Women’s sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and choosing the right one should involve extensive research. I, for one, love browsing for sex toys! Online or in the store, there’s something exhilarating in having the option to choose what will give you an earth-shattering orgasm.

The ultimate classic is of course the dildo, a phallic-looking magnificence delivering immense pleasure since the Paleolithic era – yes, even back then women indulged in some sexy time with dildos, albeit with a more primitive design. And that’s a checked fact! Now, imagine one, but as realistic as the real deal – veins and curves included

Women’s sex toys manufacturers have really upped the ante in producing realistic dildos that look and feel like the real thing. So much so that now, you can get a dildo replica from your partner’s member or your favorite porn star’s. That’s how real we’re talking here! 

If the ejaculating part of the sex is what gets you off, you can now buy a dildo that does this too. Feeling adventurous? Maybe you’d like to try a different pose or angle with your dildo? There’s a wide variety of posable dildos that bend every which way!

That being said let’s first talk about the difference between a realistic dildo and a regular one.  

Realistic vs. Regular Dildo

Regular dildos are just a phallic object that somewhat resembles a real penis. They can be made from various materials like rubber, silicone, jelly, PVC, and similar ones. Keep in mind that you should always be careful when choosing the material of the dildo – go for non-porous and phthalate-free ones.

Realistic dildos are usually made from either silicone or cyberskin – the latter being a porous material used mainly for “packing dildos” which are not used for penetration. As the name suggests, they try to replicate the real thing as close as possible. With the most realistic dildos, this is achieved by making them as anatomically correct as possible. Apart from that, they are also close to the original in terms of texture, firmness for erect, or softness for ‘packing’ dildos.  

Why Should You Consider Buying One? 

Dildos have been part of both women and men’s sexploits for a very long time, and logically they’ve undergone some changes and improvements throughout the years. Realistic dildos are considered a classic in the world of women’s sex toys, but this wasn’t always the case – they became a thing in the past few decades because you know, technology. We’ve come a very long way since their predecessors if anything, in their anatomical accuracy. Who doesn’t love them deliciously raised veins? 

Now you’d probably think that buying a dildo as good as the real deal would cost a lot of money. However, even though the most realistic dildos can cost up to 500$, there are budget-friendly options on the market that will still do the job. 

I do not disprove the efficiency of the regular dildos – but realistic dildos offer a completely different self-pleasuring experience. You can fantasize about doing the devil’s tango with whoever you want, while you pleasure yourself with a lifelike dildo. And if that is something that rocks your boat, you should definitely consider getting one. 

Don’t be afraid to be daring and adventurous! 

Budget-Friendly Options

A good dildo that won’t punch a hole in your wallet is a reality, ladies. But make sure you always read about the materials and double-check the credibility of the online site before entering your card details: reviews are your best friend – so read ‘em!

Let’s dive into some options that are budget-friendly and body-safe! 

BMS Factory Addiction – Realistic Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

bms factory addiction realistic dildo

The Addiction is a 7.5” – 5.5’ insertable realistic dildo with a strong suction cup for easy, handsfree action. I loved the detailed tip and vein-filled shaft which add to the real-feel of this toy. Oh, it’s also compatible with most harnesses so it can be used for couples play as well. 

The dildo is made of 100% silicone which makes it hypoallergenic, non-porous and phthalate-free, or in other words – body safe!  It’s waterproof so you can use it while showering for some additional fun. It comes in different colors like vanilla, caramel, glow in the dark blue and pink, and if you’re feeling extra festive – Frost and confetti!   

As a rule of thumb with silicone toys, you should avoid using silicone-based lubricants as they affect the toy’s structure, especially when the manufacturer states so. And on that note, you should always use lube with toys! 

At 23.99$, you’re sure to get addicted to this bad boy! 

Easy Riders Dual Density Silicone Dildo 

easy riders realistic dildos

The Easy Riders Dildo provides just what the name suggests – easy riding! It features a suction cup, which is more than useful for solo and couple play. The bulging head, veiny shaft, and textured testicles make this a very realistic dildo that will leave you sleepless but happy for nights on end. 

It’s also a dual-density dildo: soft and flesh-like on the outside, but firm on the inside just like a real erection. Like the other toys on this list, it’s non-porous and phthalate-free, made from body-safe silicone which can be washed with just warm water and mild soap, or a toy cleaner. 

The manufacturer Curve Toys uses US-sourced materials and combines them in a special BioSkin formula which gives this product its incredibly realistic feel! 

All of this for just $24.95? That’s not a bargain, that’s a steal

Colours Soft 5″ Silicone Dildo by NS Novelties

ns novelties dildo

Ok, we’re talking about realistic dildos and we’re expecting them to be in natural skin color but why can’t a lifelike dildo be pink? Or my favorite – purple! The Colours Soft 5” dildos offer a realistic feel in the most unrealistic colors: purple, pink, and blue. 

It features a slim, tapered tip which allows it to be easily inserted not only vaginally but also anally. Sporting a realistic curve, deliciously raised veins, and a suction cup with an incredible suction power – this guy isn’t going anywhere once you stick it in place! 

Made of a body-safe, medical-grade silicone it’s quite easy to keep it clean. It’s perfect for people who are sensitive to pressure but also appreciate a good dildo, this single density impaler is soft but flexible enough for insertion and riding! That amazing suction cup needs to be put to good use, right? 

$24.99 is the price to pay for such a delight. Worth every penny!

Adam and Eve My First Willy

adam and eve realistic dildo

The most Budget-friendly of the bunch, at $19.95 Adam and Eve’s My first Willy is a great option for all looking for an affordable realistic dildo. As the name itself suggests, this is an ideal beginner dildo for anyone interested in lifelike penetration or a steamy three-way fantasy! 

The dildo is made from high-quality silicone, giving you a realistic feel at a very low price. It has a tapered head for easier penetration and a 4.5’ insertable veiny shaft, making it perfect for beginners.  

In case you like the realistic feel, but wouldn’t like the testicles getting in your way, My First Willy should be your go-to dildo. The suction cup is ideal for hands-free fun and its flexibility makes it perfect for a wild ride.

Sized right, priced right…It’d be a shame to miss out on it, right? Only $19.95!

Vibrating Realistic Dildos

Why not get the thrill of sexual penetration and the sexual stimulation of vibrations? Whether you’re using it for some solo play or a faux ménage à trois, vibrating life-like dildos provide pleasure all around. It’s the best of all worlds

Let’s take a look at some premium quality vibrating dildos – the creme de la creme of women’s sex toys. 

Evolved Novelties Big Shot Silicone Vibrating Squirting Dildo 

evolved novelties squirting dildo

Realistic, vibrating and squirting? Sign me up! This dildo is different from other squirting dildos in the sense that it ejaculates at the press of a button whenever you feel like it. In addition to the ejaculating part, it also comes with ten different vibrating speeds that’ll get you over the moon every single time.

The dildo is easily rechargeable and comes with a USB cable but for an additional $6.99 you can get a USB to AC adapter as well. At 6 insertable inches, this dildo is good for anal play as well. However, keep in mind is that this dildo is not suitable for beginners as it is quite firm so make sure this is a good pick for you before purchasing it. The squirting liquid is easily inserted in a reservoir covered with a twist cap at the bottom – it’s this little bit that gives it that extra realistic feel!

The Big Shot is priced at $119.99. Try it out for yourself! 

FemmeFunn Turbo Baller Vibrating Rotating Dildo with Remote

femmefunn remote controllable realistic dildo

The FemmeFunn Turbo Baller not only vibrates but also rotates! It rotates 360 degrees so you’ll be sure that it will find and hit your G-spot! Coupled with the 8 vibrating options and the Turbo Boost option that takes you to top speed immediately – you’ll be seeing stars

It comes with a suction cup and wireless remote control so you can mount it wherever you need it and play around with all the different settings. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you could relinquish control of the remote to your partner and let them bring you to ecstasy…a couple of times! 

The textured and realistic feel of the raised veins and head combined with the gyration and vibration will give you sensations you didn’t think were possible! It’s all silicone so it’s also waterproof, meaning you can use it to play around in the shower as well! It comes in two colors: vanilla and chocolate.  

At $119.99, endless pleasure is guaranteed! 

Adams’s Remote Control Rotating Warming Power Boost Dildo

adam's power boost realistic dildo

As if realistic-looking dildos that ejaculate and vibrate weren’t enough, now we have one that has a warming option to give you the sensation of a real lover inside you. Adam’s Power Boost Dildo has three options: warming, rotating, and vibrating – all controlled from the comfort of your hand. The remote control is very small and can be used from 50 feet away, perfect if you want to play a sexy version of hide-and-seek at home. 

It’s sculpted from a creamy silicone and has all the details and textures of a realistic dildo. The ten swirling and vibrating options that work simultaneously in combination with the 10-second power boost that raises the vibration intensity will surely make your eyes roll back in pleasure! It has a powerful suction cup, so it’s easily mounted and enjoyed pretty much anywhere!

It’s completely waterproof and submersible in water, so not only will you be able to play with it underwater but you can clean it with lukewarm water and mild soap. 

This toy will leave you cross-eyed with pleasure for only $99.95!

DIY Homemade Dildo Clone Kit Clone – A – Willy 

kit clone a willy dildo

Yes, you read that right! You can now DIY your dildo and mold it based on your partner’s member. You could even clone your favorite dildo to make it into a vibrator! It’s simple, easy, and very fun to make – the kind of sex toys girls dream of!  

It comes with an algae-based powder that you mix with water to create the plaster in which you place an erect Johnson or a toy of your choice. You pour the silicone, which comes in quite a few colors and then insert the vibrator. Wait for 24 hours and voila – your cloned vibrating dildo is ready! 

Now the vibrator has just one speed, but it’s sure to give you orgasms galore. This works great as a gift, especially for couples in a long-distance relationship.

This innovative DIY kit will set you back $49.95 – a great deal!

Posable Dildos

Posable dildos give an additional dimension to realistic dildos. You can move it in every direction needed and if you’re enjoying it with a partner, it will move with you just like the real thing! 

The New York Toy Collective popularized the posable dildos and it’s no wonder why. They have a thin rod inside attached to the bottom, but rest assured, it won’t be poking out through the tip! All toys are handmade in the US and are of high quality, however, you can stumble upon a “whoops” toy that has a slight imperfection – and get it at a discount! 

Let’s take a closer look at three different posable dildos from the New York Toy Collective. 


mason dildo

A part of a realistic posable dildo collection, Mason is the ideal toy for solo or strap on play. With its 8 inches of insertable length, it’s ideal for us girls with slightly longer bodies. The size and shape of the heads are specially designed to hit both the G-spot and the P-spot! 

The dual-density structure gives it a softer feel on the outside but a firmer on the inside – much like the real deal. It comes with 4 skin tones and 6 whimsical colors. 

Get Mason for $159! 


shilo realisitc dildo

The New York Toy Collective’s best selling toy, the popular Shilo is the first posable toy they created. Perfect for strap-on play, pegging or a good old solo, its design minimizes the chances of it slipping out when you’re changing positions – it moves with you! 

At 6.25 inches of insertable delight and dual-density platinum and silicone mix, no wonder this is their best selling toy to date!

Worth every bit at $149! 


leroy women's sex toys

The Leroy is a very big boy with 9.5’ insertable length, it’s made for those with slightly longer booties and bellies. It’s a harness dildo, perfect for strap on or pegging play for all brave enough to handle its length. You could also use it as a regular dildo, however, watch out when using it anally as this one doesn’t have a big base for you to hold on. You don’t want any toys getting lost in the backdoor, okay? 

The most mesmerizing part for all realistic dildo lovers is the intact foreskin on Leroy’s head which simply adds on to the lifelike feel, especially for those who like foreskin. 

This big boy is $189, but definitely worth the splurge! 


The possibilities are endless if you are into sex toys, and especially if you are into the realistic-looking dildos. Women’s sex toys have come a really long way, to the point where all you need is your dildo, water-based lube – because we’re using only body-safe, non-porous silicone – and bit of your imagination and you’ll be getting those O’s left and right. 

As I always say, it’s important to know what works for you best and to do the appropriate research beforehand: materials, length, proper usage, and the like. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you when looking for the most realistic dildo to satisfy your needs because remember – you deserve pleasure!  

Stay inquisitive!

Stay daring!

Stay Devine!