The world of women’s sex toys hides exciting surprises around every corner. Once you’re in, you don’t want to get out. 

It’s my personal belief that every woman should own at least one sex toy to help her explore the most intimate parts of her body. You should embrace your sexual desires and fetishes, and a good vibrator is a necessity for a more fulfilled sexual life.

It may take some time to learn about all the different types of vibrators, but no worries – that’s why I’m here, to assist you on the way to becoming a sexual goddess! 

So, here’s my complete buying guide for all the types of female vibrators. 

To every beginner out there: this is the only guide you’ll need before entering the world of women’s sex toys!

A-Z Women’s Sex Toys Guide: Types Of Female Vibrators 

Don’t you just love female anatomy? We have so many different options when it comes to climaxing, so it’s a shame when we don’t orgasm – I’m sorry but that’s the truth and I’m sticking to it! 

Luckily, women’s sex toys are very diverse and we can turn to when we need an orgasm in a flash!

It all starts with the clitoris.  

Best Clitoral Vibrators 

Some of us love the clit, others are not its biggest fan – but we all appreciate what it provides – a pleasure button – if pressed correctly! The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body and deserves only the best treatment. 

Plus, a majority of women find it hard to climax only through vaginal stimulation. I believe all women should be familiar with their options and be aware of the different women’s sex toys out there. Clitoral orgasms can immensely improve your sex life, and who wouldn’t want an automated gateway to them? 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator

satysfyer pro 2 women's sex toys

A vibrator that doesn’t vibrate. Yes, this is the one – the Satisfyer Pro 2. 

So how does it get me off if it doesn’t vibrate, you ask? The power of air! This babe imitates sucking motions by using pressure technology – or in other words, it feels like being orally pleasured by a partner. Put it against your clit and you’ll feel sensations that can make you scream in the first 20 seconds, and if you don’t, it’s not on the right spot. 

One important note – there’s a chance that the Satisfyer Pro 2 will become your favorite women’s sex toy after a few uses. You’ll get the hang of the features quickly – with one button, you can switch between 11 intensities, each more sensual than the last. The Satisfyer Pro 2 won’t create any sound whatsoever – except for your moans! Yes, even with its insanely strong motor, it’s super discreet and won’t get you caught.

The toy is made completely of body-safe, top-notch quality silicone, as you’d expect from a brand of this kind. Not only that – it’s waterproof too, so feel free to bring it into the shower – alone, or otherwise!

One thing I’m sure of: you’ll enjoy every inch of it! 

Want an extra tip? Try it on your nipples – on a low setting, of course!

Price: $49.95

Womanizer Starlet Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

womanizer starlet vibrator

As a proud representative of all tiny women’s sex toys, this bad boy gives new meaning to the phrase ‘size doesn’t matter.’

The Womanizer Starlet Stimulator has everything a girl needs to get to a leg-shaking orgasm, and then some! Along its sleek, ergonomic design, the Starlet uses pressure technology to create a sucking sensation – an irresistible combination for any woman out there!

You can shift between 4 different pressure patterns, but be cautious when trying them out – even the softest pressure can make your toes curl in a moment of instant ecstasy! 

It’s one of those types of female vibrators designed to bring solo satisfaction to women. The harder you press it against your clit, the more intense the orgasm gets!

But why stop there? Well, you don’t – the Womanizer is tiny, so you can use it even during sex. Feel like trying something new between the sheets? Whatever it is, if it involves vibrations, this is your toy! It’s made out of safe silicone so you don’t even need to consider potential uncomfortable visits to the gyno!

The smooth silicone goes well with a water-based lube, allowing the Womanizer to do the rest of the job itself! 

Price: $49.00

Lelo Ora 3 

fabulous women's sex toys lelo ora 3


Not many women’s sex toys deserve that description, but it fits for the Lelo Ora 3. It’s not just a sex toy – it’s the ultimate royal treatment for your clit! Its nub-rotating motion imitates the real feel of oral stimulation, but as it’s high-tech, 25% faster and better. The nub rotates like a tongue around your clit, giving you a breathtaking feeling, like being eaten by Johnny Sins himselfA girl can dream though!

Gently press the vibrator against your clit and pick one of the 12 vibrating patterns. Don’t worry – the Lelo Ora 3 is super quiet – so quiet, in fact, it will redefine your idea of oral pleasure. It’s waterproof, so you can use it in the shower too.

The manufacturers used one of the softest types of body-safe silicone, so the surface feels extremely gentle, yet so intensive…

Plus it’s a global bestseller, so if you don’t trust me, read some buyer reviews anywhere on the internet! 

Price: $169.00

Now, let’s dig a little deeper. 

How deep?

As deep as it takes to find the women’s sex toys that will reach our G-spots! 

Top G-spot Vibrators 

The G-spot might have been a mystery for your ex, but not for these dildos!

Lelo Gigi 2 

lelo g spot vibrator

One toe-curling orgasm, please, and hold the jealous texts! 

This may not be a bar, but you can still order an orgasm with this baby – it will always deliver. Famous for its curvy design and flat tip, this vibrator knows how to treat any girl. 

The toy fits perfectly inside, like it was personalized for each user. To reach an orgasm, just press the button to choose one of the 8 available vibrating patterns. Then just lay back and let the Lelo Gigi 2 show you how it’s done! 

Using ABS plastic and high-quality silicone – just like you would expect from a toy of this kind – the toy’s silky surface delivers a smooth sensation that will teleport any earnest girl straight to heaven! It doesn’t make any noise either, which is excellent when you want to stay private about your orgasms. 

An hour and a half – that’s how long the party in your pants can last with the Lelo Gigi 2. If you’re not in the mood for penetration, your clit can get some love too – the tip is flat, and it performs a massaging motion when pressed against it.

If you’re looking for women’s sex toys to shake things up, just look at the price tag on the Lelo Gigi 2 – it’s there for a reason – because it’s a high-class, high-tech piece of orgasming equipment!

Price: $139.00

Desire Luxury Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

desire luxury excellent women's sex toy

Some types of female vibrators are equally beautiful to watch, as they are to feel when inside you. Also, I’m a sucker for purple, so of course, this one has a special place in my heart – and my pussy!

The Desire Luxury is made of silken silicone, smooth as a whistle – sensual all the way. 

It’s exquisite! 

Its 8.5 inches end with a curved tip, specifically designed to hit your G-spot. 12 levels of intensity and 8 patterns of pulsating waves stand ready to make you shake, shiver and moan whenever you feel like it. Each one of these patterns will stimulate you to the point of being unable to contain your moans, upping the intensity every time you click that button!

It may be a bit loud when pushed to its upper levels, but otherwise, it’s super-quiet. You get 60 minutes of toe-curling pleasure with it, and when you’re done, just plug it into any available USB port.  

Remember: use it on your clit first you always ring the bell before entering!

Like with most types of female vibrators, don’t forget to use water-based lube! 

Price: $79.99

Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator

tracey cox vibrator

In the world of women’s sex toys, there’s one name that everybody knows – Tracey Cox. Tracey is a world-famous columnist specializing in sex and relationships, so when a vibrator gets named by her, you know what it means, right? 

It became an absolute must-have for every woman out there – the moment it appeared on the market! 

The Tracey Cox vibrator is gorgeous on the outside, with sultry black silicone that gives you chills whenever it lightly brushes against your skin. It’s phthalate and latex-free, created with materials that complement its beautiful, curvy design.

This little cutie has a bubbly design that massages your G-spot until you reach a state of complete exhilaration. To get there, you can take your pick from 3 different speeds and 7 leg-shaking patterns. The pulsing motion you’ll feel inside is simply incomparable, especially if you opt for the higher settings. 

Add water-based lube before you begin your G-spot journey – and leave the rest to the Cox vibrator! 

Price: $34.99

If you think we’re finished, I have good news – we’re not even close! 

How about the vixens out there, who want two things at a time? 

Yes, I’m talking about those few versatile types of vibrators that can lift you up twice as fast, and slam you down twice as hard – in more places than one!

Best Female Vibrator Combos 

Before reading onwards, be warned! These toys are only for the women who consistently crave more – more orgasms, more pleasure, more… Everything! 

We-Vibe Nova Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

we vibe rabbit women's sex toys

What’s better than one orgasm? 

Two orgasms – at once! 

Yes, the We-Vibe rabbit vibrator can really turn multi-orgasmic sessions into a reality for you. This sleek little honey pot has been one of the most popular women’s sex toys on the market in the last few years – and for good reason!

It has a very flexible, ergonomic design and it’s made of non-porous, quality materials that ensure top-notch quality. But that still doesn’t explain why it makes my legs shake: it can arouse the G-spot while simultaneously providing clitoral pleasure. The clitoral stimulator will follow your lead wherever you take it, bending and flexing to reach the most comfortable positions.

You can choose between 10 different vibration patterns, or you can go wild with the We-Connect app and design your own pattern, one that will never fail to get you off. Custom-designed orgasms may sound too good to be true, but they’re not! 

The rabbit is really a complete sex toy.

Price: $149.99

Moregasm Boost Rampant Rabbit

moreogasm rabbit vibrator

Beloved women’s sex toys manufacturer Ann Summers didn’t disappoint the female population with this rabbit. The name says it all – Moregasm!

Don’t worry, it more than stands up to its name.

It’s gorgeous to look at, with a 4.5-inch insertable part and a small rabbit part to deliver some special attention to your clit. The toy’s design is exceptional – smooth, soft silicone that’s even safe to use in the tub. 

I mentioned that purple is my favorite color, and I was astonished to find out it was included in the Moregasm’s palette. Two motors are responsible for making you climax, both equally strong and equally effective, sending jolts of vibrations throughout your body, so you can feel the orgasm in your hair, not just your toes.

The toy possesses several weapons in its arsenal: 3 levels of increasing intensity and 4 vibration patterns, more than enough to make any woman weak in the knees. 

All in all, the Moregasm is a great choice for ladies who know what they want out of their women’s sex toys. 

Price: $110.00

Womanizer DUO-Bordeaux

womanizer duo vibrator

Going through the day without your scheduled fun-time becomes a thing of the past with this beautiful, French-sounding toy. It was once voted Sex toy of the year, remaining one of the most popular women’s sex toys of today, as more and more women are talking about its ability to get them to orgasm every single time they use it! 

The Womanizer uses Smart Silence technology, turning on when it’s in contact with your body, and switching off the second you put it away. This makes it the best toy for discreet orgasms – your family or roommates won’t hear a thing.  

DUO-Bordeaux is made of ABS plastic and body-safe silicone, available in multiple colors – only the best for my Devine Club!

The orgasms? My, oh my!

There are 12 intensity patterns that deliver 12 different mind-blowing orgasms, both to the clit and the G-spot. The toy can continuously work up to 2 hours, which is far more than the average sex toy can last. That’s how you know it’s special.

The clit stimulator works on air pressure technology, simulating a feeling of being eaten out. Now picture that, combined with your partner’s stiff love, and you’ll understand why this toy is on my list.

It does wonders in the bedroom and you can use it in the bathroom, as it’s completely waterproof. One thing’s certain: it will never fail to make you cum!

Price: $219.00

The last list is for the bravest ones – those who like to take things slow and from the back – pun intended!

Top Anal Types Of Female Vibrators 

While you’re welcome to try these out, be aware that they are not for the faint of heart.

Just remember – take your time and educate yourself on using them safely.

B-Vibe anal training kit & education set

b vibe anal kit women's sex toys

B-Vibe manufactures anal women’s sex toys for the soul

This anal training kit is a must for every woman, especially for the ones still keeping their back doors shut, as it helps them open up – just a tiny bit! It’s a 7-piece kit with three butt plugs, each different in size and function.

The smallest one feels like a finger – perfect for first-time users! Using the middle one is for those ready to further broaden their horizons. That one vibrates too – exactly what your anal muscles need to relax! The biggest butt plug has two balls inside it, which gives you a feeling of fullness, not unlike the most-endowed of my past partners. 

Anyway, the kit also contains an enema and an anal lubricant applicator, things that are a prerequisite to any anal play. What I really love about it is the offered guide to anal play – it’s a small, but crucial detail for any women out there at the brink of their anal adventures. 

One more thing: this kit makes an excellent gift if some of your girlfriends are thinking about trying anal! 

Price: $150.00

Lovense Hush Butt Plug

lovense butt plug

If you feel a remote-controllable butt plug is missing from your naughty drawer – look no further! The Lovense Hush butt plug is the first remote-controllable toy of its kind.

Original, right? 

It comes in black and it’s available in two sizes: small, if you want a little teasing, and medium, for the braver ones. The Hush is beautifully designed, with an insertable part made of body-safe materials: latex-free, top-quality silicone. The neck is 100% secure, with spirals easing the potentially-painful plug removal. 

It’s completely waterproof and it can be used in your tub for up to two hours. Choose one of the three vibrating patterns and get lost in deep, thoughtless sensations. 

The best part? You can control it via the app. From anywhere. Through the internet.

Think about that.

If you have a long-distance partner, they can just download the app and control the vibrations – an excellent way to shake things up, regardless of geography!

Remember to use water-based lube when enjoying this toy – or any other one. Pack your lube, girls. Let them pack condoms

Price: $119.00

Lovehoney Curved Cup Dildo 

lovehoney curved dildo

The Lovehoney curved dildo is excellent for solo sessions. It has a sleek, matte-black design that fits in my hand like my partner’s penis fits in my ass – perfectly! 

With its curvy design and slight tip, it feels gentle and kinky at the same time. It’s super smooth on the outside – just remember to use a lot of lube. The insertable part is 5.5 inches, which is plenty if used right, and you can use it by hand, place it on the wall, on your automatic garage door… It doesn’t matter, because the pleasure you’re going to get stays consistent throughout its performance. 

Although you can use this vibrator for anal play, it’s perfectly fine for vaginal use too – just not at the same time. Remember: infections are nobody’s favorite hobby! 

Price: $22.99

You’ve reached the end!

If you’re still having second thoughts about getting some women’s sex toys, you probably didn’t pay attention! They make you cum, like, a lot. Shut up and get some! 

We as women can enjoy sexual pleasure in so many ways, and it doesn’t always have to include other people. Sometimes playing solo is all it takes to spiral into a shattering orgasm – and we need to be aware of that! And with all the different types of vibrators out there, it would be a shame to not take advantage of 

With the right sex toys, there’s no such thing as a fucked-up orgasm. All of the women’s sex toys in this guide are exquisite, versatile, and top-quality – regardless of their respective brands. 

Remember, ladies: you deserve only the best, so don’t be afraid to experiment to reach new heights, physically, emotionally, and especially sexually! 

Stay sexual.

Stay adventurous.

Stay Devine!