I love comparing toys because it’s always fun to put them together like some sort of boxing match. And I get to try them out, so that’s always a plus. That’s why I was extremely happy that I could try out the Desire Luxury Love Egg and the We Vibe Match.   

Women’s sex toys in general are never a bad investment, especially if it’s not your first time at the rodeo. Specifically, remote vibrators are very popular toys on the market as they are perfect for both solo and couples play sessions. They also allow you to relinquish control to your partner and engage in some sexy and consensual powerplay. 

Sex toys in general are never a bad investment, especially if it’s not your first time at the rodeo. Specifically, the two toys I’ve chosen for this review are ones you can also use during penetrative sex as well as provide pleasurable vibrations to both partners. Whether it’s internal stimulation you’re looking for or a more rounded dual pleasure, these two toys will definitely satisfy your needs. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the details of two amazing remote-controlled vibrators and see if I can help you find the right one!


Desire Luxury Love Egg 


The Desire Luxury Love Egg comes in a very compact box in my favorite color – purple! Inside the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find a black, luxurious zipper case which is amazing for discreet storage of the toy later on. Inside, the egg was safely stored in hard plastic packaging on one side of the case and an information booklet and the charging cable on the other. The hard case is gorgeous and sturdy with the Lovehoney logo embossed on it. 

The best thing I like about this is that the casing is so discrete, it even has an option to charge your toy directly from it! Just put your charger through the hole and have a glass of wine while it’s charging without worrying that someone will catch a whiff of what’s in it. 

We-Vibe Match


Like all We Vibe toys, the We Vibe Match is packaged in a beautiful gradient blue box that shows a silhouette of the toy inside. Gives you a little sneak-peak of what to expect and it adds to the thrill of the unboxing. 

At first, you’re greeted with the toy which comes in a beautiful periwinkle blue nestled in a plastic casing. Underneath the toy you’ll find the wireless remote, charging station and USB cable, instruction manual, water-based lube sample, and a silk pouch for discrete storage. 

Material and Design

Desire Luxury Love Egg

The Desire Luxury Love Egg is entirely coated in silky soft silicone and it’s purple which I absolutely love! It has the recognizable shape of an egg, with a tapered tip for easy insertion and a cord for safe retrieval when your playtime is over. The cord is also detachable and the charger comes in its place. 

The remote control is also coated in silicone, save for the battery cap which is made of plastic. Speaking of the battery on the remote, don’t forget to take out the safety of the battery before you use it. I forgot to take out mine, so I was quite disappointed that it did not work. 

We-Vibe Match

The We Vibe Match is a C-shaped vibrator that’s also covered in body-safe silicone. It features dual vibrators, one for clitoral and one for G-spot stimulation. Both vibrators have ribbed at the ends, which provides additional sensation and pleasure. The c-shape is flexible so it’s able to fit different types of bodies. 

What I find ingenious about this toy is that the G-spot stimulator is flat on the outside, so it will leave room for your partner as well as add pressure to your sensitive G-Spot. Your partner will also feel the pleasurable vibrations as they thrust inside you! 


Desire Luxury Love Egg 


The Desire Luxury Love Egg is quite a powerful little egg. It has 8 different vibration patterns and an incredible 12 intensity levels, so you have a lot to choose from and play around with. The toy is controlled by a button that could be used for external stimulation like the clitoris or the nipples, otherwise, it’s quite impractical. That’s why, aside from the button directly on the egg itself, the Luxury Love Egg is also controlled through the wireless remote. 

The remote has a range of close to 30 meters, within line of sight, so you could relinquish control to your partner and have some undisclosed fun even in public. The Desire luxury Love Egg is quiet but not silent and it could be heard in very quiet places. However, crowded and loud places like the market or a bar would be ideal for some confidential sexcapades. To add to its discretion, the toy also has a travel lock so you can travel without a worry in mind that your suitcase might suddenly start to buzz around. 

We-Vibe Match


The We Vibe Match is an ingenious toy that has dual stimulation of the two most erogenous female zones. Because of its unique shape, it also stimulates the penis with penetration. There are 10 vibration modes to choose from, slow and rumbly or fast and hard, it’s completely up to you.  

The remote control, like the toy itself, is very small and discreet so you can engage in some secretive powerplay almost anywhere you want. The up and down buttons control the levels of intensity and the left and right are used to choose your preferred pattern. 

The We Vibe Match is completely waterproof so you could play around with it underwater as well. Do keep in mind that the remote is not waterproof, so while you can submerge the toy in water, refrain from doing so with the remote. 

The charging is not as discrete as the Desire Luxury Love Egg, but it does charge fully in 90 minutes and it has a playtime of 120 minutes on a full charge. The good thing about the We Vibe Match is that you can store it for months and the charge will still last, however it will deteriorate at some point if it becomes common practice to store it. Also, why would you want to store this and not use it for months?

How They Perform

Desire Luxury Love Egg 

The Desire Luxury Love Egg isn’t the first vibrating egg I’ve tried but it’s certainly one of best. The first time I tried it, I was not having a good day, but little did I know I’d have an amazing finish! At first, it didn’t seem too promising as the remote seemed to be broken and it gave me a mini heart attack but after I realized it had that protective paper in the battery, things were looking up. 

The egg rumbles deliciously, stimulating all of the important zones, and those 12 intensity levels, most certainly intensify everything. With a little bit of water-based lube, it slipped right in and it stayed there for the duration of my fun time! One thing I’ve always hated about vibrators is that when you orgasm, the contractions naturally push the toy out. Not this one – Oh, no not this one! The Luxury Love Egg stays and rumbles until you climax again! 

We-Vibe Match

The We Vibe Match is small but quite powerful because of its unique shape and ability to use it with a partner. I tried it out solo but my god, I was not prepared. It’s whisper-quiet when inserted so I appreciated that fact a lot because my tests were conducted in a full house! 

Aside from that little mishap, I was genuinely surprised by how good this toy felt. It’s flexibility allowed it to fit in nicely and then I felt it sort of lock into place, settling snug against my G-spot. My thoughts were utterly incoherent as I was riding waves of pleasure no.1, 2, and 3 one right after the other. And that’s what we’re looking for!

Final Take

I know I said that pinning toys against one another is always hard but also it’s incredibly difficult to pick a winner afterward. Both the Desire Luxury Love Egg and the We Vibe Match are the perfect remote-controlled vibrators that will undoubtedly leave you breathless! 

Both vibrators gave me multiple toe-curling orgasms so I would say the winner of this match is you because either way you’re getting the pleasure that you want, need, and then some more!

Remember to choose the toys that fit your body and its needs the best, so don’t hesitate to do a bit of research before getting any. Hopefully, I solved your dilemma between the two vibrators, but whichever you get, you won’t be disappointed. Both will perform extremely well, it just depends on what you require – internal stimulation or dual? But either way, you’ll climax for sure! 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some pleasure waves to ride! 

Stay sexy, 

Stay satisfied,

Stay Devine!