I remember going over to my friend’s house one time for her annual spring clean-up.

She was going through a difficult breakup at the time and I felt like she could use some help dusting off those hidden corners of her house and cleaning out all the old clothes she wanted to throw away.

Keep in mind, I had known this girl for years. For a long time, we shared stories from our childhoods, talked about our partners, and even shared intimate secrets from our lives with each other.

So, when I found myself cleaning out her bedroom drawers, tossing out all the random junk she had inside, I happened to come across a rabbit vibrator, like the one that I own. It was no big deal, I understood that – much like myself and many other women, she enjoyed the mind-blowing orgasms she got from women’s sex toys.

Then all of a sudden, I heard her gasp behind me, seeing what I had found. The horror of owning sex toys as a grown human being, I know.

When she started profusely apologizing for what I had just discovered, I had to take a step back and think for a moment. I couldn’t believe that an adult felt embarrassed about masturbating and that they needed to say sorry to me for it.

It prompted me to start thinking about all the ways we have been shamed for just the idea of owning adult sex toys. I’m obviously no prude, but even I find myself reserved when it comes to having conversations about sex and adult toys.

For us women, it’s pretty difficult to get out of the restraints we and our society have put us in. Even when it comes to doctors for example, we feel awkward sharing what we do behind closed doors.

Sex is quite possibly the most natural thing we do as humans, yet we hide away our favorite adult toys in a hidden cupboard just in case, God forbid, anyone found out we wanted to have a little fun!

This isn’t to say that every woman should go around screaming ‘I put a giant dildo up my butt every night!’ – far from it. But when it comes to our close friends and partners, I think hiding away your healthy masturbation habits is ridiculous.

Which brands to focus on

Catering to our sexual desires is what sex toy brands do. It’s also why I always recommend knowing what you want out of your sex life before jumping into the world of very loud, very colorful adult sex toys.

The pleasure industry was once a little empty corner shop in a dark alleyway, offering a limited number of gadgets women could play with. Today, it offers a plethora of naughty women’s sex toys that I could have only dreamed about when I was younger.

But with an oversaturated market comes too much choice, and with too much choice means you need more time to find the right kind of toy.

For one, if you’re interested in a particular niche market, there are probably brands that cater to that. I’m talking about all the BDSM, role-playing, anal, bondage, voyeurism-specific stores that offer you exactly what your body desires.

However, when it comes to choosing the right brand to explore your sexuality with, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and you’re just gonna have to test things.

There are a few sex toy brands whose pages I regularly find myself scrolling through, on long and lonesome evenings – and they all provide a different type of introductory experience to sexual pleasure!


Unbound women's sex toys brand

When I say the word vibrator, there are a couple of different kinds that may cross your mind. The infamous rabbit vibrator that we all first heard about in Sex & the City; the bullet vibrator, usually one of our first purchases; or the Hitachi – the strong and powerful massager-turned-vibrator.

All vibrators serve a different purpose and Unbound’s promise to shake things up with just a little bit of a bend. I for one know how hard it is to handle a big vibrator, and I sometimes wish that it had just a little bit of a curve, to give every spot the attention it deserves.

Well, ever since coming across their Bender, I haven’t had to look back. They are flexible, usable for internal and external pleasure, and come in a variety of colors. Even better, they’re waterproof – so time to get even wetter in the shower with some adult toys!

Unbound is where you will find plenty of good vibes with super discreet, pretty and playful adult toys. Like the website says – it’s a secret that can also be in the open!


best women's sex toy brand lelo

I’m sure you will have heard of Lelo by now – if not from me, then from hundreds of your girlfriends who are enjoying the extraordinary world of erotic bliss any time they need to get off with this pink wonder of a toy.

I own both their Lelo Sona and Sona Cruise vibrators, and I’d honestly name a couple of children after them, knowing how much bliss they’ve brought to my life.

These vibrators are a special kind of crazy in the world of women’s sex toys, as they don’t just stay on top of your magic button like a bullet vibrator would – they surround your entire clit so you can achieve a mind-numbing, legs-shaking type of orgasm.

The best thing about them? They pulsate more aggressively the more pressure you put on them, meaning you adjust your own pace and intensity.

I feel I should mention that the Cruise comes with 8 settings. When I tried them out, alternating between several different speeds, I discovered the squirting orgasm for the first time in my life. That’s why Lelo is on this list.

Lelo offers a whole bunch of adult sex toys for ladies (or their partners) to choose from, but their toys offer orgasms or heightened intensity, making them the perfect starter brand.


famous women's sex toys brand etsy

I know what you’re thinking. Etsy? Like a store, for homemade jewelry, handmade clothes and DYI hats for your dogs?

Yes, and no. Etsy is a platform – there are countless stores on them. Some of them offer products you can’t find elsewhere, making them invaluable!

Sellers on Etsy stand out from other famous brands for their unusual store type, but also their products, as selling adult sex toys always draws attention. If you just can’t find the thing you’re looking for online, I bet one little search on here can find you the dildo you desire.

In fact, you can even custom-make your favorite sex toy. Looking for a very specific monster dildo that you can’t find online? Some sellers on Etsy will make it for you, no questions asked. Want to get a custom picture on the end of your butt plug? Don’t worry, they’ve got your back – literally!

If you want a wild custom-made toy, Etsy is your best bet.

When I first decided to look and buy women’s sex toys from Etsy, I got a little taste of GeekySexToys, who exclusively do fandom-type toys. Yes, I own a Bulbasaur dildo. I recently even ordered a Squirtle vibrator – to enhance those squirting orgasms.

For custom-made leather pieces, I recommend taking a look at Oddoleather, who make my favorite ball gags and leather spank pads. Thanks to them, I now have a collection of multi-colored leather-bound toys that both look and feel amazing.

When it comes to feeling and looking pretty, I tend to go for HedonicGlass. They make glass butt plugs with floral bases – roses, lilies, you name it. They design their flowers in the prettiest pastel colors, so you can pair them with your favorite gentle lingerie.


best couple's sex toys brand we-vibe

Looking for the best couple’s toy of 2019? Or maybe you’re thinking about indulging in some special bonding time with your vibrator?

Either way, We-Vibe is where to look for all that special vibing pleasure. Since we’re talking about couples, their best-selling We Vibe Sync will open a new door in your sex life.

I mean, We-Vibe literally started from a husband’s desire to make his wife orgasm better. I can’t think of a more romantic start-up than that – and that’s why they have my support, aside from their brilliant toys.

Speaking of which, the We-Vibe Sync is app-controlled, meaning that just with the push of a button, you and your man can get some memories to be fond of, years later. I’ve used it myself during an outdoor picnic with my partner – it made for some really interesting conversation.

Five times.

In under an hour. That’s a lotta talking.

Brownie points to the husband who decided to make his wife happier, and in turn made millions of women orgasm from their products – and millions of dollars, too!


emojibator vibrators

Ever sent a dirty text with some emojis in it?

We’ve all experienced the infamous eggplant emoji and all the dirty contexts it comes with.

I had a friend randomly call me up to tell me she had just finished riding one out from her banana emoji. After a lot of laughter and some confusing questions, she introduced me to the wonderful world of Emojibator, a sex toy retailer that exclusively sells emojis as sex toys.

Weird? I know. But also, highly stimulating!

They’ve made a cute business out of our favorite emojis – and I for one, love the creativity! If anything, it’s difficult to tell the sex toy from a pillow of the same emoji, so you no longer have to freak out if you have one laying around when guests come over.

The fantastic thing is that they are very budget-friendly, have a whole load of settings and are made with body-safe silicone!

Perfect for those wanting a little vitamin D – in all the cheeky places.

Adrien Lastic

adrien lastic women's sex toys

Purple is my favorite color, so when I found out that most of Adrien Lastic’s products come in purple, they had my attention immediately. I definitely recommend their products for any of you first-timers trying out sex toys if you’re unsure of what to buy or how to pair it up – or if you just don’t want to spend hundreds on a little toy.

For one, they are super affordable. If you’re just starting out, AL is perfect to fulfill all your wettest fantasies and explore your boundaries. More experienced ladies know that getting adult sex toys on the cheap side is perfect when you’re looking for new kinks.

Adrien Lastic’s toys are mostly silicone-based, so you know what you need to pair them up with when you decide to shop. Plus, they offer a wide variety of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and everything in between!

Dame Products

dame sex toys

When it comes to shopping for new adult toys, I make sure to pay attention to the people designing them. Dame is one of those companies I trust because the team behind their gadgets are all women. Not only do they sell sex toys – they are a sex wellness company, meaning they take pride in making their toys usable and attractive.

If you’re not a fan of gross pictures, nasty descriptions and too out-there types of toys to play with, then Dame is perfect for you. Most of their products I’ve used have been super inconspicuous, even resembling household objects.

You get to vibe in peace and not worry about anyone discovering what kind of kinks you’re into.

Je Joue

je joue luxurious women's sex toys

If you want to splurge, Je Joue will give you just the kind of experience you’d expect from sex toy brands that are all about luxury. Their most famous product, although unfortunately discontinued, was called the SaSi, and it was made to imitate the tip of the tongue.

I never got to own one myself, but I’ve been told by my friends who’ve used it that it was the closest they could ever get to mimicking being eaten out by using a toy. Oh, the wonders that little guy could have done for me in times of need – if I only knew to look for it!

Je Joue offer an array of women’s sex toys to play around with, and some have even achieved celebrity status. Their designs are extremely sleek, come in mostly pink and purple (ideal for me), vary in sizes and offer plenty of settings to play with.

I own their Uma, and like it says on the package, it’s a G-spot vibrator like no other!


rianne's sex toys

Rianne’s has to get a shout-out on the topic of luxury adult toys. Not only were they among the first sex toy brands I came across when I was travelling abroad, but their products have made me feel like I was a million bucks countless times over the years.

If you like looking expensive, Rianne’s caters to that imagination. I bought some really cool toys that look like your everyday accessories, with my first purchase being a bullet vibrator that came in a rainbow wallet. When I got home, I ordered a few more products that looked like they were made out of pure gold – and I wasn’t disappointed – they even arrived in exquisite packaging.

If you’re into handcuffs, they have a ‘gold selection’ that I personally love. Why? Because it’ll decorate your room and make you look like the sexiest prisoner in the world, and both of those are perks in Lady Devine’s eyes!

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, diamond-encrusted vibrators are a woman’s new boyfriend – simply said, the best in the world of women’s sex toys.

Shop for sex toys in peace

Orgasms. They are part of every balanced diet.

We know they give your body a bunch of health benefits, so it’s a wonder why we don’t work to get them as often as we should.

Even more so, it’s baffling how we allow ourselves to experience lackluster orgasms just because we don’t want to indulge our little kinks every once in a while.

Because of shame? Screw that! Get yours, ladies!

Single or not, there shouldn’t be any shame in trying to make your body feel good. That also means there’s no shame in owning any women’s sex toys, regardless if you just like them or if they help your body feel good. Don’t succumb to society’s frigid pressures – you are free to make yourself and your partner feel great any way you want!

Like I said, I’m no expert, and I can only draw from my own experiences. Exploring your body with sex toys can give you just the confidence boost you need, and all the sex toy brands I listed for you today will help you in that quest!

Whatever you decide to buy, it’s very important to not feel ashamed for it. If anything, everyone needs some dessert at the end of a great meal, and if buying a sex toy can give your intimate life some extra stimulus, then get to shopping! 

Pick the toy that tickles that sexy part of your favorite kinky fantasy – and go wild!

Your mind and body will thank you later.

Stay brave!

Stay sexy!

Stay Devine.