Quiet vibrators are a thing now, and I’m lovin’ it! 

I say this a lot, but women’s sex toys have truly come a long way in every sense – as they should, especially in a time when sexual awareness and sexuality are at unprecedented levels! Vibrators are so quiet and discrete nowadays, you can use them literally anywhere you want, and I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t lived that dream.

Let’s face it, you’ve fantasized about masturbating at work at least once in your lifetime and don’t even try to deny it… Karen!

With the amazing technology and ingenious minds of sex toy makers, we can now enjoy the rumbles and vibrations without having to alert the whole neighborhood. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want Gertrude from the fifth floor to get a heart attack because my vibrator was turned on high.

Vibrators that sound like a badly-oiled lawnmower are a thing of the past. Today we have quiet vibrators designed for the ultimate discretion and I’ve compiled a list of my favorite ones to help you decide on your next toy. 

Let’s dive in and help you choose your quiet vibe!

Clitoral Quiet Vibrators

A lot of women have a hard time climaxing with penetrative sex only and I find it very sad when they think there’s something wrong with them. Girl, you’re absolutely fine! You probably just need some skilled clitoral stimulation, and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment to get it. 

To that end, here are my favorite quiet vibrators that will leave your clitoris happy and you – breathless!

Dame Fin 


Finger vibrators desperately needed an upgrade and the Fin is just that – a finger vibrator that sends pleasurable vibrations to your clitoris. It’s great for both couples and solo play sessions, as it rests comfortably between your index and middle finger. Made entirely out of medical-grade silicone, it feels great to the touch but most importantly, it’s body-safe. Let your imagination run wild with this extension to your fingers! 

What’s more, it’s not exclusive to clit owners as it’ll feel good on a penis as well. There’s a firm and pointy end of the base and a soft and squishy one too, so depending on your preference you can choose which goes where. It attaches to your fingers with a silicone band but it can be used without it as well for maximum freedom in play. It has 3 different speeds to choose from and a powerful motor that stimulates all the right spots. When it comes to quiet vibrators, the Fin is as quiet as they come. 

$85 for a super quiet vibrator? Yes, please!

We-Vibe Moxie


Much like finger vibrators needed an upgrade, so did wearable vibrators. Long gone is the outdated butterfly shape or the bulging vibrator already attached to a pair of must-wear panties. The Moxie is truly an upgrade as it’s a tiny but very powerful vibrator. 

Made from body-safe silicone, it feels great on the skin and is very comfortable to wear out and about. The Moxie attaches very easily to any pair of panties with a powerful magnet that keeps it in place, and you can control it via the button on the toy itself, on the remote control, or even through the We-connect app for some long-distance fun!

When it comes to quiet vibrators, Moxie is your toy – just maybe steer clear from libraries! If you’re interested in a thorough review of this sex toy you can check it out here.

For $129, wear your pleasure anywhere!

The Frenchman


When talking about quiet vibrators we definitely can’t miss out on any of the Smile Makers toys. All of their toys are extremely quiet, more specifically quieter than 40db, which is the equivalent of a whisper. The Frenchman is a tongue vibrator but unlike anything you’ve seen so far. Made of the smoothest and softest silicone, this vibrator simulates the gentle touch of a tongue, and reminds me of an ice cream scoop with its flexibility and softness, bending and moving like a tongue would.

You can use this toy on every erogenous zone and for added pleasure, you can add a water-based lubricant to the pleasure mix. The Frenchman is perfect for both solo and couples play – on the hush-hush, of course. One thing to note about all Smile Makers toys on this list – they are not rechargeable and require one triple-A battery. 

$55 for The Frenchman? Oui, s’il vous plaît!

Rabbit Quiet Vibrators

The Rabbit vibrators are an excellent toy for dual stimulation and a lot of earth-shattering orgasms. Simultaneously working on the clit and the G-spot, you’ll be orgasming like never before. Luckily, if you want to be discreet about your under-the-sheets endeavors, there are silent options – even though you probably won’t be!

Here are the best pointy-eared quiet vibrators: 

Lelo Soraya 2


Lelo has been in the forefront of women’s sex toys and it’s easy to see why. Their toys are innovative and have a very stylish and luxurious design. The Lelo Soraya 2 is a whisper-quiet vibrator, covered in soft silicone and sculpted specifically for maximum pleasure. The external stimulator is flexible so that it fits every body type and the insertable part has a deliciously curved tip that hits just the right spot. 

The shape is ergonomic and has a loop for your finger so you’ll have a better grip and you can easily switch between vibrations and patterns. It’s also one of those quiet vibrators that perhaps sounds louder when you turn it on because of its powerful motors but gets easily muffled once it’s inserted or pressed against your clit. 

At $219 it’s a bit on the more expensive and luxurious end, but you wouldn’t put a price tag on mind-blowing orgasms, would you?

We-Vibe Nova 2


Perhaps one of the best quiet vibrators on this list if not the quietest, the We-Vibe Nova 2 is a revolutionary rabbit. While it doesn’t quite look the part, it does come with the g-spot and clitoris stimulator that all rabbits have and it works wonders. Fully covered in body-safe silicone, it feels soft to the touch and excellent on the skin. The clit stimulator is very flexible, so it will roll against it as you thrust inside. 

It has two different but very powerful motors and 12 different vibration settings, but even at the highest one, the only noises will only emanate from you and your mind-blowing orgasms! As with other we-vibe toys, you can connect the Nova 2 with the We-connect app so you can customize your vibrations and play with your partner long distance. 

This rabbit will set you back $149, but you’ll definitely get back your money’s worth – in orgasms of course!

Whisper Quiet Petite Rabbit Vibrator


From the Ann Summers Whisper collection comes the gorgeous silicone Petite Rabbit Vibrator – the discrete toy you’ve been looking for. 

It’s only 35db, which is equal to a whisper, so you can be sure your neighbors won’t hear your late-night fun. In fact, it’s extremely discreet in its storage as well as it comes with a pink cosmetic bag that you can lock with a key! 

Don’t let the quietness fool you though, because this bunny is truly a powerhouse! It comes with 3-speed settings and 7 vibration pulses plus the bulbous shaft and clit stimulator can be controlled separately! So, you can expect a lot of quiet and pleasure-filled nights with the god of quiet vibrators!

For only $87 this quiet vibrator will whisper sweet nothings to your clit and g-spot nights on end!

G-spot Quiet Vibrators

Locating that ever-sought but extremely elusive G-spot is a tough task for many, but a very gratifying one when accomplished. You can begin your search quietly but I guarantee you won’t be silent when you find it! Here are the best quiet vibrators to help you with your search.  

The Tennis Coach


As I mentioned before with the Frenchman, Smile Makers really put a smile on your face and they do so very discreetly. The Tennis Coach is a very quiet G-spot vibrator, deliciously curved and bulbous at the end to give you the right pressure and stimulation. It has 4 speeds and 2 pulse modes so you can play around with a combination that works for you when you’re close to climax. 

Aside from massaging your G-spot, the Tennis Coach can be used on other erogenous zones like the clitoris, your labia, and even your nipples! It’s compact and discreet and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand so you can take it with you on the go. 

Only $55? A Tennis Coach has never been cheaper!

The Romantic


Another silent vibrator from Smile Makers, intended for G-spot stimulation. Aptly named the Romantic, this vibrator is curved and bulbous at the end for making love to your G-spot. The soft ridges on the sides are also intended for massaging the inner walls of your vagina. 

It has 4 speeds, 3 pulsation modes, and a very powerful motor for some deep and strong vibrations delivered directly at your G-spot. It’s made of silicone so it’s soft, easy to wash and it’s waterproof for some extra underwater fun. 

$89 and you can take the Romantic for quite a few dates under the bedsheets. Silent of course!

Lelo Gigi 2


The Lelo Gigi 2 is probably one of the best quiet vibrators intended for G-spot stimulations. It features a curved and flattened tip for delivering strong vibrations to the G-spot directly. The vibrator is compact so you can also use it to stimulate other erogenous zones too. 

With 8 vibration patterns and several levels of intensity for each one, this silent vibrator will drive you straight to orgasm land – multiple times! Lelo’s sex toys are very elegant looking and the Gigi 2 is nothing short of elegance either with its sleek silicone design. 

Gigi 2 costs $139 – worth every penny!

Bullet Quiet Vibrators

The bullet vibrators are tiny cute sex toys that are completely unintimidating in their size and shape but nonetheless, they pack quite the punch! They’re usually used on the clitoris but can also be used, like any other vibrator, on other sensual zones, like the nipples or even a penis. Here are the best quiet vibrators shaped like a bullet:

Crave Vesper


Can you imagine wearing your vibrator around your neck? Because you can wear a Crave Vesper. It’s an inconspicuous quiet vibrator that you can wear as a very stylish necklace. It’s worth mentioning that this stealthy little vibrator is not intended for insertion, but for external use only. 

Elegant and slim, the Crave Vesper has 4 different power settings which are all extremely quiet. This small but powerful toy has a runtime of 40 minutes continuously on a single charge which for such a small vibrator is very impressive. Made of stainless steel, it’s very easy to take care of and you can even personalize it with an engraved message for yourself or your partner. 

Pleasurable is not an adjective you can use for a necklace but for the Crave Vesper, you sure can – for only $69!

We-Vibe Tango


This tiny but mighty bullet vibrator is perfect for pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris. It has 8 different vibration modes to cater to even the neediest of clits. As quiet as quiet vibrators go, the Tango will not reveal your sexy endeavors to prying ears. 

This bullet vibrator is small, compact, and discreet enough that you can carry and use it pretty much anywhere you want. What’s more, you can play with it for 2 hours on a single charge

You’ll be playing Tango with your clit for only $79!

Mantric Bullet Vibrator


This lipstick shaped bullet made entirely of soft silicone is a great option for those with more sensitive clits. It comes with 7 patterns and 3 intensity modes to go through to find your perfect rumbly vibration. The tapered and angled tip provides for both a pinpoint and a wider stimulation of all erogenous zones and it’s perfect for a first-time vibrator. 

It has a single button so you won’t have to fumble around with too many buttons when climaxing. When muffled underneath a blanket, it’s a very quiet vibrator so you can have your fun completely uninterrupted and undetected. 

For $44.99, the only sound in your room will be the Mantra of your orgasms!

The oddballs 

These are all the quiet vibrators that don’t technically fit in the other categories and are a little out there, but will undoubtedly bring you to a climax. Here are my favorite oddballs of the bunch:

The Bender


The Bender is truly an oddball, if I’ve ever seen one. This ingenious little toy is an insertable toy that is so flexible yet sturdy, it will fit every type of body and hit all the right spots. Coated in the softest silicone, this little toy is fully submersible for added pleasure underwater. 

The newer version comes with an upgrade in playtime, from 45 minutes to a staggering 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge, so you’ll never have to worry about battery depletion interrupting your climax. The motor on the upgrade is also stronger and you can choose between 10 different speeds and patterns.  Do I need to say why it’s on the list of quiet vibrators? 

$69 for a vibrator that you can bend anyway you want? It’s a steal!

Lovense Lush 2


The Lovense Lush is the current buzz – pun intended. It’s an egg-like vibrator that gives another dimension to wearable vibrators. Specifically, because it’s an almost completely silent vibrator that you can use wherever you want! It’s controlled via Bluetooth for close to 50 feet distance and over the internet for long-distance fun.

But that’s not all! 

Aside from being able to fully customize your vibration patterns, you can also set it up so that it’s audio-activated! By using your smartphone’s microphone, it can be triggered by a sound of your choosing. It’s completely made of soft silicone, so drop a bit of water-based lubricant, slip it in and have the time of your life. Check out my full review of this toy here.

And all that for $119? A bargain!

Lelo Ora 3


Speaking of oddballs, have you seen the Lelo Ora 3? This oddly spherical sex toy is actually a clitoral stimulator that mimics oral sex. Need I say more? The nub located on the bottom of the toy circles your clitoris much like a real tongue would. Add a bit of water-based lube and enjoy your moments of absolute bliss. 

But I wouldn’t put it on this list if it didn’t vibrate, would I? Or if it wasn’t one of the Top 10 quiet vibrators that have impressed me thus far? The ORA 3 combines 12 different vibration modes with the pleasure of the rotating nub and it’s sure to bring you over the edge multiple times. Its ergonomic shape allows you to put pressure where needed for a full-blown oral experience, much like the real deal. Read my thorough review of it here.

$169 and you can get oral anywhere you want – and nobody will ever know!

To Conclude

Whether you need to spice up your sex life or maybe need some alone time, sex toys are your friend. Specifically, vibrators, which aren’t only reserved for vagina owners mind you, and can be enjoyed by anyone who is willing to try them. 

But one thing stands as true as ever – they need to be quiet! 

Quiet vibrators exist to give you the pleasure that you need and deserve, without letting everyone know of your sexplorations. Luckily for us, sex toy makers have really upped the ante with quiet vibrators, no louder than a soft whisper – without losing power. 

If anything, they are more powerful and stealthier than ever. This makes quiet vibrators perfect for those who skeptical about toys in the bedroom as well as sex toy veterans. But a word of warning; even though they are quiet vibrators, there’s no guarantee that you will be – when you climax!

Hopefully, this guide helped you choose the perfect vibe for you. Grab your toy, get under the covers, and have an orgasm-filled night! You deserve it!

Stay sexy,

Stay discrete,

Stay Devine!