Intuitive sexual pleasure is now a reality with the We-Vibe Chorus vibrator! Smooth, sleek and elegant, We-Vibe’s latest sex toy miracle-worker will satisfy all of your couple fantasies.

This couple’s vibrator is destined to deliver next-level satisfaction for lovers who like playing on the wilder side of sex. Although initially developed to boost couples’ playtime, the vibrator also works amazingly when used during your solo sessions.

How does the We-vibe Chorus work in favour of your orgasms?

Let’s dig deeper (pun intended) into how the We-vibe Chorus works and how you can use it to maximize your passion-filled shenanigans.  

The We-Vibe Chorus Does the Trick

If there is one thing the We-Vibe Chorus does magnificently well it is offering sexual versatility whenever you need it. Although the toy is mainly intended for couple play, it does not come with separate vagina/penis parts. This makes the toy unsuitable for gay or lesbian sex, but it can definitely be used in a variety of other ways.

On one end, the vibrating toy is slim and shorter than other vibrators like it and comes with a slight curve that skilfully massages the G-spot. The other end of the vibrator offers a larger arm designed to rest against the clitoris. Both arms of the We-Vibe Chorus enable strong vibrations that boost your overall pleasure and do the same for your partner.

Thanks to its internal arm, the vibrator makes leaves enough room for vaginal and penis play, depending on your desired tightness. If you are experienced in using similar vibrators, you’ll find the We-Vibe a suit toy for penile stimulation, all due to its enhanced vibrations and pleasure-boosting texture.

We-Vibe Chorus: Key Features and Functions

Adjustable and Bendable

The Chorus has 2 adjustable joints that can be modified to your desired angle. The toy is super-adjustable and offers a 120-degree rotation which, in addition to its fitting shape, allows both stability and dynamics at the same time. As a result of its fit-friendly design, the toy reaches your clitoris with ease and precision. Moreover, this feature makes the toy ideal for hands-free experiences and even solo play.

Unlike its predecessor, the Chorus provides an internal, G-spot arm that can be adjusted and flexed to your needs. At the same time, the toy also provides a lower arm that can be bent into any position, a perk the We-Vibe earlier toys do not deliver.

Appearance and Functions

The Chorus is the perfect indicator that big pleasures can oftentimes come in smaller packages. Although not impressive in size, the vibrator is quite handy to use and its main mission is to enhance your vaginal and clit stimulation. While it lacks in girth and fullness, the We-Vibe Chorus does wonders for G-spot orgasms.

In addition, the toy’s vibrating modes are potent enough to engage the vaginal walls, thus allowing you to experience a profound internal fulfilment. For options, the We-Vibe Chorus comes in three different colours, a radiating pink, purple, and baby blue. To control it, the vibrator comes with a remote control that matches its colour and gives your experiences a more stylish take.

When it comes to practicality, the toy is rather light-only 160 grams- which prevents harsh vibrations on your hand. As far as materials go, the We-Vibe Chorus is made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone for your safest, smoothest use.

Get the Vibe!

Get ready to rumble and tremble your way to orgasm! The We-Vibe Chorus offers staggering 10 modes of vibrations, all in different intensities and strengths to ensure maximum pleasure. Regardless of the vibration used, the toy uses a 10 percent stronger motor and adds a rich speed range that is not only stronger but deeper and smoothly intenser, too. 

Distant Socializing

Thanks to the We-Vibe Chorus, you can count on it to recognize the kind of stimulation you thrive on. As a seriously intuitive toy, the Chorus allows you to sync it to your favourite playlist and enjoy a proper musical vibe.

The touch mode on the toy enables a real-time control which comes useful even when you are using it separately from your partner.

Connecting You to Pleasure

Without a doubt, the We-Vibe Chorus is one of the steadiest pleasure-providing toys you can use. Powered by both Ankorlink and Bluetooth 5, the toy makes an utterly sophisticated solution for your orgasm-packed experiences. The vibrator uses a control app which works in great synchronicity with the remote control instead of the toy itself.

Responsive and Dynamic

The Chorus allows couples to take their pleasure in any which way, all by using the vibrator’s responsive control buttons. Touch-based, the vibrator basically works as you move around and ensures you a memorable rhythm worthy of experimentation.

When used with a partner, ask them to move against the device (during intercourse), thus experiencing a range of different-level vibrations which can be turned on or off, depending on your desired stimulation.

Squeeze Control? Yes, Please!

Amazingly, the We-Vibe Chorus enables users to squeeze it to an orgasm, a new feature that still leaves room for improvement. That said, some users may find this control too closely located to your crotch, which makes maneuvering the toy a bit challenging.

A Purring Kitten

The We-Vibe Chorus rumbles and vibrates, it is a surprisingly silent toy even when using its high-level vibration modes. The toy lets out a purring sound that allows you to be discreet whenever you use it, and it fits right into your public play scenarios.

A Submersible Solution

Aside from its soft and multi-purpose use, the toy also enables you to play with it underwater. As a completely waterproof toy, this vibrator will shake up your shower foreplay games, and make a fine addition to your steamy swimming pool adventures.

Make the Most of Your We-Vibe Chorus Vibrato

Versatile as it is, the Chorus can serve you pleasure with a partner or while playing solo. Perfect for multiple orgasms, the toy might not get you off on vaginal penetration only, but will make up for it through its wavy vibrations that simultaneously massage both your clit and G-spot.   

Being able to adjust the angle of pleasure is a superb advantage to this vibrator as it allows you to hit all hotspots with efficiency and intention. What makes the We-Vibe Chorus so practical is its clit arm, which has adjustable distance option, thus ensuring to find your clit better than any other toy out there. Plus, the toy’s 10 vibration modes are easily changed with a touch of a remote button- taking you from one rumble to the next in no time!   

If you want to really get the party started, we recommend you explore the crescendo vibration mode and get buzzing as you should!

While the toy’s G-spot arm makes a decent addition to the toy, it does not vibrate as intensely as the clit arm. Unfortunately, the G-spot arm might not reach your spot on the inside, as the arm is slightly shorter than the rest.

All Its Uses!

When masturbating, you can enhance the vibrator’s performance with water-based lube and position it accordingly to reach all those delicious orgasms.

With a partner, the toy opens the door to new bumpy dynamics, which empower G-spot massages and stimulate even further during penetration. Having your partner join in on the ride is amazing as the pushing sensation adds additional pressure to the G-spot that simply lands you in orgasm heaven!

As for its downsides, some might find the vibrator’s G-spot options weaker than the clit arm, but with enough joint play, your pleasure won’t be long behind.

Another great use of the We-Vibe Chorus is when providing oral sex, as the squeeze control helps fortify and strengthen your partner’s orgasms. For lovers of anal play, the Chorus’ remote can help drive your body to delirious pleasure, enhanced by both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

The remote control is an amazing addition to the toy, as it is functional to use inside the bedroom and out. Feel free to wear the toy whenever you feel racy and hot, and rest assured, the gadget won’t make a peep, not even at the highest vibration setting!

Finally, the We-Vibe offers you the opportunity to tease with it from a distance and during a hands-free experience. If you were looking for the ideal toy to spice up your phone sex dates, the We-Vibe Chorus is worthy of your time.

As with all other sex toys, the Chorus also has a few downsides to it. For one, the G-spot arm might not be long enough to reach the actual erogenous zone. Next, the toy’s squishy remote control is not as soft on the hand, but it is very simple to use and switch between controls. Finally, the Chorus will start working only at an angle, so you’ll need to get into position beforehand.  

Nevertheless, the We-Vibe makes the ultimate couple-compatible prop to explore erotic pleasure with.    

What Does the Packaging Include?

The We-Vibe Chorus should arrive at your door in discreet packaging and featuring:

  • The We-Vibe Chorus Couples vibrator
  • A 2-year product warranty
  • Squeeze Remote
  • White Storage/charging case
  • USB power cable (adapter not included)
  • A simplified user manual
  • A 2ml sample of We-Vibe Lube for your wettest play

Using the We-Vibe Chorus

As a refined couples’ toy, the We-Vibe Chorus is best used with a partner and an additional G-spot toy. To use it in all the right ways, remember that a great deal of lube is essential. Next, keep the remote control close to you as you’ll want to maintain an ongoing signal. This also helps to switch between controls in just a touch of a button. As a result of AnkorLink, the vibrator makes a stable toy to provide you with ongoing vibration modes. Even better, its remote serves as a mediator between the vibrator itself and the app.

How to Use the We-Vibe Chorus Buttons?

  • Press the Power Button and hold for 2s to turn the toy on or off.
  • Change the vibration mode by pressing the Power Button again.
  • Use the “+/-” buttons to boost or diminish vibrations and intensity. If you need maximum intensity really bad, hold the ‘+’ button until it starts vibing.
  • The Function Button helps you switch between manual remote and squeeze remote. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t squeeze the toy at the same time- it does the job all on its own.
  • Press the Function Button on your squeeze remote and explore various vibration modes while using the squeeze control feature.
  • Lock your desired vibration mode and press the Function Button while squeezing.

Easier done than explained, the We-Vibe Chorus makes a practical prop to your bedroom. Once mastered, will guarantee you riveting orgasms in a breezy fashion.

Using its intelligent squeeze feature, the Chorus’ remote makes a natural reflex feel even better under the provided vibrations. The more you squeeze, the more stimulated you’ll be. In that same manner, the looser you hold the toy, the weaker its vibration intensity.

Using the We-Vibe Chorus App Control

As the Chorus is already connected to your Squeeze remote, you can use its buttons to play with sensations and rhythm. Before using it to its capacity, ensure the remote is connected and in the range. Just press any button on the remote to ensure it works!

To de-pair your remote, hold down the Power Button for 10 seconds so the toy resets. This also helps prevent other remotes from connecting to the toy.

Once connected to the Squeeze Remote, press any button for 5 seconds until it starts pulsing. To connect it altogether, download the We-connect app and follow the guidelines to pair it up with your Chorus.

Press the power button and hold for 5 seconds. Once the LED light blinks, your device is ready to connect to your phone.

The We-Vibe Chorus offers three Touch Sense modes that can be accessed through your app. The first mode enables intense vibrations which build on until it hits maximum intensity. Once there, the vibrator will slowly wind down in intensity, all the way to point zero.

The second touch sense mode happens with physical contact. Here, the device ensures a maintained intensity, but if you break contact with the sensor for longer than three seconds, the device will provide you with a wavy mode until you re-establish contact. This feature is practical when you want to choose the desired intensity using the remote button or app. Last is the third touch sense mode which ensures a perpetual intensity which ceases once contact stops.

All in all, the We-Vibe Chorus makes a sultry addition for your deepest fantasy scenarios.

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