Nature is pleased with simplicity, and the Njoy Pure Wand is the epitome of both simplicity and efficiency.

When it comes to meeting your finest orgasms, well-designed sex toys, such as the Njoy Pure Wand seem to be the best go-to option.

If you are salivating at those toe-curling, earth-shattering, almost life-changing orgasms, let me tell you what this simple, non-vibrating sex toy can do for you. 

Although I have had tremendous experiences using similar stimulators, which I plan to use still, I have never had that desired G-spot-toy interaction with any of these. 

But then, the Njoy Pure Wand came along. You might have heard that Njoy Toys has been making 316 medical-grade stainless steel since 2005. It’s true, and not just manufacturing, but the brand carefully chooses the material for each of its toys. Behold ladies and gentlemen – all juicy details on the Njoy Pure Wand details are about to be broken down in bits and pieces below.

Trust me, it’s worth it, as this toy makes one wild ride.

The Njoy Pure Wand- Sexy Packaging

The Njoy Pure Wand comes in a classy black or white box with a beautifully inscribed logo on the left side. Aesthetically speaking, less is definitely always more for this toy.

The same goes for its box. It feels sturdy, heavy, and has that wanna-be-in-my-collection look. Upon opening, you will notice a cloth strap on each side of the package, keeping the lid from opening too far. While not as complicated, the lid can feel fairly sturdy. Inside the box, the wand lies perfectly in a molded pink satin-covered filling. 

Another thing the Njoy team has thought of is to include the instruction manual detailing the toy care and cleaning guidelines, as well as the best way to use it. The tutorial also features a list of the brand’s other sex products. 

Lastly, the box should last you for a while and it makes a great storage box for your wand. 

Design and Features

My first thought upon seeing the toy was that it looks like a museum artwork, which makes it all the more intriguing. The Njoy Pure Wand boasts a curved piece of metal specially designed to squirt your brains out, and even though you might not be into squirting – the wand masters at a few other tricks as well. 

Let me guide you through its mind-blowing characteristics. 

The dual-sided wand stretches eight inches from top to bottom and comes with two different-sized bulbs at each end. The first is bitsy (a one-inch diameter) whilst the larger is one and a half inches wide. Although the twenty-four ounces of medical-grade stainless steel metal sounds like nothing heavier you’ve used, you will feel differently about it when holding it for the first time. Oh, it’s a feeling alright! 

Moreover, the wand’s length makes it trouble-free to stimulate both the G-spot, P-spot, and wherever else it feels good. I am telling you this because the wand works marvels on both genders when used correctly.

As far as weight is concerned, the toy stands at 1.5 pounds, which is not heavy at all, and most importantly, your hand won’t go numb in the first 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, this goes to those who are trying to master squirting, and for us who already do, well – it works!

Even if you don’t enjoy the soak,  the Njoy Pure Wand will still take care of your orgasm with slight maneuvering. 

The Njoy Pure Wand makes a perfect toy for those eager on penetration play – and double one while at it. Pick a side, and either take turns or get ready for simultaneous pleasure like no other.

Although you can use each end for either purpose, it is recommended that the smaller size is used as a prostate stimulator, while the larger is designated to stimulate your G-spot. 

The good thing about it? 

The toy requires no charges, or complex settings to figure out. Most of all, it doesn’t require a warranty due to its durable material.

For those who worry about allergies, you don’t have to, since the Njoy Pure Wand is 100% hypoallergenic. 

How Does It Work?

We all know the magic of squirting happens upon stimulating the G-spot.

Doing this requires technique, a turned-on mind, and something physical to build the pressure. By moving it up and down, the Njoy Pure Wand easily takes care of intensity, whereas the creative part is on you. 

The blissful thing about the Njoy Pure Wand is that it hunts even the most elusive G-spots, all by thrusting it back and forth. Personally, I give so much more credit to the pressure than the thrusting strength, and this is where its weight comes into action.

In addition to its heftiness, the wand works its curve to help you reach the most desirable climax. With straight-forward dildos, you have to struggle to reach the desired spot, whereas the Njoy Pure Wand does the task for you.

Among other perks, it does the ‘come hither’ motion by positioning the bulbs right towards your most delicate and sensitive spots. 

Before using the Njoy Pure Wand, it’s best you get yourself warmed up, especially the clit. Place the middle of the toy’s shaft over it so it rubs gently and gets you ready.
The next step is to slip the large ball inside and let gravity do the work!

Rest assured, the toy will slide in bit-by-bit, or for as long as you apply pressure to your frontal wall. And then, the sensations come. 

Remember that holding one bulb while inserting the other will make things so much smoother in maneuvering the toy. 

For the experience to go even smoother, use the wand with a generous dose of oil-based lube, and avoid using water or silicone oils altogether. This is because they can cause discomfort in the G-spot area or the prostate, depending on how you use it. 

The Njoy Pure Wand will undoubtedly make the steel glide inside of you with ease. Nevertheless, since the Pure Wand material is stainless steel, it goes very well with any lube, just ensure you know your goal. Unlike this wand, silicon toys require only water-based which are not nearly as slippery, and last shorter than the other two options. 

Last but not least, the best position to try when using the Njoy Pure Wand is while lying on your back. Spread your legs and hold your knees up- now get to business!

When fully relaxed, you will have a total grip on this productive wand, as well as total control over its intensity, pressure, and precision. 

One note though, you may want to refrain from this sex toy if you have any disability that might have an impact on your arm strength.

While a bit heavier than other toys, the pressure might take a toll on your hands after using it for a while, or roughly, thirty minutes. 

Cleaning and Temperature Play

Smooth and mirror-finished, the Njoy Pure Wand shows no irregularities or malfunctions.

In fact, the toy is so shiny that any touching it, you can see your entire fingerprints imprinted on its surface. But, at the same time, this is not a bothersome factor, as the toy is fairly simple to clean. 

For day-to-day washing, clean the Pure Wand with antibacterial, soapy, and warm water. To sterilize it, you will need boiling water- just dip it in for a few seconds and that’s it!

When taking it off, mind you, find something to support the toy since it is going to be hot for a while. Then, once the wand is touchable, you can use it for your foreplay, solo sessions, or elsewhere. 

Another cleaning option to consider is to submerge the toy in a 10% bleach solution.
Once out, you will need to rinse it again with water- and thoroughly.

Also, fear not that the Njoy Pure Wand will corrode or degrade, and be certain it won’t rust if left soaking in water for longer.

As a plus, by heating up or cooling down the Pure Wand, it will retain the temperature for a little while before coming to its neutral temperature.

From here comes your heightened and enjoyable sensation play, this time with temperature oscillations. To achieve even sharper and more intense temperature play, try cooling down the toy in ice-cold water and then test your limitations.

Of course, this one here is kinky, so it’s a matter of preference, I suppose.

On the other hand, if you warm the toy up, this sharpness in sensations will fade. Nonetheless, a warmed up wand can also contribute to stimulation, although different, so play with it to find your best feel. 

Guys, This One’s For You, and Your Partners

This one here is for those whose fetishes go beyond just ordinary orgasms.

For those of you who want to give your man that earth-shattering orgasm or just a self-pleasuring guide, the Njoy Pure Wand will come quite in handy (no pun intended).

Honestly, if you haven’t yet mastered the male G-spot before or, well the P-spot, the Njoy Pure Wand might be a little daunting, to begin with. If this is the case, try using the small bulb at first, before you can move on to using the larger one.

Although the curved design of the wand will do half of the job here, let me give you a few other pointers on using it the best.

First off, the prostate is located about two to three inches inside the male cavity, and stimulating it can bring some of the best male orgasms. So, you’ll have to know where you are applying the toy as the tissue is a tad spongy and located right after the entrance. The reason why I am telling this is that the weight of the Pure Wand aids in pulling the tissue forward which makes your job easier.

Further on, toying with your prostate requires you to rest properly first, and to read more on the topic of maximizing pleasure. When using the toy, you will need to know which muscles tense up when stimulated, especially if it is your first time using it.

To go even further, there are two ways to massage the prostate – internal and external.
External stimulation can be done manually, of course, but why create a mess when you can use the Njoy Pure Wand?

Just press the taint, and experiment to find your best position and pressure. Should you be the one maneuvering the toy for a partner, pay attention to the instructions provided on the other end.  

After some time of using the Njoy Pure Wand, you might want to try the large bulb.
Whether for the prostate or G-spot, the wider bulb undoubtedly provides maximum intensity, fullness, and stimulation. Although the pressure might not differ from the small bulb, the change of volume will take your orgasm places. 

Final Thoughts

The price of Njoy Pure Wand ranges from $80 to $250, depending on the retailer.

The best thing is that once paid for, the toy requires no additional maintenance costs.

Truth be told, I was astonished by how something by all means simple, had so much going for it. What makes it stand out from other toys is its weight.

Many high-quality vibrators I tried couldn’t give the same stimulation as the Pure Wand does, so the weight actually adds to its performance. The toy offers an effortless way to find versatile satisfaction and is a discreet asset to use anywhere.

Personally, I think that this wand takes G-spot pleasure to a whole new level – unlike any other toy. There’s no doubt that you will find, this wand, intriguing if nothing. Also, the wand can make a great addition to your sex toy collection as it did for mine.

Lastly, if I am destined to keep only one dildo for G-spot orgasms, I love to say it – this would be it! 

Remember, it’s all about your godly experience. 

In the meantime?

Stay sexy, 

Stay alluring, 

Stay Devine!