Glass dildos are aesthetic body-safe goals and no one can prove me wrong!  

I’ve talked about sex toy materials numerous times before and how important it is to choose one that is non-toxic, nonporous, and phthalate-free. Pleasure is all good but not when it’s at the cost of your health! 

That’s why I’m extremely happy that today’s topic is on glass dildos. 

I know it sounds dangerous but it’s absolutely not!  Quite the contrary, it’s much safer to insert a certified glass sex toy rather than improvise with wine bottles and other glass household items.

For me, glass dildos have a different vibe to them. No matter their shape or size, they are so visually appealing that you could put it in your living room as decor. I mean you shouldn’t unless you want to make Grandma Gertrude faint, but you could – because that’s how gorgeous they are!

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, cleaning them up is a breeze so you won’t have an excuse for not doing it before and after use – and if you store it properly, it will last you a lifetime! 

I don’t know about you but that ticks several boxes on my list of what makes a sex toy amazing. In case you remain unconvinced…

Why Choose a Glass Dildo? 

Glass dildos are made from borosilicate glass which is very durable and body-safe. Furthermore, they are very easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about the type of lube you use them with, unlike with silicone toys. 

The borosilicate glass is very thermostable so you can heat it or cool it down without worrying that it will break. You should, however, be careful to store it somewhere safe and not drop it, as it could chip or break. Even though all of the toys are made of shatter-resistant glass, they still can break if dropped on hard floors. It’s glass, not diamonds!

Wash your glass dildo before and after every use and to be safe, always check to see if it’s chipped anywhere. When it comes to longevity, glass is the only material that doesn’t deteriorate when coming into contact with other materials or lube, and will most certainly outlast all of your other toys.

Whether it’s for solo use or with your partner, glass dildos are always a good way to spice up your sex life!

You’d imagine that glass would be an unforgiving material and very tough to mold and shape, but that can’t be further from the truth. True, the end product is very sturdy but it’s very easily shaped in the process of making. That’s why glass dildos are not only highly pleasurable but also very aesthetically pleasing. Also, most of them are hand-blown glass, so no two toys are the same!  

They’re also quite hard so they provide a different sensation of fullness from the one you get with silicone toys. And even though they are quite lightweight, they are still heavier than silicone, so they will put pressure on all the right spots. 
That being said, there are a few different types of glass dildos that could be up your street, so let’s dive in! 

Wand Glass Dildos

The wand dildos, not to be confused with wand vibrators, are usually straight and look very much like a wand. The straight ones have a very smooth finish to them and are very pleasing upon insertion, best for people who are new to the whole sex toy scene. Other wands have spirals that require them to be inserted in a twisting motion – best if you’ve been around the pole a few times and know what you’re doing!

That being said, here are my favorite wand dildos:

Icicles No. 5 Glass Dildo

number 5 blue swirl glass dildo

The entire Icicles collection is an incredible glass assortment of dildos and butt plugs. The No.5 is a 7-inch hand-blown dildo with a gorgeous sapphire swirl along the shaft for added friction and pleasure. The deliciously bulbous head coupled with the slightly curved shaft is excellent for even more internal stimulation. 

Despite the swirl, the No.5 is smooth, save for the faux urethral opening on the tip of the glans. The Icicles no. 5 also has a flared bottom so it could be used with standard harnesses for some strap-on fun. If it’s not your first time at the rodeo, you could try it anally as well. 

Mambo, Chanel, and Icicles No.5 – the latter for only $23!

Motörhead Bomber

motorhead glass dildo

Motörhead fans, this one’s for us. Inspired by Motörhead’s album and song Bomber, this handmade glass dildo is a true sight for sore eyes. It sports a tapered tip for easy insertion as a prelude to the bulbous shaft that simply guides you to the mind-blowing finale. 

As part of the Official Motorhead Pleasure Collection, this missile is guaranteed to land right on target – your endless orgasm! The best thing about this glass dildo is that it comes with a silicone stand which makes it completely inconspicuous. Grandma Gertrude will not faint if she stumbles upon it! 

Grab this limited edition piece and rock on for only $15!

Crystal Heart of Glass

crystal heart glass dildo

The Crystal Heart of Glass dildo is one of the cutest dildos I’ve seen, and I’ve seen quite a lot of them! Made from hand-blown premium borosilicate glass and protuberant in all the right places, the Crystal Heart of Glass is a real work of art. It comes with its own frosted glass case for discretion. 

The smooth finish of the glass feels very pleasurable upon insertion, especially if you pair it with a nice lube. To truly reach a climax of epic proportions, you could cool it and play around with the temperature differences. 

$31.99 for art and pleasure? Yes, please!

G-Spot Glass dildos

The G-spot remains a mystery for many people and for some even a myth. But it’s real, it exists and it’s even better than they’ve told you! If you haven’t found it yet, these glass dildos are specifically designed to find and hit it every time, so take a look at my favorite ones. 

Icicles No.69 G-spot Pink Glass Dildo

g spot pink glass dildo

As I mentioned before, the entire Icicles collection is nothing short of dreamy and aesthetically pleasing – the No.69 just proves that. This pink dildo is hand-crafted and hand-blown with specific attention to detail. Curved and ribbed along both sides, it’ll not only find the G-spot, but it will also hit it – every single time

The ribbed part will deliciously massage every part of your vagina, leading you to a mind-blowing orgasm without fail. The No. 69 can be used for penetration or external massage especially if you cool it or warm it up before using. Add a touch of lube and have a night of slippery, sexy fun. 

For $47.99 this icicle will definitely not melt on you!

Gläs 8″ Ribbed G-Spot Glass Dildo

8 inch ribbed g spot glass dildo

The Gläs dildo is great for both G-spot, A-spot, and P-spot stimulation because of the perfect degree of the curve. The end is proportionally bulbous and will slide in anywhere with ease. It also features a ribbed handle which can even double as an insertable!  

The flared end makes it great for anal play and the rib’s gradually increasing width is perfect for beginners. The smooth and sleek finish allows the Gläs to slide in and out with ease but a touch of liquid will give you an amazingly slippery penetration. Rest assured, your G-spot will be thanking you!

For $29.95 you’re in for some mind-blowing Os!

LoveHoney Tentacle

love honey tentacle glass dildo

Shaped like a squid tentacle, this gorgeous glass dildo is both a work of art and a pleasure object. LoveHoney Tentacle is a 6-inch long wondertoy that’s designed with careful consideration of details. Hand-blown and hand-crafted to perfection, it features bumps and ridges along its length to maximize your pleasure. 

The slight curve coupled with the texture is excellent for mind-blowing stimulation of the G-spot. The Tentacle’s slight swirl at the end makes for a great handle and can help you guide your toy to the right spot with precision. Aside from the nubs and bumps, the finish is smooth and feels great for penetration, especially when using it for temperature play. 

With a price tag of $44.99, this is a toy you’ll wanna use over and over again!

Anal Glass Dildos 

Anal orgasms are severely underrated by men and women alike, and I find that to be just… sad. There are many misconceptions regarding anal play, but I’m here to encourage you to try it. 

Here are some of the best glass dildos to help you with your backdoor fun!

Adam and Eve Twisted Love Glass Dildo

adam eve twisted love glass dildo

The Adam and Eve Twisted Love dildo is a truly versatile toy that leaves a lot to the user’s creativity when it comes to its use in the bedroom. It’s double-ended, with one phallic-shaped side and the other plug shaped, and either side can be used as a handle when thrusting. 

Both ends have a swirl running along the length for additional stimulation and can be used to twist your way to an orgasm. Twisted Love is slightly curved at the phallic end so you can use it to stimulate all known erogenous spots. The tapered tip on both ends makes insertion a breeze and with the help of a little lube, it will slide in even more easily! 

Feel the twisted love for only $39.95!

Black Arrow Glass Dildo

black arrow glass dildo

The Black Arrow Glass dildo is another gorgeous double ended dildo. Featuring a tapered and ribbed end, this dildo is excellent for both vaginal and anal play. The ribbed end’s narrowest point is 0.9” and widest 1.36’’, so it will gradually guide you through immense pleasure – bit by bit.  

The black glass and smooth finish coupled with its versatile use promise immense pleasure, both visual and bodily! The Black Arrow is the perfect anal glass dildo to use as it’s sleek design slides in and out very easily. Don’t forget to add a generous amount of lube, especially for anal play! 

And it’s only 36$? Bullseye!

Harness Smooth Glass Dildo

harness smooth glass dildo

The Harness Smooth Glass Dildo by Crystal Delights just goes to show how versatile and creative glass dildos can actually get. While this is the simplest one on my list, it’s special because it’s harness-compatible, meaning you can use it for some strap-on fun.

Crystal Delights have perfected the craft of glass sex toys and it shows in this dildo. With an insertable length of 5.4” and width of 1.4”, this dildo is perfect for vaginal or anal penetration. Its flared end is great for a harness, but it also allows for easy guidance and retrieval when playing without it. 

With a price tag of $89.95, this delight is a steal! 

Realistic Glass Dildos

All of the glass dildos I mentioned so far resembled a penis only in their phallic shape, but were otherwise abstract looking. For those of you who prefer the real deal, I’m happy to say there are glass options for you too – veins and glans included! 

Here are some of my favorite realistic glass dildos:

Vincent Glass Dildo

vincent realistic glass dildo

The Vincent is perhaps the biggest dildo on this list, measuring up to 9.25 inches in length, as well as a width of 1.4” at the head and 1.25” at the shaft. This dildo is truly a remarkable piece of art as it was sculpted to perfection. With a nice bulbous head and smooth veins along the shaft, you’re in for quite a few orgasms. 

Vincent’s weight of 16oz also adds to the pleasure as it puts the pressure on all the right places – and for all the right reasons! Just be careful not to drop it! It has a flared end so it could be used with some harnesses – provided that you can work with its weight. The tip is also nicely tapered, so it’s great for anal fun too. 

This premium glass dildo will set you back at least $160 but that’s a small price to pay for pleasure!

Icicles No.63 Realistic Glass Dildo

clear glass realistic dildo with veins

The No. 63 is one of the more realistic glass dildos from the otherwise whimsical Icicles collection. This handcrafted dildo features a flared end, reminiscent of a ball sack, which makes it a perfect fit for a harness. The No. 63 has a bulging head and a deliciously veiny shaft for that amazing feeling of fullness. And with 6.25” insertable – you’ll be full to the brim! 

If you want that wet and wild experience, just add a bit of your favorite lube and you can enjoy your slippery fun! And to really spice things up, just leave it in the fridge for a bit or run it under hot water – you’ll feel a whole new thermal dimension of sexual pleasure!

$69.99 for explosive orgasms is not a lot, is it?

Brutus Glass Dildo

brutus double ended glass dildo

The Brutus double-ended dildo works excellent for alone time as well as for spicing things up with your partner. Aptly described as a thruster, this sword-like dildo will thrust you to an explosive orgasm! Brutus has a thick shaft 1.75” wide and 6” long and a thin shaft 1” wide and 5” long. So whichever end you choose – you won’t be wrong! 

Because of its shape, it can be used anally or vaginally or even simultaneously with your partner – provided you’re flexible enough. The ridges and grooves on both ends of the dildo will stimulate you to a mind-blowing orgasm. 

Et Tu, Brute? Yes, because it’s $69.95!

To conclude

Despite your sex toy preference, you cannot deny how visually appealing glass dildos are! The sensual curves, the bumps and ridges, the overall smooth finish, and all the innovative shapes that toymakers come up with!  

Glass dildos are also perfect because they are hypoallergenic, non-porous, and very easy to clean. Check, check, and check! 

Also, the idea that I can play with the temperature of my dildo is exciting to say the very least, as it amplifies the sensations to about 100 – on a scale of 1-10! Because it’s so thermostable, you won’t have to worry about breaking it, and you can enjoy your glass toy stress-free. 

Make sure to buy your toys from certified stores because even though glass is a very good sex toy material, some toy makers have questionable practices, particularly in advertising.  With proper care and storage, your glass toys should last you a lifetime. Don’t forget to clean it up properly before and after use, and to store each glass toy separately. Don’t even think about throwing them in together like your other toys! 

With all that out of the way, I hope I helped you find the ideal glass dildo for your midnight sexcapades! Spoiler – there are many more to come! 

Stay opulent, 

Stay curious, 

Stay Devine!