Unlike any other vibrators you have laid your hands on, the Eroscilalltor introduces newness in design, appearance, function, and of course, results.

Not intended for your typical make-out session or romanticized snuggling, this fabulous toy aims for deeper, more intense, and far more intimate sensations.

Don’t be fooled by the masculine appearance of the Eroscillator or its generous size- this revolutionary sex stimulator is gentle and rewarding as can be. Perfect for your designated solo sessions as well as coupled up fun, the product does more than just vibrate. 

When it comes to the Eroscillator functionality and purposes, several key traits make this toy a special one. 

From its clinically approved performance to its robust outlook and a handful of add-ons to make it even more efficient, here is why this toy holds the key to your next shattering orgasm! 

The Perfect Touch

Many people find sexual stimulation to be one of the most important ‘tools’ (or whatever you want to call it) to keep your sexual thrills in place.

Any stimulus (including bodily contact) that leads to, enhances, and maintains sexual arousal, and may lead to orgasm is considered like sexual stimulation.

Although sexual arousal may arise without physical stimulation, achieving orgasm usually requires physical sexual stimulation, and yes, usually, not always, and by default.

Well, being aware of that, we know that the term sexual stimulation often implies stimulation of the genitals, but may also include stimulation of other areas of the body, stimulation of the senses (such as sight or hearing), and mental stimulation (from reading or fantasizing). 

Sufficient stimulation of the penis in males and the clitoris in females usually results in an orgasm, and that is what anyone is aiming to, right?

So now, about the stimulation stuff, people find different types of stimuli, it can be by self or as we call it masturbation, or by a sexual partner (sexual intercourse or other sexual activity), by use of objects, tools or toys, or even maybe some combination of these methods.

And now, here is where the Eroscillator has the biggest power!

The toy is the king of sex gadgets, and I guess ladies all over the world have a lot to say about their best pleasure buddy!

Eroscillator: The Power to Satisfy

Every once in a while, you might want to resort to naughty pleasures with a little stimulation on the side. 

Say you are all nice and comfortable at home, working your way to pleasure with a helping hand from your favourite vibrator. All is going well, and you are just about to get to the edge of pleasure, ready to be pushed into a wave of delicious sensations.

Then, all of a sudden, something unforeseen happens.

Oh no, did your toy batteries run out?

Or, is it that the highest intensity of your vibrator is just not good enough?

Whatever the case may be, a poor-quality sex toy can really put your culmination on hold.

However, with this sexy oscillator, you can put all of your worries to rest!

A revolutionary new sex toy, the Eroscillator keeps up with your excitement and makes it known where your next orgasm comes from! 

Forget about numbing hands, heavy toys, and the ongoing drought between your thighs, and give the fabulous sex oscillator the chance to impress you with quality, performance, and dynamics. 

Far more powerful than your beloved Rabbit or any toy like it, the Eroscillator is undoubtedly one of the most refined orgasmic stimulators today!

Although somewhat considered a classic among sex toys, the Eroscillator is, unfortunately, overlooked at times, all due to its unconventional, almost out worldly appearance.

A masturbator that aims straight to the point, this sex toy has largely changed the game of bedroom satisfaction. Thanks to its deep, penetrating oscillations, this product makes it possible for any woman to orgasm – multiple times as well!

Trust me, when talking performance, quality and longevity, this groundbreaking vibrator feels and acts like no other. 

Recognized as one of the ultimate pleasers of clits, the toy enjoys mass popularity and belovedness by orgasm-hungry ladies everywhere. 

At first glance, the vibrator might seem like a massive 1975 electric toothbrush, but if you were never the one to go for looks, this exceptional product will keep you busy in the bedroom and outside it!

For what it’s worth, who cares what the thing even looks like, as long as it does its job to perfection? 

Eroscillator: Main Features

Let’s get one thing straight here – the Eroscillator is not what you’d call a typical vibrator.

Officially known as an oscillator, the product base stays in place while its attachments are put into motion – back, forth, fast, slow, or any way you like it!

Since it doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t produce a numbing effect in your hands when using it, something seen in other types of vibrators.

How does it feel on the lady pond, you ask? 

Well, the ladies who have tried it can agree there are no clear words to describe the sensation it provides.

The closest definition of its powers is a deeply satisfying fluttering sensation that can be either gentle or powerful, depending on the speed and attachments used. 

The Eroscillator has been around since 1996, which testifies to its efficacy and durability.

In fact, this is the only sex toy that was ever endorsed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

But, if her endorsement isn’t convincing enough, let’s not forget the oscillator is also clinically proven to be far more effective than ordinary vibrators.

While not an over-hyped sex toy or the most spoken of while at that, this little devil sure delivers what it promised!

There are various models of the Eroscillator, sold with various assortments.

The Ersocillator Top Deluxe is supposed to be more powerful than the Eroscillator Plus, but if you tend to be a power-queen when it comes to vibrators and sex toys, then you will probably want to sport the Top Deluxe model.

Both versions of the toy are fairly expensive for sex props, so it might be hard for many to justify paying a solid price for a sex toy. 

However, when you compare the product to its reviews, you’ll learn that no dime you invest in it will be spent in vain. Plus, let’s not forget about the extra pleasure and excitement that come with using it to your advantage!
The oscillator also comes with a one-year warranty, but with proper care, it can last for years on end. 

Let’s Get Specific!

In terms of variations, the Eroscillator Top Deluxe is designed to prolong and strengthen your orgasms and is quite friendly to ladies who like to be bold in bed.

This version of the toy is designed for mind-bending orgasms, the kinds that make you squirt even with no G-spot stimulation involved!

For ladies who love powerful orgasms, this oscillator makes a dandy toy to use, even at its lowest speed. Of course, for an extra boost of intensity, you can kick the toy up to middle speed and enjoy a wild ride ahead. 

The Eroscillator is certainly extraordinary all on its own. But, if you fancy some fierce G-spot stimulation, look out, this majestic toy guarantees you explosive orgasms – toes to head. 

The Eroscillator makes it ridiculously easy to reach an orgasm for ladies who struggle with having one, whilst its potent performance might even overshadow the beauty of actual sex. 

Yup, that’s how incredible this sex gadget is!

Appearance, Engine & Design

The Eroscillator is a technological breakthrough serving intense results each and every time.

The toy comes with a handful of attachments, directly connected to a unique axially oscillating engine, instead of the device’s body like other vibrators. As a result, the toy allows constant adaptation and a beyond dynamic response.

Perfect for your first climax, this toy offers unswerving and gentle support.

The whisper-quiet performance of the toy is enhanced by an easily-accessible power switch, followed by various attachments to get you exploring an array of sensations and individualized pleasures. 

Over ten attachments are included in the product package, such as Ball and Cup, Grapes and Cockscomb, Golden spoon, Ultra Soft FingerTip, French Legionnaire’s Moustache, Seven Pearls of the Orient, among others. 

The body of the Eroscillator is made of ABS plastic, while its attachments are TPR-made.

The Ultra Soft FingerTip marshmallow (as the ladies love to call it) is made of medical silicone elastomer.

Other vibrators of sex toys can be loud beasts whose noise might derail you from properly pleasuring yourself. But, the toy is ergonomically designed, meaning you will have all the freedom and silence you want to welcome your next orgasm!

Also referred to as the King of orgasms, this pleasure-provider is super-comfortable and easy to use, making it difficult to leave it alone.

The sex oscillator offers a range of power settings and an optimal pleasure intensity through multiple options. For the best experience, you can optimize the stimulation by clicking the intensity button and switching between rhythms and dynamics. 

Dependable, high-quality, and multifunctional, the Eroscillator’s Swiss engineering is all about the details and refinements that give it a uniquely distinctive sturdiness.

In addition, the Eroscilator is very easy to clean with water, and thanks to its battery-free design, it never requires recharging!  

No matter how much you love battery-operated vibrators, it is quite impressive to learn that no matter how much you use it, the Eroscillator ’s won’t ever wear down!

Brief Important Overall Closure

The Eroscillator’s included step-down converter brings 220 volts of power.

If you are going to be using your oscillator in Europe- or anywhere a 220-volt outlet is available- keep in mind that you might need to bring your own travel adapter plug to use it anywhere. 

One thing to keep in mind regarding the Eroscillator is to be careful with the way you use it, as the company does not guarantee overall satisfaction nor lists precautionary measures when using it. 

While many users wish the Eroscillator was more affordable, and therefore accessible, there is always a price to pay for your groundbreaking pleasure.   

Rely on the Eroscillator to deliver deeper, stronger, and more satisfying orgasms, unmatched by any other toy of its kind. 

To purchase it, head to its main website or feel free to use any reputable retailer online. 

Depending on the type of your toyand the attachments that go with it, the prices can differ.

Some of the options you have available, price and function-wise include:

  • Eroscillator 2: costs $109, and features a single attachment (SheVibe, Smitten Kitten), and you can purchase the Ultra Soft FingerTip for an additional $40.
  • Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo: SheVibe, direct, six attachments, all for $239.
  • Eroscillator Gold (direct): costs $470, seven attachments, golden storage pouch.

Whether you go for the basics or enrich your experience with a few spicy additions, this product does its purpose justice!

I mean, they don’t call it the King among Queens for nothing!

In the meantime? 

Stay safe,

Stay sexy,

Stay Devine!