tapered tip; and a smaller one, like the normal round bead we all know. 

This dildo is made of glass, which is seam-free but also kind of heavy. The main selling point? The curve. It lets you experience both G-spot and P-spot stimulation! 

There’s a chance your anatomy just won’t fit the big part, so make sure you’ve already gone large before buying this one. Even if by some chance, you decide to buy it and you still figure out the big end is too big for you, the smaller one also feels amazing and will make you cum in no time! You can use any kind of lube you want with it, and you’ll notice how comfortable the stem feels when penetrating. It’s very responsive to temperature, so frost and fire are always options. As it’s made of glass, it’s very hygienic and easy to clean! 

Price: $15 

Enjoyed this article? Anal toys for women are insane, I know – but they’re worth it.

Made up your mind about any of the toys?

Remember – ‘mind over matter’, matters!

Stay classy.

Stay anal.

Stay Devine.