Let’s say you decided to get your first dildo, and you set about finding the right one for you. Once you start browsing the internet, or go to a sex shop, the choice of women’s sex toys can be overwhelming. Different shapes, different materials, different sensations.

But don’t worry, I got you covered. I’ll give you the rundown on all the different dildo materials out there, how they feel, and which one might be right for you.

The two most important factors when picking your dildo are the same as with any other sex toy – pleasure, fun, and safety. Remember to be careful when choosing ones for anal!

Skin-safe Dildos – TPR/TPE

The most common material used to make dildos. TPR/TPE stands for ThermoPlastic Rubber, or ThermoPlastic Elastomere. Nothing complicated, just a fancy term of a mix of skin-safe rubber and plastic, as it doesn’t contain phthalates.

A lot of low-range (and some mid-range) dildos are made from TPR/TPE. They come in different colors and are more on the soft side, so if you want a dildo that resembles the real thing in terms of feel, a TPR/TPE dildo is a good choice.

These dildos have a few drawbacks though. TPR/TPE is considered to be a porous material, which makes it nigh-impossible to sterilize. If you’re the only person using it (some share, don’t judge!), keep it clean and in a cool, dry place. If you share yours, or someone gives you theirs, make sure to use a condom – especially if it’s made from a porous material.

Skin-safe dildos are generally safe to use for vaginal penetration too, but they’re not recommended for anal use.

ABS Plastic Dildos

ABS plastic is a more rigid type of plastic-rubber mix which is used to make dildos. Also Legos.

It’s also a common material used to make low and mid-range dildos, but unlike TPR/TPE dildos, the material is not porous and is a lot more durable. The rigidity of ABS plastic makes these dildos a bit noisier, but that means they’re very conductive of vibrations, making them far more intense. 

So, if you like it a bit rougher, ABS dildos might just be that impalement pole you’re looking for!

abs plastic safe material for sex toys

Silicone Dildos

Experienced dildo users will tell you that silicone is the best dildo material – and they’re not wrong! Women’s sex toys made with medical-grade silicone almost always get a good rep.

High-end and even luxurious sex toys tend to be made with silicone. 


Well, it’s body-safe, it slides in really nice, and its firmness closely resembles that of a real penis. Usually, they’re made completely smooth and don’t have the veiny texture of skin-safe dildos.

The only potential drawback is the unsuitability of silicone-based lubes with this dildo material. Silicone dildos glide in without lube just fine, but if you really want to oil up, go for a water-based lube.

Glass Dildos

If you are all about the hard sex, a glass dildo might be just what your vagina needs – just make sure it doesn’t shatter.

They might be all rough and hard, but they look stunning. Smooth and crystal-like, and sometimes in different colors – glass dildos look more like fine pieces of art than women’s sex toys.

But all that roughness isn’t just for pounding – their smoothness can also be utilized to provide gentle and soft penetration.

Lube is paramount when sitting down on a glass dildo, but if you want an even softer experience, make sure to warm-up beforehand. Stretch those vag muscles, ladies!

Jelly Dildos

Well, if you need to get your sex groove on, but your wallet is a bit tight, you might give jelly dildos a try.

The most affordable dildos are made with jelly, and although they are generally softer than all materials above, they can be loads of fun in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing.

While affordable doesn’t always mean bad in the world of women’s sex toys, jelly dildos have their shortcomings. For example, the material is porous, and it can give off a rather strong odor of chemicals.

If you’re on a really tight budget, go for one, but the only way you’d be 100% safe is if you use a condom every time you take it for a ride. Seriously, there are better options than this.

Wood & Ceramic Dildos

Wood and ceramic dildos have nothing in common, except maybe their shape. Most of the dildos made with these materials are custom-made and unique. For example, ceramic dildos are finished off with special glazing procedures to make them smooth, shiny, and easily insertable. 

On the other hand – literally – wood dildos have a non-toxic, oil-free-based finish applied to make every piece more exquisite.

sex toys made of wood material

Wood/ceramic dildos are very similar to glass dildos – amazing from the outside and firm on the inside. The feeling you get from these dildos depends on the artist/carpenter who made it. Some make them smooth, others make them a bit more realistic – while some are even multifunctional, integrating other useful features in the dildo. Bottle opener, anyone?

I shouldn’t have to say it, but the usage of lube is a must with these. If you need it with bendy dildos, you need it even more with solid ones.

For maintenance, these materials are just as easy to clean as glass dildos – just hot water will do.


Metal dildos are all about being smooth, elegant and most importantly, permanent

While shoving something metallic in your precious pussy might not seem safe, don’t worry – metal dildos are 100% body-safe.

As with all firmer and harder materials on this list, you should go easy while pleasuring yourself (or your partner) with a metal dildo. Of course, you’re free to go crazy and intensify the tempo, but stop if the pain goes from satisfying to unbearable.

Maintenance is easy-peasy. Hot water and soap will do the trick.

Just like with glass, wood, and ceramic dildos, make sure to always lube up before getting down to business. Your metal dildo might require some time getting used to – warm up a few minutes before going in!


The information above should be more than enough for you to know what you’ll be going for, but keep in mind that different people have different tastes. So, instead of going all-in and getting some high-end, high-performance dildo to be your first one, go for a lighter, more affordable, softer one, and work your way up the hardness ladder.

Of course, there are dildos made with other materials, but these usually require lots of care to keep them durable and safe. 

When you find yourself browsing various phallic satisfiers, remember what they’re for – an extra pleasure for you, and possibly your partner. A good feeling inside and out is crucial – and cock-lust can only make your quest counterproductive.

Stay passionate.

Stay horny.

Stay Devine.