While adult life comes with a lot of perks, it’s things like chores that give it a bad name. Having to do the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and dusting are not nearly as fun as they sound – actually scratch that, they’re no fun at all!  But as tedious as they are, we still need to stay clean. 

Just like you can’t ignore a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, you can’t ignore your sex toys either. Clean sex toys mean a healthy and happy sex life so you can spare 10 minutes before and after playtime to get them spotless. 

I’m all about women’s sex toys and I love teaching you about all the wonders of sex but it’s time to learn how to clean sex toys – the proper way.

As with anything so far, Lady Devine is here to help you out, so roll your sleeves and get your soap – we’re cleaning some toys today. Be warned though, I’m gonna talk a lot about holes today, but not the pleasure-inducing ones. No, no!  

Before we dive in the actual how-to, let’s go over the very basics of women’s sex toys.

Difference in Materials 

how to clean sex toys of different materials

The wide variety of options on the market of women’s sex toys.  It can be overwhelming for both the experienced and not-so-experienced. Even I get analysis paralysis and I’m no newbie when it comes to sex.

Because there’s a plethora of options, you’re most likely to go for the cheaper toys, especially if you’re getting your first plaything, but this also means there’s a higher chance of ending up with one made with the bad materials. I use this word lightly because I’m no doctor – except in roleplay – but what I do know is, better to be safe than sorry.  

What makes a big difference is how porous a material is, or if it has microscopic holes in it. The microscopic pores can easily trap bacteria and fungi that can cause or reintroduce vaginal infections. 

The bacteria and fungi can be caught on the surface on your nonporous as well but because it has no tiny little holes in, there’s no risk of it continuing to live on it. 

Unless you skip cleaning it, which is a big no-no!

How to Clean Sex Toys the Right Way!

Now that we’ve covered the basics in materials, let’s go over the basics of clean sex toys. Usually, when you buy sex toys, they come with instructions on how to clean them so make sure to read them properly. Also, the adult store clerks should be educated in matters enough, so make sure to ask them any and every question you can think of. 

In the case where you are still unsure of how to properly clean and store women’s sex toys here are some tips. 

Water and soap

water and soap to clean sex toys

You can hardly ever go wrong with some warm water and mild soap. Always be careful though: if it has other different electrical components don’t submerge it in the water. It should go without saying but water and electricity don’t go well together, so if you don’t want a potentially life-threatening light show, be careful!

Silicone, glass, wood, stainless steel and ABS plastic can all be cleaned with warm water and a bit of soap. Make sure to always check your glass and wooden toys prior to use for any chips and cracks! When it comes to porous materials like Cyberskin and Vinyl, they should be cleaned with just water and sprinkled with cornstarch before storing so they don’t get sticky. 

Boling – Yes, Boiling!

Another good thing about non-porous materials is that you can actually boil them to make sure that you call all of the bacteria inside. Not all women’s sex toys can be boiled though and those that can be, shouldn’t be boiled more than 5-10 minutes. 

Silicone, glass, stainless steel, or even stone toys can all safely be boiled. It’s a good way to sterilize your toy after use, but make sure you store it in a clean place afterward. Don’t boil porous materials as they will damage or start to decompose, and you can expect to be left with a boiling goo of unknown materials! 


Non-porous sex toys can also be put in the dishwasher specifically on the upper rack. Dishwashers usually have a sanitize program so use that one if you have it and make sure to not use detergent! 

Again, porous women’s sex toys should not be put in the dishwasher as not only will they damage but you might not be able to clean your dishwasher. Remember, better safe than sorry! They are more sensitive to heat than others, so they might react even to hot water from the tap. 

Women’s Sex Toys Cleaner 

There are also comerical toy cleaners created by popular women’s sex toys makers. As with the lube there are water, oil and silicone based cleaners but you’ll want to stick with the water-based ones specifically with silicone toys. Oil and silicone based cleaners are known to break down the silicone, so it’ll destroy your favorite toy. 

They come with their own instructions which you should always read but most of them should be left to sit on the toys in question for a few minutes and then either rinsed or wiped down. 


Women’s sex toys come in all forms and colors but one thing they should all have is be clean! Knowing how to properly clean sex toys before and after use is a must. Not only will you protect your own health and that of your partner, if you decide to share toys. 

Non-porous materials can be easily cleaned and sanitized with various different methods but when it comes to porous materials, you should be careful and perhaps even use a condom to minimize the risks of introducing bacteria or fungi to your vagina. 

Prevention is better than a cure, so let’s keep our toys clean, body healthy and vagina satisfied!

Stay informed,

Stay clean,

Stay Devine!