Remember that Sex and the City episode when a disgruntled Samantha returned a so-called neck massager because it failed to get her off? And when she started an argument with the employee on whether it was a neck massager or not? 

Well, with the Le-Wand Petite, you’ll never find yourself in a situation like that. With this toy, you’ll ooze sexual energy just like Samantha – minus the embarrassing situation at the store. I’m here to spill the beans on this gorgeous sex toy and gals, these beans are juicy! 

Le-Wand Petite Knows How To Leave A Lasting First Impression!

Looks are important when it comes to vibrators, dildos, and everything else in the women’s sex toys department. However, the packaging also matters. When I first laid my eyes on Le Wand Petite I got that sense of fulfillment when a discreet package screams sophistication and honestly. With its gorgeous packaging, the Le-Wand Petite passed the test with flying colors! 

What I love most about it? 

Layers, layers, layers – everything is layered! For a package so simple and small, it’s packed with all kinds of add-ons and accessories – you open the box and there are so many things to go through and try out!

The outer box is carbon-made, with minimalistic yet classy design – what more can a girl ask for, really? Once you take the lid off, you’ll notice that the design team thought of everything. Additional protection is always welcomed and for the wand sex toy, they added transparent plastic protection. 

In the middle, the tiny but powerful Le-Wand Petite massager awaits your command. Once you take the toy out, you’ll notice all the additional stuff they sent with it: 

  • A USB charger;
  • A very cute travel bag, excellent for fitting the toy in your travel baggage; 
  • An in-depth user guide to clarify any misunderstandings about the wand sex toy; 
  • A pleasure guide, because wand massagers may not be the most intuitive vibrators to use!

With all this stuff laid out on your bed alongside the elegant Le Wand Petite, you start wondering how deep the people who made this toy, delved into pleasure satisfaction?

Turns out, pretty deep – deep enough to offer a lifetime guarantee alongside the 12-month warranty. That’s something I’d never refuse, and if you’re here I know you’re a smart girl, so you probably wouldn’t either!

In general, wand sex toys have tons of tricks up their sleeves to smite your pussy with. That means you won’t be able to keep your hands off it, whichever model you choose!

What About Features, What Do I Get For My Money? 

le-wand petite sex toy features

The Le-Wand Petite is empowered with a list of exceptional features. The wand design screams elegance and the entire selection of colors too – rose gold, blue, and violet. 

Feature-wise, here are the things you’re getting for your money: 

  • Very light-weight massager – only 0.47lbs, hence the name petite;
  • It’s 254x47mm in size, with the neck being ¾ of an inch thick;
  • The battery power is 340 mAh;

However, plenty of questions may pop in your mind while holding the wand – how does it work, what does this button do, and will the neck fall off if I use it more intensely?

Let me break it down for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing: 

Le-Wand Handle: Oh wow, I feel like I’m not even holding a vibrator! – that was my first reaction to the toy. The Le-Wand Petite handle is slim and smooth all the way, which makes this toy super-easy to maneuver. You get that tickling sensation just by holding it! It’s made of top-quality ABS plastic, as you would expect with top-notch women’s sex toys.

There are three buttons, right in the middle – the plus, the wave, and the minus. They’re made to be intuitive to use, as nobody likes to overthink their playtime. 

The plus button raises the intensity level and the wavy button changes the vibration pattern. The minus button is for those times when your neighbors start banging on your walls to quiet down – of course, you’d be having too much fun to act on it! 

flexible sex toy

Le-Wand Neck: That arousing feeling you get from touching the velveting smooth neck? Trust it. You’re probably asking yourself, if it feels this good on my fingers, how good will it feel pressed against my clit?

Amazing. That’s how.

The sleek neck design only adds to the positive impressions from the wand sex toy. The neck is flexible, but not too much, so you won’t start feeling unsafe if you use it too much. It’s made from body-safe, non-porous materials, and it goes great with some water-based lube, as silicone-on-silicone is not a good combination for your lovely lady parts. Plus, since we’re on the topic, the Le-Wand Petite is waterproof, a tiny detail that can make your showers extra fun! 

Do you want to know the best part? There are still, even more features to rock your world! 

For those among us who need something extra, the Le-Want Petite enables you to add more accessories! You have four different attachments on your display, to provide G-spot and A-spot stimulation. Plus, you get two adorable, textured silicone covers for a versatile clitoris experience. They fit perfectly over Le-Wand’s neck, keeping it steady while ensuring you get the orgasm you deserve!

So many features, so many benefits – and I haven’t even started to talk about its performance – or its powerful orgasms! When fully charged, the wand sex toy can perform for up to an hour – and that’s more than enough time to repeatedly shudder on this nigh-magic toy! 

There’s one small thing though – there are quieter women’s sex toys… Combined with your moans, the buzzing sound of this toy may get your roommates to ask a few awkward questions. Don’t worry – it’s normal for the Le Wand Petite motor to radiate strong vibrations which results in a lack of stealth. Even the lowest vibration setting will produce noticeable buzzing, and it only goes up from there. No biggie though – just use a pillow over your lady parts if you don’t want anyone else to know you’re using it! 

Technical part’s over. Now, let me tell you about those wand orgasms – and this is the important bit! 

Get Whipped With Le-Wand Petite 

le-wand petite orgasmic power

The wand sex toy has one very characteristic trait: you might not get along very well with it the first time you use it. Why? Well, this massager is not your everyday steady vibrator that only needs lube to get things going for you. The flexible head may trigger that ‘on-alert’ feeling, which might be a bit of a turn off at the beginning. However, don’t stress too much about it – just read the pleasure guide provided with the toy and you’ll become an expert on it in no time! 

Once you’ve learned how to use it, the fun begins! 

As a result of the robust motor, the tingling vibration from your clit quickly spreads throughout your body – even your pinky finger won’t be spared! The Le-Wand Petite may be small, but it will do wonders for the pearl in your oyster! 

In total, it has 10 vibrations speeds and 6 vibrations patterns. That’s 60 vibrations combined – more than enough to stimulate your clit! 

Think you can explore them all in one weekend? You can cycle through the intensities and the speeds whichever way you want – even if you get too cocky and go for the higher levels. 

So, buzz away, girls – it only gets better!

But what if you’re not in the mood for explosive orgasms? No problem, use one of the lower levels to loosen up a bit. It’ll make you cum either way – that’s your warmup orgasm!

On the other hand, what if you want fireworks to happen in your bedroom? With its super-powered motor, the Le-Wand Petite rumbles your nethers ‘til you can’t spell your name! 

If you’re worried about prolonged use, don’t: your hand won’t even cramp up due to the flexible neck. No more mood-killing, pins-and-needles sensations you’d get from other women’s sex toys!

The best part about the Le Wand Petite? It has the option to lock whichever setting works best for you! Just press the minus and the plus button simultaneously for three seconds – it will save the pattern, so you don’t have to worry about random unwanted buzzes! 

Orgasms aside, this toy is versatile in every aspect. Small and feisty, the Le-Wand Petite is great to use with a partner. It will provide mind-numbing stimulation for both of you, and you’ll barely even notice it between your sweaty, tangled bodies! 

It’s mostly used externally, so it’s the perfect gender-neutral toy to enjoy with your partner. It raises the sexual tension between you to a whole other level, one you wouldn’t want to miss out on! 

Also, you know how sometimes you need a massage without a happy ending? Well, this toy can give you that too! Officially, it’s labeled as a massager, so it’ll do wonders for your sore neck, arms, or any other body part! The same vibrations used for getting you off will be used to get things off your back – figuratively!

With Le-Wand Petite, those sheet-gripping orgasms will become a daily ritual! 

The only question is: are you up to the challenge?

Stay feisty.

Stay satisfied.

Stay Devine.