What are Vac-U-Lock Sex Toys?

If you want to try out a variety of women’s sex toys, alone or with a partner, you’re probably looking for the right brand. As a woman, I know how hard it is to devote your loyalty to a brand, and I want to help you in your search for sexual satisfaction. 

If you want to whack the boredom out of your bedroom play, but you’re limited to just one harness, stick, or dildo you have in the cupboard, maybe it’s time to give Vac-U-Lock sex toys a shot.

Never heard of them? Sounds kind of weird? 

To be honest – it is, however, it’s the best possible kind of weird. 

Vac-U-Lock is Doc Johnson’s patent created as a sex toys attachment compatible system. 

(Now you say “whaaaaat…?”)

Well, when you’re playing in the bedroom, alone or with your partner, you might want to spice things up with a strap-on. After trying out a regular dildo on a harness, you may notice that soon, your imagination starts craving for more. 

You want a larger dildo. Perhaps a more curvy one. Or that other one you saw in a movie, that’s kind of bent – that one seemed wild, right?

The Vac-U-Lock system allows you to combine different dildos and toys with a single attachment. The plug should be inserted into a sex toy and it’s designed to create a vacuum so the toy doesn’t fall off. 

At first, Doc Johnson was the only company offering Vac-U-Lock dildos and toys, but as they grew in popularity, other companies started eyeing this lucrative market and began their own production of these convenient toys. 

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t say much about Vac-U-Lock sex toys, so brace your underwear as I’m about to give you a wild ride through this ultimate review.

Original Vac-U-Lock sex toys

Original Vac-U-Lock sex toys come from Doc Johnson’s sex laboratory. 

Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock sex toys offer

Doc Johnson’s vac-u-lock- sex toys

They offer a variety of dildos and kink toys (fist-fuckers for example) that you simply attach on the harness, stick, suction-cup plug, double-up plug, or a kink fuck machine power banger. They all have the same plug on top, which accepts any of the Vac-U-Lock sex toys

Although the sheer variety of sex toys offered by Don Johnson may blow your mind at first sight, we have to disappoint you – most of their toys aren’t body-safe, as they’re made of hard-to-clean materials. So, if you’re checking out their website, make sure to avoid their U3R and jelly toys if you want to keep your intimate areas bacteria-free. 

But they do offer some silicone toys, too. Their Platinum Collection, for example, is completely safe to use, although some users reported that the dildos are a bit firm. 

If you’re interested in Doc Johnson’s Platinum Collection, check out the SheVibe website for the lowest prices. 

Vac-U-Lock Toys From Other Suppliers

Luckily, besides Don Johnson, there are other suppliers of Vac-U-Lock sex toys too. In this variety of realistic, abstract, huge, or fantasy toys, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. 

Abyss Creations

Abyss Creations are leaders in the sex toys industry, being known as the guys behind the Real Doll sex robot. As a company committed to creating realistic toys, they also made the most realistic Vac-U-Lock dildo you’ve ever seen. 

It has two detached layers of silicone, so as you thrust, the skin slides up and down, just like on a real dick. 

However, if you’re a foreskin lover, don’t get too excited, as these are all circumcised. 

Square Peg Toys

squarepeg toys

This company offers the largest variety of silicone toys that come in the most bizarre shapes, sizes, and colors. You can order bronze fists, dino cock, slink ripple, and of course, regular dildos. 

Mr. Hankey

hankey's toys

Besides the traditional dildo offer with plain, realistic dildos, Mr. Hankey also offers a huge fantasy dildo selection. You’ll be surprised by the level of creativity for their sci-fi inspired fantasy dildos such as Taintacle, Snorkel, or Beowulf. 

Mr. Hankey is also famous for their giant dildo collection, in case you prefer to spice it up with the heavy stuff. 

Non-Vac-U-Lock Sex Toys That Fit Vac-U-Lock Systems

You may have had the unfortunate experience of being unable to switch toys on your plug, but you just need to dig through the internet (or go through this guide) to find out that there are actually countless undiscovered sex toys that will work with Vac-U-Lock system. You just need to find them. For example, it turns out that you can easily use some of the vibrating Tantus, or Vixen Creation toys.  

The most common problem with this is that bullet holes on sex toys usually come at a smaller size than the Vac-U-Lock plug, but as we already know, that can be fixed by adding some lube. Moreover, the plug will probably stretch the toy, so it’s better if you’re using silicone toys, as they won’t break. 

If you’re good with tools, you can even adapt toys with no holes at all into Vac-U-Lock sex toys.

Vac-U-Lock Attachments

As you may have noticed from the previous sections of this text, Vac-U-Lock has numerous creative attachments to help you heat up your bedroom game. 

I’ll go over them right now to help you get a clear picture of your options. 


sex toys harness

Vac-U-Lock harnesses are ultra-stable, which means they have a huge advantage when it comes to strap-on bedroom play. The chances of a dildo falling off are very low because the vacuum plug system is much stronger than the standard O-ring system. 

Moreover, Vac-U-Lock harnesses are more affordable too, making them even more appealing. Just don’t wear them for longer periods of time, or get rougher and tend to become a bit uncomfortable. 

Doc Johnson Harnesses

Doc Johnson offers a wide variety of attachments and even though you can’t rely as much on their toys, you can still use their harnesses and other attachments. They come with both the Vac-U-Lock system and the standard O-ring, so your possibilities are endless. 

This harness is the best one you can find because it’s unisex, cheap, and highly adaptable to any type of toy. 

Vac-U-Lock Accessorize Attachments

Again, for the craziest Vac-U-Lock attachments, visit Doc Johnson’s website. 

The Basic Handle

This one is excellent for both solo and couple play. It’s also great for some role-play-fantasy-sex-humor, as with a simple cape, binding, and this stick with a dildo on, you can instantly become a warrior priestess with a cock-sword. 

Suction Cup Plug

This one comes in two sizes: basic small suction cups and large ones made to fit larger toys. The basic one is usually white, but if you dig around the internet, you might find the classy black one too. 

You want to avoid their Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock deluxe cup (the one that looks like a microscope), as it’s quite poorly built. 


This one is perhaps even better for the costume we described! Vac-U-Lock stick is quite long, so it’s not really suitable for solo bedroom fun, but it can make your duo go insane. You just place a dildo or any toy you wish at the end of the stick, and you can stimulate your partner’s genitals from a few feet away. 

Kink Fuck Machine Power Banger

If you enjoy a wild solo game, this attachment is ideal for you. Moreover, you can use it with your partner to simulate a threesome. Let them watch you ride it. Let them see what they need to top. 

This Vac-U-Lock sex toy has an adjustable arm for precise positioning, an adjustable and removable handle (so you can use it as a stick too) and can ride you up to 195 strokes per minute. It has a suction cup on top of the stick where you can place a toy of your choice. 

Other Accessories

There are some custom attachments that come in atypical forms, such as a boxer with a plug on top, called the Knuckle Duster. This one is ideal for rough bedroom play, as its shape is already tense and aggressive. 

Vibrators Compatible with Vac-U-Lock Sex Toys

Bullet Vibrators 

One of the problems with the Vac-U-Lock system is that it usually isn’t compatible with traditional bullet vibrators, but we found that some bullet vibrators actually fit! 

Screaming-O Charged Vooom 

Screaming-O Charged Vooom Vibrator

Vooom is perfect for beginners as it’s quite cheap, rechargeable via USB (no expensive battery changes), and emits some decent vibrations and pulsations. It’s not exactly a top-tier sex toy, but it can be considered competent in pleasing most women’s sexual desires, and most importantly – it fits with your Vac-U-Lock system.

Sensuelle Point by Nu

Sensuelle Point by Nu

This toy is a bit larger and rechargeable, but not too expensive. Although they say it’s waterproof, you should only use it in the shower, as if you test its powers in the bath, it will probably drown… Unfortunately, not in your liquids. 

Fuck Machines

If you’re a veteran at your kink and you’re ready to seriously open your wallet for some bedroom games, consider getting a fuck machine. This could be a great threesome third wheel or a partner replacement during a solo game. 

We will shortlist some Vac-U-Lock compatible fuck machines:

Final Word

I hope this guide helped you figure out more about the Vac-U-Lock sex toys so that you can incorporate in your bedroom.

Pro tips:

  1. Use water lube to ease toy attachment and detachment (obviously, if it works for your genitals, it works for other plugs in holes too!)
  2. When you unplug your Vac-U-Lock dildos and toys, tilt it on the side to break the vacuum. Strength is not necessary – just technique. 

Stay informed.

Stay adventurous.

Stay Devine.