Even today, when sexual freedom seems to be at its highest peak, the idea of anal stimulation makes lots of people nervous – especially beginners

Sure, it’s an overwhelming topic, as people easily associate so many embarrassing fears with it. It’s common to be scared of pain, smell, or – God forbid – pooping on your partner, but don’t worry, it’s all preventable if you’re smart. There are so many misconceptions about anal stimulation and anal sex, I don’t even know where to start. 

First thing first – anal stimulation doesn’t have to lead to anal penetration. You have a variety of men and women’s sex toys to choose from for this! There are so many ways to achieve anal pleasure, even an anal orgasm, without crossing any potentially unpleasant boundaries. It doesn’t have to go in – for your toes to curl!

Incorporating anal in your bedroom play can have immense benefits on your health, orgasm quality, not to mention your relationship. If you’re riding the single wave, don’t worry – these benefits are not reserved just for couples – spicing your solo play is equally important – and equally fun! 

We often hear that anal play is something men want and that it’s simply not working out for women. Well, it turns out that women also have sensitive nerve endings in their butts, and can enjoy anal stimulation as much as vaginal. Who would have thought, huh?

In this article, I would like to tackle misbeliefs and lay out some arguments on why anal stimulation should be as interesting to women as it is to men. Because apparently, we need more reason than ‘it feels great’.

Stronger, More Numerous Orgasms!

anal stimulation cause more intense orgasms

This sounds like one of the things men say to get in the bottom side of your pants, but don’t dismiss it immediately – there is something to it. 

Results from the National survey of sexual health and behavior conducted at Indiana University revealed that 94% of women who regularly have anal sex, experienced an orgasm during their last sexual intercourse. This is a much higher percentage compared to average stats which show that only 25% of all women consistently reach orgasm during vaginal or oral intercourse. Consistency is key, and anal helps with it – greatly.

At this point, we can ask: does female orgasm cause anal sex to happen, or does anal sex provide more orgasms to women? Are women who are interested in anal sex simply more relaxed, so it’s easier for them to reach climax in general, or does anal stimulation facilitate female orgasms? 

Yes, anal sex includes the hard part, which can skyrocket the likelihood of female orgasm. It needs more foreplay and patience, but also tends to lead to more orgasms. Moreover, being adventurous, assertive, enamored, and secure, are all linked with relaxation, increased odds of reaching orgasm, and engaging in anal sex. 

So, all things anal, including anal orgasms, are more complex than they seem, but one fact remains: women can enjoy properly handled anal stimulation and penetrations, as much as men do. 

Anal orgasms are real – and marvelous!

It may sound unbelievable, but it’s very real: anal orgasms are orgasms reached through anal stimulation. You may have heard about it in men: their prostate gets stimulated through anal play and they can sometimes enjoy wicked orgasms this way. 

Straight men 0, gay men 1. 

Well, women don’t have a prostate, so how can we reach an anal orgasm?

Anal penetration (with a penis, finger, or a sex toy) stimulates the vaginal A-spot (the anterior fornix), located some 5-6 inches deep in the vagina. This area is highly erogenous and can make you extremely wet in a matter of seconds. 

a spot orgasm with anal stimulation

Anal stimulation is reason enough to buy new toys

There are literally hundreds of men’s and women’s sex toys out there dedicated to anal pleasure. For example, you may find butt plugs ideal if you prefer surface anal stimulation. These usually come in beautiful colors and various sizes, often with little diamonds on their handles for a classy experience. 

For a more intense stimulation, you might want to try kegel balls or anal beads. Note that these also come in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes, and you should do your research on using them properly to avoid any potential injury.

Finally, what you may find the most interesting are double-penetration dildos or rabbit vibrators that stimulate both your anal and vaginal zones at the same time. 

While you’re at the toy section, make sure to check out lubricants as well, because you’ll be needing some when testing anal sex toys. Not only for precautionary measures but also for achieving maximum pleasure. Won’t feel good if it’s dry – the wetter, the better!

Anal stimulation is so much more than just penetration

Anal stimulation doesn’t have to be penetrative. Most toys are designed to stimulate the outside area, as it’s also a really strong erogenous zone, packed with nerve endings just waiting for some smooth action. 

Notes to remember:

  • If you’re having a solo show, you can use your fingers, and glide or press around the anal area to achieve pleasure. 
  • If you’re with a partner, you can experiment by stimulating your anal area with both fingers and tongues. 
  • If you keep everything clean, it should be delicious, but even if it’s not, don’t despair – a simple douche and a shower will solve all your problems.
  • If you’re a beginner in anal play, don’t rush into anything radical – play around, experiment by yourself or with your partner, and see what works best for you. Similar to vaginal pleasure, anal pleasure can hardly be achieved when you’re anxious and unprepared. 

Don’t rush – explore your sensitivity

You’ve probably heard, read, or have had your own experiences with anal stimulation turn bad or painful. This shouldn’t, and doesn’t have to be the case. 

Anal play requires taking things slow, setting boundaries, and eventually breaking them when and if you’re ready. Make sure to use a lot of lube to prevent any injury and use your imagination – experiment with some fingering, licking, and small-size toys, before going massive. 

For example, if you’ve never done this before, try roaming through your outer and inner anal area while masturbating, or ask your partner to do it while having sex. As both zones are rich with nerve endings, you should experience a completely different kind of orgasm. 

Once you gain more experience and figure out what you like, maybe it’ll be time to try out some of the women’s sex toys – or try it with penile penetration. 

Stay classy.

Stay anal.

Stay Devine.