Ah, squirting, the ever-alluring topic of discussion in the sultry and provoking world of sex! 

For years on end, squirting has represented one of the greatest stigmas of sex, mostly due to the way it has been exaggerated and portrayed by the porn industry. 

But, what hides beneath the layers of what we know squirting to be? Is squirting this huge sexual riddle waiting to be resolved once and for all? 

According to the science of sex, female ejaculation happens to more than 30 % of females struck by sexual arousal. Intense and powerful, learning how to make yourself squirt can actually become a mighty season to spice up your sex life in all the right ways. 

Now, this begs another, more relevant question. How does one, even if just for the sake of pleasure, learn how to squirt in the first place?

Glad you asked! 

Read on, as we elaborate on the most relevant advice to help you become the ultimate squirt genius!

Defining Squirting

Melt. Gold rush. Making it rain. Shouting tadpoles at the moon. Call it what you will, but squirting is not a term many women have familiarized themselves with, some even at all. For a half-logical reason, many men and women associate squirting with peeing. Based on its odorless characteristics and texture, this might easily be the case, except that, it is not at all. Another thing squirting is also not, is regular and frequent. 

Physically, female ejaculation manifests as odorless fluid, released before or during an orgasm, as a result of the intense Skene glands’ performance. 

If you haven’t heard of Skene glands before, don’t sweat it, as we come prepared with answers. 

To begin with, all women have these so-called microscopic holes, located just around the urethra. Even more interestingly, these tiny holes basically represent the epicenter of female ejaculation. Unseen to the naked eye, the Skene glands are located just near the clitoris- that fine, smooth area that is beyond prone to stimulation and sexual arousal. 

But, the real dilemma here is, how to make yourself squirt from scratch?

Well, let me tell you right now, it is not an easy task to take on but certainly an awarding one.

Read on, as we teach you the ropes of how to make yourself squirt and the steamy, oh-so-good benefits that come with..  

How to Make Yourself Squirt? The Tips and Tricks You Need!

Hydration vs. Empty Bladder

First thing’s first, urinate whenever you have to, especially before trying to squirt. When going for it, an empty bladder will assure that urine doesn’t get in your way to a mind-blowing climax. At the same time, an empty bladder doesn’t mean dehydrating yourself. To the contrary, as the Skene glands’ fluid is mainly composed of water, hydration is crucial to maintain both before and after your squirt session. 

All set? 

Let’s get down to the fun part. 

Prepare Your Bed for Extra Wetness

In trying to learn how to make yourself squirt and have a positive experience, using a towel under your pelvis will serve you well. Namely, squirting is typically accompanied by a lot more liquid than just getting sexually wet, so using a towel or a safety sheet will save you from a messy experience. Once you get that covered, get cozy on your bed and buckle up for the wettest, wildest ride of your life. 

Set the Mood

Learning how to make yourself squirt means doing so without any distractions around you. Therefore, turn off your phone and computer, close the bedroom door for privacy and try to empty your mind of worries. Along with pleasure, setting the right mood will also help you relax more easily, tune in with yourself and rediscover your sexual needs. As the right mood begins in your mind, try to initiate a fantasy that revolves around something that easily turns you on. Once imagination kicks in, ensure you maintain the momentum all throughout the experience.

G-Spot, Who?

To properly learn how to make yourself squirt, you will need two essential tools- your favorite sex toy and to find location of your G-spot. Before you aim for the G-spot, however, you need to ease your body into the sexy rhythm, and you can do this by rubbing the clitoris. 

Remember, you want to be as gentle as possible and not rush yourself into an orgasm. . Tease yourself, pause for a moment, and tease again. It is all about repeating the cycle as many times as you can before you are properly aroused. 

Once excited enough, find that small area located just at the entrance of the inner wall of your vagina. It should taste smooth yet orangey, if you know what I mean. Already there? Great, that’s your G-spot. With your finger, apply pressure to the area by using a ‘come hither’ motion. As you begin to explore your body, notice what pleases you the best and shift your entire focus on that pleasurable rhythm. 

A Toy for Efficiency

Using just your hands may prevent you from stimulating the G-spot when it counts the most. After all, you can only reach so many places at once. So, when trying to learn the art of squirting, it is of utmost importance that you also trust stimulating tools to enhance your pleasure and protect you from hand cramps at the same time. 

Enter, sex toys. 

Sure, there is a wide range of sex toys available today, but with a little experimentation, you will easily find the one that works wonders for your squirting experience. 

Speaking of using your sex toy righfully, always ensure you both stimulate the clitoris and G-spot together, whilst both using your hands and relying on your vibrator to get you ‘there’. 

Talk about an orgasm of a lifetime.

Taste the Bliss

To be quite frank, having sex is not as complicated of a mission as many might initially assume. Therefore, you can easily give squirting a chance both when playing solo and when fooling around with a partner. 

Although a miraculous experience when shared, squirting does depend on several key factors to happen- from finding the right angle to exploring different depths of penetration (about 2-3 inches in) and communicating all the way to your liquid orgasm. 

In terms of positions to try with a partner, it seems as though women have always trusted the big three-  doggy style, reverse cowgirl and spooning.

Orgasmic Nirvana and Then Some

Many women explain how squirting oftentimes creates the need to urinate. However, while a confusing trigger, urinating has nothing to do with the very occurrence of squirting. So, instead of withholding yourself the pleasure of a mind-blowing orgasm, embrace the sensation coming your way and even allow yourself a private moment of utter sensual delirium. 

You deserve it.