The Orgasm That Starts With An N

That feeling of adrenaline rushing up when you’re kissing can be intensified even further, for my ladies out there who like a good adventure. Stroking your nipples sends a jolt of electricity through our bodies, ticklings towards our vaginal wirings – yeah, that feeling. Not many know that the big O can come after a kiss on your sensitized nipples, but it may just be a nipplegasm too. 

Nipples are the overly sensitive centers of our mammaries we all share, male and female, and they have hundreds of nerve endings that offer an opportunity to get to seventh heaven. So, as all things that naturally feel great, nipple stimulation has become a modern sexual cult too.

For the curious heads out there, I made this comprehensive guide on how to give a sexy treat to your or your partner’s nipples in all the special ways, with description of sex toys made specifically for nipple play and tips and tricks on how to use them!

Nipple Sensory Arousal – How Does It Work 

The nipple and the areola area around are sensitive to external stimulation, be it kissing, touching, suction, or squeezing – just like the clitoris. This sensitive area is part of a wider erogenous map of the human body and should not be omitted in your foreplays or during sex, as they constantly communicate with your genital and brain centers, helping you climax and providing an unforgettable experience. 

There are sex toys and accessories for our genitals and our rear entry, but are there any for our nipples? You bet. Meet the nipple clamp, ladies and gents – they enhance the arousal and the sensitivity of the nipple, providing added excitement to solo or couple sexploits.

Although habitually connected to BDSM, nipple clamps have the right to be honored as they are and for what they can make you feel, regardless of their popularity in some circles.

Nipple clamps are made to produce pressure over the nipples by squeezing or putting a smaller amount of weight on them. During wear, they produce a feeling of pinching, and at the moment of their removal starts the rush of blood into the small circuits of their bloodstream, sensitizing the nerve endings.

After this, the touching and the kissing of the nipples and the areola feels far more intense. First, let’s see all the different types of nipple clamps on the market, and then I’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to use them for maximum pleasure.

Types Of Nipple Clamps

Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Adjustable nipple clamps are a classic in the world of nipple clamps. The most common variation comes as a pair of clamps connected by a discreet chain, but they can also be found separately and in many shapes and sizes, including circular shapes. Why are they called ‘adjustable? Well, they have little screws that can be used to adjust the pressure you’re ready to withstand!

Vibrating Nipple Clamps 

As with all other sex toys, nipple clamps get more exciting when you add vibrations to them. The built-in vibrating motors add a new dimension to the nipple clamps, which makes the twinkling sensations ever more intense and long lasting. The vibrating nipple clamps can be used to provide extra stimulation to the clitoris, while your or your partner’s hands and mouth are cherishing the awakened nipples.

Nipple Tweezers

The nipple tweezers are another variant of this simple gratifying sex toy. They come in a paired version for the nipples or supplemented with a third clamp for this clitoris. They can be adjusted to the level of pressure your sensitive nipples can stand. The endings are enfolded with soft material, preventing nipple soreness. 

Nipple Weights

For those that like to experience a little extra pinch while wearing, there’s a variety of nipple clamps with optional weight addings. 

This type of nipple clamps is available in various types, mostly outlined above. There are additional versions with more elegant or more robust accessories to fit various tastes, so the variety of nipple clamps I presented here is essentially a smaller market representation. So, instead of flashy variants, I was guided by their functionality to shed a light on the exciting world of nipple clamps.

Tips And Tricks On How To Use Nipple Clamps

Though the nipple clamps are small, cute, and simple in appearance, it’s best to be cautious and treat your nipples with care when using them.

Before use, make sure that you and your partner get in the mood and indulge in some foreplay. Prepare your nipples by gently touching or squeezing them, and you may even want to use a suction cup, ice cubes, or simply invite your partner for a nice nipple sucking. You want those nipples erected and willing to be petted to new heights before you can place the nipple clamps on them. 

While they restrict the blood flow and you start feeling the pinching, let yourself enjoy it by touching other erogenous zones. Use some extra oil or water lube to touch your thighs and labia while gently pressuring your clit on both sides, letting your excitement rise as you balance your exhaling and inhaling in the rhythm of your pelvis. 

This parallel play will maximize the arousal since all your erogenous buttons are awakening and getting ready for your ultimate sex journey towards the big O.

Timing is important when using nipple clamps. Ten minutes are usually enough to deprive them of the blood flow, and once you remove the nipple clamps, it’ll make them much more sensitive. I suggest here to make sure that the pressed nipples are not getting cold or their color doesn’t change into blue, since that would mean that the area has been deprived of blood for too long.  Once the nipple clamps are removed, let yourself feel the sensations your partner would provoke by licking, touching or gently stroking your nipples. Be imaginative, and make sure to have a tickling feather nearby for some sensitive nipple grooming! 

Ladies, your bulbous boobs are the two happy jewels on your bodies that offer extraordinary erotic excitement through their nipple pleasure buttons. Don’t forget to include them in your foreplay, during sex, or even explore their nipplegasmic ability! Nipple play will help you:

Stay curious,

Stay adventurous, and 

Stay Devine!