The Womanizer Liberty is the women’s sex toy that quickly piques everybody’s curiosity when revealed. Men also show great interest in gifting this sex toy, presumably because of the results. In this Womanizer Liberty review, I want to answer all the questions you might have about women’s sex toys – specifically the Womanizer Liberty – and help you make a decision on buying this sex toy or not. 

The most frequently asked question is what makes this specific clitoral stimulator so special? What does it offer that others don’t? 

Well, as I’ve used this toy for a few months now, I’ll give you a competent answer:

Every orgasm is special and unique. It’s one of the best feelings granted to humans and every person deserves to get the best from it. This toy helps – a lot – especially if you want to dabble in squirting.

I bet you’re tired of reading the intro. Without further ado, here’s the Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator review!

What is Womanizer Liberty?

clitoral stimulator womanizer liberty

The Womanizer Liberty is a clitoral stimulator, of course. Succinctly put, it stimulates your clitoris and makes you cum, but its performance is much more advanced than all the other women’s sex toys you’ve tried rubbing against your clitoris. It’s very compact and elegant, as well as travel-friendly and discrete. 

Most importantly though, it’s very ladylike. As a matter of fact, no one will ever know what you’re carrying in your purse. Not that it’s important, but we wanted to stress it out for all the women living in judgemental societies. 

The secret is in the Pleasure Air Technology, which has changed the way clitoral stimulators work.

What is Pleasure Air Technology? 

Unlike the traditional buzzing vibrators, the Pleasure Air Technology within the Womanizer Liberty will stimulate your clitoris without penetration or vibration. It uses contactless suction airwaves which stimulate the clitoris, meaning hygiene is on the highest level possible. Moreover, it is precision adjustable, which means that most women climax within minutes and usually end up having multiple orgasms, which are longer and of course, stronger. 

Womanizer Liberty Specifications, Quality, and Design 

women's sex toy womanizer liberty specification

Apart from the revolutionary technology, the Womanizer Liberty has a unique and compact design. It’s very handy and easy to use, so it’s ready to get packed at any time. Small yet elegant, this toy comes in several different colors, and you even get a hygienic travel cover. 

The people at Liberty obviously paid special attention to the design, as the toy has several features implemented to satisfy your need for convenience and to fit all bodies comfortably. 

Liberty staff created two stimulation heads from hypoallergenic silicone, in several different sizes. No two clitorises are the same and every woman is different, so this comes in handy – and getting rid of latex and phthalates is always a plus! The Womanizer’s cuteness comes from its 4-inch length, making it look pretty tiny. It’s very comfortable and satisfying to touch as it is fashioned out of ABS plastic, making it very smooth. This Womanizer Liberty review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention that the travel cover you get with the toy keeps it protected from dust when out of use. Again, complete hygiene measures taken – as with all women’s sex toys! 

This quiet clitoris stimulator is rechargeable and holds battery usage for up to two hours, enough for you to orgasm the heck out of it! It’s fully waterproof and has a silver ring that surrounds the stimulation head that can be removed as needed. 

Anyway, when I said easy to use, I meant it!

The Womanizer Liberty has just two buttons: plus (+) and minus (-). We hope you get more pluses than minuses from it! Of course, it works differently for every woman, so if you feel that the higher levels are too much for you, stick to the lower ones until you need something stronger. Lots of women have said they are satisfied with the first three or four levels, and you don’t need to push yourself. 

The only other design details breaking the smooth surface are two metal pins on the backside for charging, and a tiny logo by Womanizer.

The real fun begins when you start exploring the levels of intensity it offers you. With six levels, you can combine the suction and massaging airwaves and get the orgasm that won’t just make your day better, but your life! 

The WL is very easy to clean after use, due to its compact shape. Use the antibacterial gel after washing, but if you don’t have it, just a thorough rinse with soap and warm water will be fine. It comes with a spare cover, so you can change them from time to time too. 

Best Experiences With the Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator?

Finally getting to the most interesting and highly anticipated part of the Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator review. How to use it? Or maybe even better – how to get the most out of it? Keep reading ladies, here’s where the sparks start flying!

Creating an atmosphere 

Every sexual activity needs the perfect time and space. Make sure you have created the right atmosphere for yourself, especially if you are using the stimulator for the first time. You know what they say: first impressions count the most! Of course, this depends on your mood, adventure type, and how horny you are. The advice is not to necessarily light candles and fill up the tub, but to use it in a way that suits you best. 

You might even say that this isn’t the bathtub type, as you’ll probably be surprised by how quickly it’ll make you go off the first time. This thing is here for you when you are horny and want that orgasm immediately! It is portable, you know? Look around – you’ll find a plethora of creative places to practice your sexual liberty. Let’s just say you don’t have to wait to get home if you feel like it at the mall, or the library, or your workplace to meet your partner, for that matter. 

To sum up, doing it in a place you feel comfortable enough will add a lot to your experience. Relaxation before masturbation, girls!

How Does it Actually Work 

This would be a Womanizer Liberty review if I didn’t go through some technicalities. I’ll try to be as clear as possible, so you have no doubts about whether you are using the Queen of women’s sex toys properly. 

womanizer liberty dildo functions

First of all, start off by turning the sex toy on by holding the ‘+’ button for about two seconds. This will make the stimulator start working at the lowest level. If for some reason the LED lights start flashing or it doesn’t turn on at all – you need to charge it. Take the charging cable that came with your sex toy and plug it into a USB outlet, like the one you have on your laptop, and connect the other end to the metal pins located at the toy’s base. It’s always recommended to get a full charge, granting you the longest usage time. 

Next, place the Womanizer Liberty’s head over the clitoris and press gently against it in order to have the right grip of air and more effective suction or massaging. 

That’s it. You are now in the game and ready to enjoy. 

Work your way up the ladder by increasing the speed, and maneuver up-and-down, depending on what you want at the given moment. Once you reach your orgasm (which should be much stronger and longer than the pre-Liberty one) you can turn it off in the same way you turned it on – by pressing ‘+’ for two seconds. 

Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator bonus tip: Although the Womanizer Liberty is originally intended for clitoral use, pressing it against your nipples can be very arousing. If you’re doing this with a male partner, you can share it by pressing it against his frenulum. He’ll be grateful. 

New Worlds to Discover 

You are probably already aware and have read a few studies showing that women experience fewer orgasms than men and how some women go through their lives never experiencing an orgasm. Most women read these titles and articles and think: ‘Thank God I’m not one of them! Poor women!’ 

Thing is, women all over the world have been asking themselves whether they’ve ever experienced an orgasm prior to using the Womanizer Liberty. The strength of the orgasms achieved with this sex toy is honestly something special. 

Most women don’t even think about ever managing to have female ejaculation. It’s even very common for women to think squirting is a made-up thing that exists only in porno movies. But after using the Womanizer Liberty, they have discovered whole new worlds of orgasmic pleasures and sexual satisfaction!  

Worth The Money 

Women’s sex toys can be pricey and of course, this makes a lot of women wonder if the toy is worth their hard-earned money. 

How do I say this… Yup. The Womanizer Liberty is worth every cent! 

It will cost you around $100 with shipping or maybe a little bit more, depending on where you are, but compared to other toys on the market, it’ll prove it’s the one – the first time you use it! 

Stay sexual.

Stay curious.

Stay Devine.