I’m a huge fan of sex shops. Think of it as an upgrade from the toy stores you went to as a kid, only now it’s an adult store with more expensive and more exciting toys. It’s like, as soon as you hear the term “sex shop”, your body tingles in anticipation of a good time. As it should, because the sex shop is there to help you reach levels of pleasure you never thought you could! 

I know that going to the adult store for the first time is an extremely stressful event. The idea of talking to a stranger about your deepest desires and kinks probably freaks you out – believe me, I know! But it shouldn’t – you deserve pleasure and satisfaction

There’s nothing shameful about doing shopping for women’s sex toys, right? Just like a regular trip to the store, nothing out of the ordinary, except the fact you’ll probably thank yourself after buying a vibrator rather than your usual pork rinds and beer.

That being said, there are some things you should know before popping your sex shop cherry so that you can experience all the beauties it has to offer. 

Want Lady Devine’s input? Keep reading!

No Judgment!

The most stress-inducing thought about going to the sex shop is ‘what if someone judges me?’  Trust me, the person who works there has seen and heard any and every thing about sex – and you certainly won’t be their weirdest customer, even that day

The second most popular panicky question is usually ‘what if someone I know sees me?’ 

A plausible fear, sure, but what is your 9th grade teacher doing there too? Same as you, looking for some adult toys for tonight’s steamy episode, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, right? 

Literally no one is judging you – even though we still consider open talks about sex to be taboo, the truth of the matter is that we all enjoy it and of course, we all do it, too! So take those bad thoughts out of your head and begin your search for that toy that’ll keep you up all night long.

…Which brings us to the next point: 

Get on the Same Page as Your Body

explore your body before choosing the right sex toy

This should go without saying but we’re gonna say it again: get to know your body first! It’s crucial that you are completely in tune with your own body and know every nook and cranny before venturing to the sex shop. 

Obviously you know the basic anatomy of a male and a female body, but beyond that, are most of us that clueless? 

Well, I’m not, and you shouldn’t be!

You have to be on the same page as your body and know exactly what turns you on. Touch yourself, explore your body and find your limits. Once you have a clear understanding of what your body wants and needs, hop on Google and research the options on the market. 

It’s easier to ask the right questions when you arrive at the adult store when you more or less know what you like, so light a candle, whip out the silk sheets and treat yourself to an educational and highly satisfying night!

Get Yourself a Partner in Crime 

First times can be stressful and awkward. That’s why it’s always smart to share the embarrassment with someone else, whether it’s a friend or your partner

Look at it this way: you feel less embarrassed and stressed, your partner in crime finds a toy for themselves as well, and you have a win-win situation! And if the giggles hit – at least you won’t be alone! 

Remember: when you do go alone, the anxiety and the stress of the situation can raise all the wrong questions in your head. This way, instead of opening up – which is what you should be aiming for when going to an adult store – you’d be closing yourself off, along with the door to a potentially exhilarating experience. 

Come to the Adult Store Armed With Questions

prepare yourself before going to a sex shop

Of course you will have a lot of questions, especially after a few searches on google. You will probably be unfamiliar with quite a few terms, options, features. But don’t be scared to ask the people working at the sex shop. If anything, they’re a walking sex-toy-pedia related so they would certainly be able to guide you!

There are no stupid or wrong questions – only the ones left unasked

So by all means, don’t be afraid to be open about what you need, and ask questions about anything and everything you’re unfamiliar with. 

Remember: No one is judging you – so don’t judge anyone yourself

Bring a Bag, Backpack or a Purse

This seems like a misplaced item on this list but I feel it’s something that’ll give you at least a bit of comfort. Most of the stores have branded plastic bags so you’ll probably feel like walking around with a sign on your head that says ‘I went to an adult store.’ 

Some stores respect their customer’s discretion and will probably try to conceal your purchase from prying eyes. Either way, bringing your own bag, backpack, or a purse – whichever your preference is – would at least give you some peace of mind and make the whole adventure less stressful. 

Final Pep Talk

First time experiences are already hard and stressful enough,but hopefully after reading the tips, visiting the sex shop would be a walk in the park. Remember, you deserve pleasure! Whether it’s with a partner or solo, sexual satisfaction should be a priority and there is absolutely nothing wrong with searching for a way to achieve it! 

Think of going to the adult store as a simple shopping trip to get the essentials – and there’s nothing wrong with that, is there? 

Remember: it’s always more convenient to buy online as it saves you a ton of stress and embarrassment. However, there’s another side to this coin: it’s always better to feel and touch the product before you actually buy it, so a trip to the sex toy store may be helpful even if you don’t buy anything! 

So take a deep breath, think of all the pleasures awaiting you, head on to the nearest sex shop, and tell’em – Lady Devine sent you! 

Stay adventurous.

Stay satisfied.

Stay Devine!