There’s something exhilarating in exploring your sexuality and satisfying your needs with sex toys. Sure, sex with a partner is great, but toys just add that ‘oomph’ feeling to the act. It spices things up, and leaves a lot to your imagination so you can let it run wild! 

You and I both know that sex is amazing, and we’ve established that toys are awesome, but imagine combining the two! Did your stomach turn in excitement? Because mine just did! 

Sometimes the toys are made with couples in mind, and some people are creative enough to repurpose women’s sex toys. Either way, for those daring enough to add some kink in their lives, this addition can be extremely gratifying.  

I know I talk a lot about toys, but in this guide, I’m going to talk about sex toys for couples. If you’ve been thinking about adding another dimension to your sex life but don’t quite know where to start, Lady Devine has your back.

So get your pen and paper ready and start taking notes because I’m going to share with you the best sex toys for couples. 

Oral Fixation

It’s commonly known that most women orgasm through clitoral stimulation so eating out is an integral part of sex. For me, it’s the best foreplay – a preview of the delightful orgasms that are to follow! Thankfully today the women’s sex toys industry has upped their game, so now we have clitoral stimulators that replicate oral sex. 

If you’re looking for the best sex toys for couples that simulate oral sex, here are some of my favorites. 

We-Vibe Melt

we-vibe sex toys for couples

We-Vibe is known as one of the best sex toys for couples and solo play. The We-Vibe Melt is a special clitoral stimulator that is specially designed for couples. Armed with the Pleasure Air Technology, this toy will gently suck on your most sensitive parts. It has an ergonomic design which makes it super easy to use and allows you to get creative with different poses.

It has 12 different levels of intensity which you can change on the toys itself or on the phone app, which your partner can use to control from afar. The battery lasts for up to two hours, so be prepared for some long pleasure-filled nights. 

This will set you back $199, but hey it’s a small price to pay for 2 hours of constant pleasure! 

Lelo Sona Cruise

lelo sona cruise sex toys

Lelo is a staple luxury brand for women’s sex toys and rightfully so. The Lelo Sona Cruise is a clitoral stimulator that uses sonic waves to stimulate your pleasure buds. You can place it directly on the clitoris or next to it if it’s too intense for you. The Sona Cruise automatically increases its intensity when you press it harder against your clitoris so you can indulge in some edging.

If you want to play around with your toys in the water, you can take the Lelo Sona on a cruise in the bathtub! But be careful, as water is not a good lubricant and might leave your clitoris dry and very sensitive. 

At $169, this is the cheapest cruise out there!

Womanizer 2Go Clitoral Sucking Vibrator 

womanizer 2go vibrator

They say makeup is a woman’s best friend and having this lipstick-shaped sex toy in mind – I have no doubt! This clitoral sucking vibrator not only looks incredibly elegant but it’s also very discreet and lightweight, so you can take it with you anywhere you go. 

If you are the type of couple that likes to engage in the devil’s tango in unconventional places then this would be one of the best sex toys for couples to invest in!

At $49, it’s more expensive than the regular lipstick but also more pleasurable! 

Going for The Butt

There are plenty of misconceptions about anal sex and people are generally afraid of trying it out. However, those that have already tried it, know how amazing that sensation is and how everything is amplified. Trust me, nothing beats an orgasm caused by stimulating the elusive A-spot!

Butt plugs are the best sex toys for couples and they are your best introduction to anal sex. If you are interested in trying out anal sex with your partner, below are some recommendations that you will love.

Lovense Hush Butt Plug 

lovense hush butt plug

The Lovense Hush butt plug is a powerful toy for anyone who enjoys some backdoor play. It’s very strong and quiet so you can wear it outside and use the Bluetooth option for some additional fun with your partner. In fact, you can make it vibrate to the beats of your favorite song! Nothing better than orgasming to Bohemian Rhapsody, am I right? 

On top of that, it has a long-lasting battery up to 2 hours of continuous use, that won’t leave you hanging in the middle of an ‘O’! One of the best sex toys for couples no doubt!

The spirals on the bottom are specifically designed to ensure that it stays put and its flared base is comfortable yet won’t have you worry about losing the toy. We don’t want to lose a toy in the backside, do we?!

$119 is the price for this pleasure, but Hush! No one has to know how much you’ve spent! 

Utimi Glass Butt Plug

utimi glass butt plug

I talk about body-safe materials all the time, so I’m extremely happy to suggest a glass butt plug! The Utimi Glass Butt Plug has an ergonomic design and curves that will target those sweet spots on the inside! It has a handle for easy removal in case it goes down deeper than you intended. 

The color and shape of the toy are pure art! Because it’s made of glass, it will warm to match your body’s temperature so you’ll feel different sensations as you keep going at it, but you can also cool it down before use! It can be used by both men and women, so that makes it one of the top sex toys for couples.

This piece of art will set you back a mere $13 and it’s body-safe!  

B-vibe Rimming Plug

b vibe plug as sex toy for couples

Named the most innovative women’s sex toy of the 2010’s, the B-vibe rimming plug is the only rimming butt plug on the market and that’s saying a lot! With the use of rotating beads within the base, it mimics the action of rimming. With 7 rimming and 6 vibration options, you’ll certainly find something that will throw you over the edge. 

It’s remote-controlled up to 30 feet away, making it great for couples that want to play around in public. As one of the best sex toys for couples, the B-vibe will spice up your nights with your loved one! Whether you’re a veteran in butt play or just starting out, the B-vibe rimming plug comes in three different sizes so you’ll definitely find one that fits you best.

And as experts in the field of anal sex, Be-vibe provides a guide to anal play with each toy you purchase.  

The price tag of this bad boy is $150 and it comes with the promise of pleasure filled nights! 

Long-distance Done Right

Long-distance relationships are hard as it is, and not being able to touch your partner or be in the same room can be a bit disheartening. But luckily the technology has made us more connected than ever so we’ve got a plethora of sex toys for couples that are the second-best thing to the real deal. Until you meet again, you can play around with one of these remote-controlled vibrators.

Svakom Ella Love Egg Vibrator

svakom egg sex toy for couples

The Svakom Ella Love Egg Vibrator is one of the top sex toys for couples in long-distance relationships! The ribbed texture makes it feel amazing when you insert it and coupled with the 10 vibration intensities – you’ll be seeing stars! 

Since it’s a very quiet toy, you can use it even outside of the bedroom and because it’s app-controlled your partner doesn’t even have to be in the same country as you to make you orgasm! There’s an additional vibration setting called Climax mode and I don’t think I need to elaborate on that!

No need to make anything with this egg, let it make you come undone for $109!

Desire Panty Vibrator

desire vibrator

The Desire Panty Vibrator is a discreet and very elegant vibrator with 8 patterns and 12 different levels of intensity. Just slip it inside your panties and orgasm away, anywhere you want! It comes with sexy lace panties but the vibrator will fit snugly inside your favorite pair as well. 

Because it’s app-controlled, you can play around with your partner even when you’re miles away or on the way to see them! Comes with a zip-lock bag that provides safe and discreet storage and the travel lock gives you the ease of mind when you’re on the go – it won’t start buzzing in your bag.

I mean women’s sex toy makers have truly done their homework for us!

At $124, this one-way, first-class ticket to pleasure land is a bargain!

Rave Rechargeable App Controlled G-Spot Vibrator

rave rechargeable g spot vibrator

This Rave G-Spot vibrator is ideal for intense, remote, pleasure-filled nights! One of the best sex toys for couples, the Rave will make you feel as if you’re in the same room. With the We-Connect option from We-Vibe, you can relinquish control to your partner and have them control it from anywhere in the world. You can even make your own custom vibes! 

Made from soft silicone coupled with the slight curve, your G-spot won’t be able to hide! It’s very quiet so you won’t have to worry about anyone finding out how you spend your evenings. Plus, it lasts for up to 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge, so you’re in for quite a few O’s. 

At $119 this is truly something to rave about!

We-Vibe Cordless Wand Vibrator

we vibe sex toy for couples

The cadillac of women’s sex toys, the wand is an undisputed fan favorite. Unsurprisingly, the We-Vibe cordless Wand is a great example of a repurposed toy. Through We-Vibe’s special app called We-Connect you can use your wand with your partner remotely.  

It comes with two custom attachments but it’s also compatible with other wand accessories, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The smart silence option is an added bonus as it senses and turns off when it’s away from your skin, so in case someone walks in on you, no one will hear buzzing under the blankets. 

The price tag reads $179 but a Cadillac doesn’t come cheap, does it?

Not Your Everyday Toys

When I say sex toys for couples I bet you already have an idea in mind of how that actually looks like. And you’ve probably never considered some alternatives to be considered sex toys for couples but that’s why I am here to help you out think outside the box. Here are some toys, I think you might enjoy. 


clone a willy sex toy

Let’s be real, there’s something about DIY projects that we all love. Now imagine, getting the chance to DIY a penis. The Clone-A-Willy allows you to make a vibrating replica of your partner’s member or phallic-looking objects from silicone.

The kit includes everything needed to make your own clone, from the molding tube and the silicone mix, to the one-speed vibrator. The only thing you need is the willy of your choice and your DIY project can begin.

It’s not the most obvious choice when looking for sex toys for couples, but why not try out something different? Plus, it glows in the dark! 

You can Clone-A-Willy for only $54.99!

MISSTU Door Sex Swing

door sex swing

What I love most about sex toys for couples is the creativity that comes with them. Such a toy is the Sex Swing which you can attach to a door and get creative with it. It’s very easy to set it up and it won’t do any damage to your door – so your secret will be safe! Did I mention that it’s portable? You can take it with you to any place that has a door!

Perfect for couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom, this swing will give you all the right ideas on what to do with it. It allows you to control your rhythm and pace better and it’s perfect for positions like the eagle, frog and face-level oral. 

Be careful though, it’s easy to lose balance! 

And only $20? Get one for every door in your house!

LELO Transformer by PicoBong

double ended vibrator lelo

Another one in the section of out-of-the-box sex toys for couples, the Transformer lives up to its name. LELO is known for its luxury women’s sex toys and their sister company PicoBong isn’t far behind either. The Transformer, as the name suggests, is a double-ended vibrator that transforms into multiple toys. A g-spot vibrator, prostate massager, cock-ring, clitoral stimulator – you name it

It features a long, bendable shaft that you can get creative with and shape it any way you like. It’s near silent and waterproof, so you can kick your creativity up a notch and take it in the shower as well. 

$117 is a small price to pay to transform your sex life, right?

Domin8 Quickie

domin8 quickie board sex game for couples

We’re talking about sex toys for couples and boom – a board game appears! It’s technically a toy isn’t it? Besides, it’s ideal for a steamy foreplay session. This is probably the most exciting game of domino that you’ll ever play and it’s so interactive, that you can get sexy treats while you play. 

The last person to lay their tiles, wins the game and gets to choose a sexy scenario that should play out after the game has concluded, and then you’re free to indulge! The winner of the game decides who dominates who. The thrill of not knowing how things are going to play out while you’re sexually aroused will make it impossible to even finish the game!

Bet you didn’t think you could combine board games and sex? For $15 dollars you can!

To Conclude

Having sex with a partner is extremely gratifying and enjoyable, but sometimes we need to shake things up in the bedroom. So sex toys for couples come in handy as they will amplify all of the feelings and sensations. 

It’s important to be on the same page as your partner when talking about toys, as you have to make sure not to overstep any boundaries. Communication is key! By the same token, you should do a good research on what’s on the market and what could be satisfying to both of you.

In any case, don’t worry because Lady Devine is always here to help you out. 

And remember:

Stay inquisitive,

Stay dauntless,

Stay Devine!