The sex-positive movement is boosting society towards becoming more open to new and exciting sexual endeavors, along with recent innovative improvements to the sex toy blueprint. This comes regardless of your relationship status or your preferred toys – and rightly so! 

Enhancing your sex life has never been easier thanks to the huge variety of sex toys available online and in brick-and-mortar sex shops.

‘But there’s so many vibrators online, it’s hard to choose one!’

I agree. The ever-expanding market offers a diverse range of women’s sex toys, ranging from traditional insertable ABS-plastic vibrators to alien-shaped targeted stimulators.
Go back just 30 years and you’d be astonished to find no more than a few models of vibrators. 

Naturally, one can feel overwhelmed when facing so many options – especially when the stakes come in the form of toe-curling orgasms.

Need a cheat sheet to buy vibrators online? Here we go!

Old school

Traditional vibrators aren’t as lame as the name suggests. The tried-and-true classic insertable vibrator is a great starting point if you just want steady and intense internal vibrations. Use it to stimulate your G-spot, or as a clitoral stimulator alternative!

Classics stay classic for a reason, and being the oldest type of women’s sex toys available to this day demonstrates that both pros and beginners can benefit by using them. Cumming has never been easier with these lo-fi classic vibrators. 

How do I know? I curated them myself!

Doc Johnson Velvet Touch Vibe – $13

doc johnson velvet touch vibe cheap vibrator

Easy to clean and easier to use, this 7-inch online vibrator comes packing. Great for first-timers or those looking to buy vibrators online on a stricter budget, this vibrator is my first pick on a regular week-day! 

But don’t let it’s uncomplicated phallic design fool you – it’s the simplest battery-operated boyfriend I’ve ever owned. Even at the lowest setting, the powerful vibrations are enough to get you off in no time. The velvety outer coating on this vibrator feels soft against the skin making it easy to insert without discomfort. 

With a price tag of just $13, it’s the best no-nonsense budget toy that will never fail you!

Fifty Shades Freed Deep Inside Rechargeable Classic Wave Vibrator – $52

fifty shades freed  vibrator women's sex toy

Being knee-deep in women’s sex toys means that I will always understand which shapes of vibrators are the most reliable, and when talking reliability, the Fifty Shades Freed vibrator has to be in the conversation. It has a unique twisted shape, so that you’re able to elevate yourself to new dimensions while still being in the realm of the familiar.

Despite lacking a discreet appearance, this vibrator helps you score intense orgasms for longer, thanks to the ribs on the shaft and the proven-to-last battery life. 

Additional pleasure? Yes, please and thank you! 

Lelo’s Mona 2 – $169

lelo mona 2 sex toy

Basic, but luxury! The innovative brand’s take on the traditional vibe design is a force to be reckoned with. Conveniently shaped and angled, the Mona 2 is a great contender for anyone more inclined towards all-in-one sex toys. 

The toy gives you full control over the sensations, it’s very reliable and made to last – as it should be, considering the price!

Lelo women’s sex toys are 100% waterproof too, so get ready for relaxing sensual bathtimes and long, steamy, screamy showers!

Real OGs 

Mind-blowing O’s depend on stimulated G-spots!

Hitting the sweet G-spot inside your vagina is one of the easiest ways to experience mind-blowing orgasmic pleasures that probably only a few of your exes can provide!

But let’s cut them some slack. Annoyingly enough, the G-spot can be very hard to find, both for a partner and your own fingers! 

As mentioned above, sex-positive movements encourage women to explore all branches of self-pleasure and G-spot-stimulating women’s sex toys are more prevalent, having become the new normal! Focusing on the insertable targeted G-spot stimulation, I’ll chart a course so you can easily buy some OG vibrators online.

Lovehoney G-Slim Tulip G-Spot Vibrator – $19

lovehoney g-slim tulip g-spot vibrator

My go-to recommendation for G-spot newcomers is the G-slim Tulip Vibrator. A great way to explore new sensations and learn what makes you climax. 

The seemingly basic design of this women’s sex toy aims straight for your G-spot thrilling your sensitive nerve endings to a harmonious squirting orgasm. 

Once inside, the Tulip naturally targets the sensitive upper wall of the vagina, though it’s likewise ideal for satisfying external stimulation cravings, too. 

Unbound’s Bender – $69

unbound’s bender

Not to be confused with the Futurama robot, ​Bender is Unbound’s high quality adjustable G-spot vibrator. For those new to G-spot or internal playtime, the Bender is an excellent choice. It looks like a flat silicone stick but it bends easily, making it perfect if you’re having trouble reaching the G-spot. Unbound women’s sex toys, as well as most vibrators online, come with a variety of vibration patterns, and this one is no exception.

What makes it personally unique for me is that it bends to different shapes easily, making it easy to hunt down that G-spot precisely without contorting my body.

Lovense Osci 2 Vibrator – $99

lovense osci 2 vibrator

What makes this online vibrator different from most G-spot vibrators on the market? 

Well, instead of vibrating, it oscillates. Hence the name. 

It’s incredibly accurate at hitting the right spot, and after diving in a position comfortable enough, you are pussy-first on the way to Orgasm Town. The intensity of the vibrations can range from light, to pounding-like rumbly sensations that will satisfy even the largest of appetites. 

This vibrator’s design might not scream ‘innovation’ but it’s a Lady Devine go-to for deep oscillating vibrations. The online vibrator is controlled by both button and app, making it perfect for long-distance play with your partner. 

Simply connect and start playing!

Aesthetically pleasing self-satisfaction

Like with all pleasure purchases, the same goes for women’s sex toysaesthetics matter! You won’t mind leaving these vibrators on your nightstand or even wearing them as accessories. 

Beautifully designed and powerful, they keep you cumming – in style!

GAIA Biodegradable, Recyclable Eco Vibrator by Blush Novelties – $10

GAIA biodegradable eco vibrator

An ecological twist on the traditional vibrator, this toy is extremely affordable and helps you stay eco-conscious too! It’s created from Biofeel – a starch-based bioplastic, and it comes in three super-adorable shades of pink, blue and green.

The pastel green shade is very eye-catching and, in my opinion, anyone’s sex toy collection can benefit from a pop of pastel!

Rianne S. Heart Vibe – $34

heart vibe vibrator

This heart-shaped vibe is perfect for the aesthetes out there. It’s discreet and cute – put it on your vanity table as a decoration, or stick it in your jewelry box

Get it? Jewelry box?

Moving on.

Your orgasms are paramount and this adorable vibe gets you right where you want to be!

Strong vibrations and adorable design, what more could a girl ask for?

Crave’s Vesper Necklace Vibrator – $149

vesper necklace vibrator

The Vesper is both a powerful vibrator and a minimalistic fashion statement. Its mini stainless steel shaft is smooth to the touch and feels even smoother when it’s vibrating on your clit.

The smooth, cold body creates deep and rumbly vibrations, staying as discreet as possible – unlike some buzzy plastic bullets! 

It comes in the classic silver stainless steel, as well as gold and rose gold. Show off your vibes in style!

Discreet stimulation right out of the box 

Discretion shouldn’t necessarily be a concern when you buy vibrators online. However, living with roommates or going through airport security can prove to be difficult when you own obvious, and sometimes even alien-looking women’s sex toys.

In a perfect world, you’d never have to be secretive about wanting to get off by yourself. I mean, come on, everyone does it, so why stigmatize it? 

That’s why I refuse to be ashamed at the airport – or anywhere else! 

But for the girls among us who are, don’t fret! Some of us have done the research and learned the hard way: discreet and powerful vibrators do exist – you just have to find them!

Whether you’re traveling and want to carry-on a tiny vibrator, or you’re in desperate need of an inconspicuous toy so as not to inform your housemates of your internal affairs, I got you covered with these cute but stealthy adult sex toys.

Broad City Yas Kween Vibrator -$19

broad city yas kween women's sex toy

Broad City is all about how two young ladies go after what they want in bed – and in life! Being a fan of the show, I literally screamed when I saw the women’s sex toys range. 

I couldn’t think of any other fictional character I’d want to see designing sex toys, than the broads themselves – Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. The show’s collaboration with Lovehoney has produced a lovely little vibrating bullet that’s going to make you scream its name.

It’s affordable and powerful, getting you from A to O in a matter of minutes. The tapered design makes for targeted clit stimulation and it’s even purse-friendly!

As Ilana and Abbi would put it – that’s some high-class sh*t right there!

Hide & Play Rechargeable Lipstick – $25

lipstick vibrator

We all love MAC’s timeless red shade Ruby Woo, but unfortunately, that lipstick bullet doesn’t vibrate in 6 different patterns and give you intense orgasms. 

Enter the Hide & Play Rechargeable Lipstick. 

This is an impressive little device that offers 10 intense functions meant for clitoral stimulation.

It doesn’t look out of place in a makeup bag or purse and provides a substantial amount of strength through its varying frequencies. 

My personally-favorite feature is how quiet it is – even at its highest setting it was no different than a smartphone’s pulsating vibration.

Lelo’s Mia 2 – $79

lelo mia 2

Keeping up with the lipstick-shaped women’s sex toys theme, I had to include Lelo’s Mia 2. 

By making this inconspicuous, ultra-powerful, and lipstick-shaped vibrator, Lelo confirmed their status as a high-end sex toy company – as if getting repped by tons of celebrities wasn’t enough! 

So, what makes it different?

Well, for me, the difference is in the combination of its full 90 minutes of continuous use, as well as its sleek sculpted-tip design which makes the clitoris give off intense and fast climaxes.

It’s waterproof, durable, and it goes a long way!

Broadening your horizons

If you’re already looking at buying women’s sex toys, why not take a look at some unconventional, innovative vibrators online? You’ll find everything from combination vibrators online, to clitoral suckers, wands and touch-less vibrations – the internet truly is a treasure trove!

Send your pussy on a well-deserved vacation with these unusual sex toys, that are already a staple in many bedrooms.

Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Stimulating Vibrator – $66

tracy's dog clitoral stimulator

Tracy’s Dog is one of those women’s sex toys that make you question whether it’s a gimmick at first glance, but trust me – after you experience the toe-curling squirting orgasms it produces, you’ll be asking yourself why you hadn’t found it earlier.

The best part? The textured section provides a mesmerizing feeling in my pussy! Along with the rumbly vibrations, it targets the G-spot and makes way for those sweet, sweet convulsions. 

Opposite the shaft, the suction cup focuses on clitoral stimulation. The combination? 

Pure bliss!

Unbound Ollie Wand – $74

ollie wand women's sex toy

Vibrating wands are a specific group of sex toys, with hard handles and softly rounded heads meant for broad external stimulation. 

They are bound to give you intense orgasms despite their design being more on the techy, rather than artistic side.

The Ollie by Unbound goes opposite conventional futuristic wand designs, adopting one of the brand’s adorable pastel colors. This toy packs a punch, so it’s not for the faint of heart or for beginners, as it will probably have them cartoonishly seeing birds and stars.

It’s completely waterproof, comfortable to use and doesn’t irritate your nether regions despite some of its super-strong paces and vibrations!

Womanizer Liberty – $95

womanizer liberty women's sex toy

Most women don’t even think about dealing with female ejaculation. Despite its existence, it’s very common for us to think squirting is a myth that only exists in porno movies. However, if you try the Womanizer Liberty, you’ll discover a whole new world of convulsive pleasures and sexual satisfaction!

It uses contactless suction Pleasure Air Technology to stimulate the clitoris without penetration or vibration. Additionally, it provides total control and precision, so most women will climax within minutes and will likely end up having multiple, longer, and stronger orgasms.

Down the rabbit hole

Curating a guide to buy vibrators online wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Rabbit.

It was widely popularized after its on-screen appearance on Sex and the City, and years later, it’s still one of the hottest type of women’s vibrators.

The rabbit ears intensely stimulate the clitoris, while the main body of this type of women’s sex toy hits the G-spot and provides internal stimulation and fullness. Some rabbits even offer separate vibration options for the shaft and ears, giving you complete control over your convulsive, continuous climax.

A must-have in any collection of women’s sex toys!

Wonderlust Harmony Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator – $55

wonderlust harmony rabbit vibrator

The Wonderlust Harmony Rabbit vibrator is one of the most memorable rabbits out there. Why? Well, its external stimulator is a play on the classic rabbit ears, surrounding your clitoris and labia in all-inclusive vibrations. This women’s sex toy offers powerful vibrations from two separate motors – one in the main body, and one in the external stimulator.  The curvy shape is firm yet soft, allowing for as much pressure as you need. 

The Wonderlust Harmony Rabbit Vibrator is excellent for both experienced and first-time users who aren’t keen on spending more than a hundred dollars on adult toys. 

It’s a great budget rabbit because it features 20 different vibration settings, it’s rechargeable and made from skin-safe silicone. It even remembers your previous play-time settings too, so you don’t even have to bother to readjust it!

We-Vibe Nova -$153

we-vibe nova vibrator

Even though We-Vibe may have branded themselves as a couple-friendly sex toy brand, it doesn’t mean they’re exclusively meant for couple play.  

Unlike some rabbit vibrators, which can be stiff and hard to work with, the We-Vibe Nova online vibrator bends and adapts to your body, so you can thrust against it or switch positions as often as you want without losing any stimulation. 

It’s waterproof, so its 10 speed and pattern vibration options can be tested out even in the bathroom or shower. The design offers constant clitoral contact, meaning you don’t need to hold yourself back when thrusting it inside to hit your G-spot. 

Connect it to the We-Vibe app to control the Nova through your smartphone, or give your partner total control over your mind-blowing orgasms through their phone!

Lelo Soraya – $219

lelo soraya women's sex toy

Lelo Soraya is one of the most powerful vibrators I’ve ever cummed on!

Power and intensity radiate from both the internal shaft and external stimulator, making it well worth the high price tag. Additional features include a classy innovative design, a waterproof body, 13 vibration patterns, and conveniently placed power and pulse buttons.

The Soraya has an external stimulator that stays flexible and satisfactory, providing consistent vibrations all over your clitoris. It doesn’t feel awkward on the vulva and the shaft is not overly-filling, allowing for free thrusts against it. 

The Soraya’s handle grip offers total ergonomic control over the vibrator, no matter what position you choose to enjoy. This helps you avoid cramps, as well as ruined playtimes.

Talk about a great investment!

Bottom Line

Purchasing vibrators online can be an intimidating feat despite how much experience you have in bed or with toys in general.

In my opinion, it’s better to splurge on a high-priced vibrator online, rather than regretting the cheap women’s sex toys that ruin orgasms. Nobody is rich enough to constantly buy stuff, so make it count!

No matter the type of toys you prefer, it’s always a great rule of thumb to research before you buy vibrators online. That’s why I wrote this – and I hope it helped you!

Stay informed.

Stay classy.

Stay devine.