Getting a sex toy still seems to be a taboo topic for some women. It’s one of those things we don’t talk about, despite being open with our girlfriends about our favorite sex positions, our best one-night stands, or how good that one guy made us feel. 

For whatever reason, more than a few ladies I’ve talked to still find the idea of owning women’s sex toys pretty shameful, despite the market boom and media popularization in recent years. 

Keeping your healthy sexual desires in the closet is never good, whether it’s your parents guilting you into thinking masturbation is sinful, feeling awkward about letting your partner know that you prefer your wand to his hand, or thinking toys aren’t all that useful – even these are fine if you are expressing your sexuality to its fullest.

Here’s the thing – using sex toys isn’t new. Even in ancient times, women liked to make themselves feel gratified on a bad day with the occasional oddly-shaped phallic rock. 

While getting yourself off with your fingers is nice and possibly quicker and more efficient, sometimes you need that special treat. It’s kind of like going from economy to first class with just one purchase. 

Despite all the obvious benefits of making your body feel really good, or relieving some pent-up sexual tension, there’s a lot of pleasure that comes with the buzz of a vibrator

They let you explore

sex toys journey

Every woman has her story – the one where she finally gave in and decided to do a little exploring of her own body and sexuality. For me, that was my trusty vibrator. I remember being terrified of seeing all those different sex toys in porn and decided something small but effective would work in starting my sexual journey.

Even though its specific purpose was to make the nub between my legs feel good, I found that it could excite other areas of my body too. That’s when I realized I enjoyed lots of teasing as a form of foreplay. It made me understand the right way to get me off was very simple – just add vibrations. 

If you’re too shy to confront your partner with your new sexual fantasies, you may want to think about getting a sex toy. 

Personally, it’s boosted my sexual performance. It’s good to have a little practice round before going in for the real thing, and it helps your confidence in bed too!

They make you feel good as you age

Honestly, when I was younger, I thought sex post menopause was nonexistent, because my favorite TV shows made it seem like we just die off completely after 40. Now, while our bodies do go through a lot of changes during this time, you don’t have to hang up your favorite panties just yet. 

Menopause is a touchy subject, which is why it’s always good to have a little friend with you to keep your fountain of youth going. As we ladies get older, our libido naturally dies down, as does our ability to get aroused like in the good ol’ days – but it never disappears! 

All those depressing days can go away at the flick of a wrist and the touch of a button, if you only have a vibrator. Plus, it stokes the fire back up in your relationships, so bonuses all around!

Even studies have shown that partaking in some solo action can help women experiencing menopausal symptoms sleep better, eat better, and improve their overall mental health. 

When your bones start hurting, you don’t give up walking. The same should be true for sex.

They help with your mental wellbeing

psychological benefits of owning sex toys

With the busy lives we lead today, it’s no wonder that so many women are having a hard time coping with the stress coming from our modern-day lives. If you don’t believe me, the science is clear on this – masturbation helps people with anxiety, depression and other mental health problems feel more at ease. 

Orgasms bring truly amazing things. 

Now, while you don’t necessarily need one, women’s sex toys can help you out in your solo pleasure can enhance your masturbating experience tenfold – and help your body reach its natural sexual climax. All those ‘feel-good’ hormones will help plenty of ladies deal with the hardships of their work, family lives, or busy schedules.  

It’s why I always make sure to pack a bullet in my purse any time things get too stressful. You never want to enter a boardroom meeting in a bad mood – so let your bullet do the work for you and vibe one out before going in with the wolves.

They help you avoid bad decisions

We all know how quickly a horny decision can turn bad after one exciting orgasm. It can be anything – that ex we’ve been talking to for weeks or a new online date that we’re excited to see. Still, our clouded decision-making disappears if we get what we need from a session with our favorite rabbit. 

I’ve also experienced states of excitement that brought about some terrible life decisions. I have to say since I’ve had my favorite dildo on stand-by, ‘accidentally’ texting my favorite hook-up buddy has been happening less and less. 

That way I can avoid some terribly awkward conversations after the blissful moment is over.

Benefits for all

Women’s sex toys have long been these mystical, mysterious gadgets that nobody feels comfortable using because of porn, cultural pressure or bad media representation. 

Thankfully, we’re moving into an era where feeling good is a priority, and with that comes a massive global sexual awakening. That means plenty of time for yourself so that you can explore every bit of your sexual desires, as you go on your own, personal journey. 

Getting a sex toy is part of this journey. Interested in discovering exactly what makes you go wild? Want to find ways to pleasure different parts of your body? Going on a new sexy adventure with your partner? Sex toys are the secret weapon to have you feeling sexy, wet, and all-around happy through every moment of your day. 

Stay sexy.

Stay smart.

Stay Devine.