My dear ladies, oral sex is about being ready to receive. Let your entire erogenous area to the wonders of your partner’s tongue and mouth and let yourself go in the land of pleasure. I know it sucks when they don’t do it right, but it’s like rediscovering your sexual depth when they actually get it right!

For all my uncomfortable girlfriends out there, I made you a brief guide of a couple of things you probably want to know about female oral sex. Let’s dig in!

Penetrative Sex vs Oral Sex

If you too have this dilemma, maybe it’s time to replace that ‘vs’ with an ‘and’, or even try out some exclusive oral play on your clit to get you into the promised land. You can always combine the two, but letting yourself go in all possible ways without penetration can spark your desires pretty easily by itself!

The nerve endings on the clit are very sensitive to direct stimulation, and good oral sex can really quench your thirst, as I’m sure my experienced ladies will confirm. Oral sex is a lot and most about receiving, so get ready for a dive into your juicy vulva – and enjoy!

How do I Smell and Taste?

The direct view and taste of your vulva can open whole new depths in your sex life. 

Having your partner’s eyes and tongue down there can make you both dive into a new indulging experience – especially with some sexy chitter-chatter about it later on. This will both boost up your confidence and will be even more arousing to know how genuinely your partner was excited.

No worries about how you smell or taste or look – everyone has their own natural odor and the taste of your pheromone syrup can make you even sweeter and sexier in the eyes of your partner. You can always use some unscented wipes, or water and soap if you want, before embarking on the ecstatic waves, but remember: you have your own, unique anatomy that makes you beautiful!


It’s very, very likely that you can reach climax in just about any position. However, you may like to experiment and give these a try:

  • Find the edge of your bed, place your hips, fold your legs, prepare your hips by making little circles and…. Open wide! Let your partner get their head facing your erotic portal – and dig in!
  • You have a lazy morning, take the Laidback Lovin’ position, laying on one side of your back. Your partner aligns their head with your south, letting you use their body as your pillow and then… Open up!
  • Feel like you want to show some dominance? Stand with your back pressed up against the wall, or take a chair to sit on. Let your partner squat or rest on their knees below you. Open your erotic wonders to the licking delights. You may need some time to get used to this position but you will get irresistibly revved up as your partner grabs your hips and butt and stuffs their tongue into your mouth-watering vulva softness.
  • You want to include some more body talk during your oral sex?

Take the doggy position and hover a few inches above your partner’s face, your legs either spread or tightly squeezed together. This way, you can move back and forth and control the pressure on your clit!

  • If you want to start with a long oral sex session, grab a pillow and put it below your butt to tilt your pelvis. You will both gain some comfort and a way to adjust the angles when those tickling sensations start running up through your spine as your partner licks your juicy vulva and clit.

Experiment With Female Sex Toys!

The oral sexperience gives us ladies a whole new ray of indulgence of our soft nether parts, so we need to be brave and move a step beyond with our wild choice of sex toys that cuddle our clits to ecstasy. Here’s a choice I made:

The Crave Vesper is made for us to never be more than 3ft away from the pleasure of having a clit. Shaped like a bullet, undercover, you can wear it on your neck if you want, right between your boobs.

Why? It’s simple: it’s bulletproof only to your orgasms, and you can pull out your orgasmic bullet wherever you go!

The Womanizer Liberty can literally make you tremble from the bottom of your feet. Its open silicone nozzle engulfs your clit, creating some unforgettable suction!

The We Vibe Moxie vibrator is one of those super-discrete women’s sex toys that I can use wherever I want – inside my panties! It comes in a minimalistic leafy shape, so cuddling and thrilling, and I keep it nearby anytime I may feel like I want to taste the swinging vibe inside my panties.

The third generation of Lelo Ora creates a ultimate female oral sex toy experience. It has a little nub that can drive you crazy as soon as you wade into the right speed.

If you feel your clit is more sensitive, the lipstick-shaped Mantric Bullet Vibrator is a great option too, especially if you want to explore on your own for the first time an oral sexperience. With its angled tip, the Mantric Bullet Vibrator can stimulate all erogenous zones on a far wider area!

Try Blindfolds!

If you feel a little kinkier, allow your partner to blindfold you with a sleep mask or a gentle scarf. It helps a lot, as you may feel too self-conscious about receiving and by blinding your sight, you not only lose that fear, but your other senses get amplified as well!

You will feel your partner’s tongue much deeper, cycling around your clit, and if you like sudden surprises, tell your partner to grab some of your preferred vibrators to make your erogenous zone even more sensitive before they literally dive into oral sex.

I hope you too dive into your personal female oral sex experience and remember…

Stay sexy,

Stay fulfilled,

Stay Devine!

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