If you are a lover of all-things anal play and pleasure, anal beads can be an exquisite addition to your bedroom. Simple to use, practical and intended for lasting pleasure and sensations, anal beads are the ideal toy for both beginners and experienced lovers.

Much like any other sex toy, anal beads, too, come in various shapes, sizes and lengths. Depending on your personal preferences and needs, anal beads can largely spice up your sex life and give your anal play a new dimension of pleasure. Anal sex has long been considered a popular kink that delivers brand new sexual sensations, and thankfully, anal beads make your experience even better.

Whether it is your first or hundredth time trying backdoor play, anal beads serve a specific purpose of facilitating your way to ultimate erotic pleasure.

Want to get even deeper into how anal beads work in favour of your sexual thrill?

Here is a detailed guide into how anal beads work, how to use them properly, and of course, how to choose the best one for you.

What are Anal Beads?

As the name itself says it, anal beads are a sex toy intended for anal play. Aside from the obvious definition, anal beads are composed of several different-size beads attached to a string of various lengths and girths. The main use of anal beads is inserting them inside the anus and as deep as you feel comfortable. All anal beads come with a ring base that makes the toy easy to manoeuvre and control. The pull-out method all anal beads use is the main source of satisfaction for most users, with even the slightest pull leading to delirious erotic experience. Aside from their main purpose, anal beads can also come with a few other additions and extras, such as a ring for the penis and balls, as well as extensions for the best clitoral stimulation.

What are the Best Anal Beads on the Market?

Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober

As the name suggests, the Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober is made of pure silicone to ensure your healthiest and naughtiest play. Thanks to their silicone stricture, these beads are also quite flexible to insert and pull out and yet firm enough to serve their purpose of fullness and girth. Silicone anal beads such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober are best used with a generous dose of water-based lube. Moreover, silicone beads contour your body more easily and adjust your insides without causing discomfort or pain. Much like the ladies, the fellows too are welcome to experiment with wearing anal beads, especially in stimulating the P-spot.

Ideal for teasing and full-on engagement, silicone anal beads can differ in sizes and shapes thus ensuring you a smooth ride to your next orgasm.

BASICS Anal Beads 10 Inch

Here is a wonderful product that works amazingly for beginners and helps spice things up between the sheets. The BASICS Anal Beads 10 Inch beads allow you a range of options thanks to the smaller beads at the top which enable a quicker adjustment. The 10 Basic Beads make a great toy when you need to get used to the sensation of using anal strings and offer 1 inch in diameter, perfect for newbies in anal play. Of course, you can go as deep as you like with the string of beads and can use them both when masturbating and when playing with a partner.  

Super comfortable and pleasant, the BASICS Anal Beads give you a solid glimpse into anal play done right.

The BASICS Anal Beads 6.5 Inch

Just when you thought anal beads are a one-dimension toy, reverse beads such as the BASICS Anal Beads string comes prepared to change your perspective. Reverse anal beads make a fine challenge for experienced lovers who like getting deeper and in all the right ways, too. Unlike traditional anal beads, the BASICS Anal Beads reverse string has a, well, reverse order of beads, with the biggest beads located at the top and the smallest at the bottom. Keep in mind that in reverse beads, the first one is tapered to ensure maximum comfort when inserting it.  While a fun type of anal beads to get busy wit, the BASICS Anal Beads is not meant for beginners. But, if you have an experience in using all sorts of anal toys, reverse beads might be your next great sex toy revelation.

As for the reason why reverse beads have an opposite line-up- it is all in order to provide you with more intense stimulation. Get yourself in the mood, place these beads correctly and then, take them out just in time for your shattering orgasm!

 BASICS Anal Beads 6 Inch

As a smaller kind of anal beads, the BASICS Anal Beads 6 Inch is quite efficient for a wide range of users. The BASICS Anal Beads string offers 6 inches of length and makes a great starting point for all your anal play scenarios. In this string, the beads start smaller than usual and by the end of the string offer a 3-inch bead for the wettest, most orgasmic feel.

If you feel more experienced, this bead string can be a great prop for experimenting or adding a different layer of pleasure. Combine this string with a handful of lube and your favourite vibrator or dildo to maximize your sexual enjoyment. Simple to use, the BASICS Anal Beads might be a beginner’s toy but is very well prepared to serve you with advanced pleasures when used right.

Lovehoney Smooth Mover 10 Function Beaded Anal Vibrator

Whenever you get bored with traditional anal beads, add some vibration to your adventures! With the Lovehoney Smooth Mover 10 Function Beaded Anal Vibrator, you can enjoy a stimulating insertion now enhanced but a wave of shakes and pulses. Vibrating anal beads are a user’s favourite for various reasons. For one, the Lovehoney Smooth Mover 10 Function Beaded Anal Vibrator is made of pure silicone, thus alleviating their insertion. In addition, all vibrating anal beads are incredibly comfortable and smooth to use internally and externally. Last of all, these vibrating anal beads come with 3 speeds and 7 pulsing patterns for your most heightened pleasure yet.

As the Lovehoney Smooth Mover 10 Function Beaded Anal Vibrator also comes with a bullet vibrator, you can add the base of the beads inside the bullet and let them work for your pleasure. In addition, you can use the bullet vibrator separately which works great for clitoral stimulation.  

 Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 7 Inch

Admirable in design and superb in performance, glass anal beads make a great addition to your anal sex toys collection. As glass is one of the most recommended materials for sex toys, the Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo works like magic for your P-spot orgasms. Compared to regular anal strings, the Lovehoney Beaded Sensual actually looks like a glass dildo with bulging shapes and bulbs across its surface. Even so, this glass anal beads toy serves the same pleasurable purpose and does a bit more by allowing you to use it both anally and vaginally. Versatile and better when super-lubricated, this 7-inch glass anal bead dildo finds the shortcut to your comfort and orgasmic nirvana.

 Lovehoney Silicone Ball Ring with Anal Beads

If you have a multi-purpose sex toy in mind, Lovehoney’s silicone ball ring with anal beads is your go-to solution. For one, this toy can be used by both men and women and delivers a knee-shattering experience each and every time. As the beads come with a ball hook, it helps the fellas maintain the erection for longer and hits the most arousing bum spots, on the spot.

The toy makes a great addition to your foreplay and can also be used as a double backdoor stimulator for gents and ladies. The Lovehoney silicone ball ring has a joined row of anal beads which activates the P-spot and ensuring pleasure even when moving around.     

Beaded Black Anal Dildo with Suction Cup Base

Are you still searching for the next best dildo-like anal toy? Meet the beaded black anal dildo with its very own suction cup base! This phenomenal toy is designed to nurture your stimulation and kick up the pleasure one level at a time. As it comes with a suction cup base, this beaded dildo can be your favourite riding toy or the perfect masturbation shower prop. Perfect for all sorts of hands-free experiences, this dildo offers six bulgy beads which grow in size and girth at the very base. Fitted together, the beads allow you to hold onto the delicious stimulation and look forward to more depth, length and comfortable pressure.

The beaded black anal dildo curves to your body and adjusts to all pleasure trigger points. As an advanced toy to use, this dildo doesn’t suit beginners but if you have no issue with extra volume and fullness, by all means, knock yourselves out.

Lovehoney Double Fun Vibrating Beaded Double Penetration Strap-On

Now here is an option for those who want their anal beads with a dose of versatility. The Lovehoney Double Fun Vibrating beaded strap-on is ideal for all sorts of stimulation you have in mind. Especially intricate for double penetration, this strap-on comes with double rings, one for your penis and one for the sack. In addition, the toy offers a level of vibration that will surely enhance your penetration goals. Aside from its rings and bullet vibrator for the clit, the Double Fun strap-on still allows you that specific beaded feel and arousal and keeps your anal games going.

When using this toy, the most important thing to remember is to take the time to adjust it well. As the dildo is multi-layered, it might be trickier to position it right, but once you get there, you won’t be looking for your orgasms again.

Cannonballs Large Silicone Anal Beads

While only boasting four beads, the Cannonballs Large Silicone Anal Beads string is quite the expert in orgasms. The four bulges on the string have a 5-inch girth and offer you a total of 12 inches in length. As a larger size than the rest, this anal bead string might seem a handful but allows you to get used to it swiftly. Of course, the toy can be adjusted as desired, but given its impressive length, it is best fitted for experienced users.

The Large Anal Beads are made of high-quality silicone and are destined to fulfill your uber-orgasm dreams. For the best result, pull the string out right before you climax and enjoy the challenge!

How to Use Anal Beads?

Don’t sweat it if you are new to anal beads- we are here to help. Below, let’s discuss the proper use of anal beads, as well as fit storage and cleaning.

Start Solo

The best way to get used to anal beads is to use them alone, when masturbating. When playing solo, you can always balance out the length inserted as well as the intensity of your beads. Ideally, begin with smaller anal beads and work your way up to higher pleasures. Don’t insert the string all at once, but take your time to explore the sensation and find a rhythm that works best for you.


If you are a beginner, it is best to go for a small length and strings with only a few beads on them. Once the sensation is satisfactory, you can expand your experience and experiment with bigger bead sizes and lengths. There is a lot of exploring in anal beads, so give yourself the room to try out a few options, all intended for a different kind of pleasure.

Get Cosy

Experienced anal bead users will tell you that finding the right position for using your string is key to a pleasurable experience. As far as positions are concerned, you’d want to ideally start on the side, your knees, or lying stomach flat on the bed/ floor. The idea behind being comfortable when using anal beads is to allow the anus to relax and open up more, which makes both the insertion and pulling out easy-peasy. Remember, relaxing your thighs and getting your legs out of the way can largely help with a positive experience in using anal beads, so move around to find your perfect posture.


Although it goes without saying, water-based lubricants make a great asset to your anal bead play session. As the anus is not self-lubricated or as stretchy as the vagina, you’ll want to use more of it and reapply as needed throughout the experience. Using lube is also important when flying solo as it helps find your way more easily and prevent any unwanted injuries.


For your anal beads to work, you’ll need to be completely relaxed and engage in thorough foreplay. If masturbating, play your favourite porn clip to help yourself get in the right mood. When aroused properly, you can relax more easily and enjoy all sensations in a greater depth. The same goes when playing with a partner, so keep teasing and stimulating long before you turn to anal beads. For the ideal experience, and especially for beginners, using a bullet vibrator before using anal strings can help you tense up in all the right ways and move on to bead play more effectively.

How to Properly Insert Anal Beads?

Before you even get into anal bead play, you should ensure the butt is ready for a more ‘invasive’ experience. To maximize your comfort and pleasure, we suggest you begin by using your fingers or a butt plug to help the muscles relax. Of course, lube makes an essential piece to this sexy puzzle so dose up well and get to it.  

Once you insert the anal beads, you can leave them in for a while, or take out one bead at a time. This all depends on your stimulation threshold and tolerance, so ensure you find a cosy spot that keeps you aroused.

When to Pull Out Anal Beads?

Unless we are talking discomfort or relieving intensity, you should pull out the beads right before your orgasm arrives. This way, you’ll give the beads their rightful purpose and let them expand the orgasmic feel even further. Instead of using force when removing the beads, try to go as slow as possible and pay attention to clitoral stimulation as well.

How to Clean Your Anal Beads?

As the anus is a place in need of constant hygiene, you’ll have to pay extra attention when cleaning your toys. Before using your anal beads, clean them well with warm water and soap, especially if we are talking silicone beads. Most beaded toys come with a set of instructions, so feel free to rely on these in both cleaning and storing your toys.

While it might be a pesky task, cleaning your beads before and after you use them. As for storage, you can use any clean pouch, bag or box to safely put away your toy.

In the meantime?

Stay safe,

Stay sexy,

Stay Divine!