‘Tell me everything!’

This will be your best friend’s reaction once you tell her about Lelo Mona 2 sex toy. 

It’s not just about using women’s sex toys which gets you off – it’s the post-effect of it that she’ll crave!

She can hear your carefree voice over the phone, while you’re still twirling in your undies in your bed. She can picture that smiling, extra glowy, post-orgasmic face we ladies have after the big O. 

But she can only imagine the mind-blowing adventure you just had, and the only thought in her mind will be ‘damn, I want to feel that too’. 

Who can blame her, right? 

Your best friends’ desires don’t do justice to this vibrator, trust me. It’s sophisticated on the outside and naughty on the inside – meet the Lelo Mona 2!

For this review, I’d like you to turn off your mobile notifications because this won’t be your regular ‘it made me cum, good enough for me’ review. I need your full attention here, as this one is about you and one of the most gorgeous parts of your body – your vagina – and she deserves the A treatment. 

When you’re done with this review, you’ll regret not getting this vibrator in your drawer sooner. 

Phone’s away? Good, we can begin. 

The Packaging Radiates Sexual Vibes – Off To A Great Start 

the luxurious lelo mona 2 package

Lelo Mona 2 is luxurious all the way. The packaging is no exception. 

If only your mailman knew…

Once you have it at home, it’s hard to keep calm while unpacking it. You’ll probably want to rip the box apart and give it a go right then and there, but compose yourself – the toy is there to be appreciated as a package – so don’t rush!

The outer box is purple. This was my first moan with the toy. Purple is among my favorite colors and although I recognized the packaging, it felt different in my hands. The design is as simple as it can be, with the Lelo logo in the middle of the box. 

Inside of it, there’s another package that holds the vibrator – a well-built, matte-black color box. Carefully chosen details matter, right? Because, in my case, even the packaging stirred up my imagination. 

If you open it, you’ll notice a separate part holding four additional elements: 

  • A charger;
  • A satin case;
  • A personal lubricant sample and;
  • A full set of instructions.

The vibrator is set in the middle, laid out beautifully, waiting for your first touch. The satin case is the cherry on top – just a sexy detail to make you feel like you’re in the middle of the Twin Peaks’ soundtrack. 

I’ve had an absolutely spotless customer experience so far, down to every detail!

But I’m sure you’re not here to read about the package – you’re interested to know about the real package

Let’s get to that now.

The Postman Always Rings Twice With Lelo Mona 2 Vibrator 

There’s absolutely no other way to say this –  this toy looks so good, you may want to take it out for ice-cream.

lelo mona 2 vibrator functions

It comes in three colors: red, purple and cerise, colors to awaken every sensual sense in your body. 

Some not so fun, but relevant facts about this woman’s sex toy: 

  • It weighs 4.5oz. or 128g
  • It’s 4.3in (110mm) long and 1.5in (37mm) thick 

The insertable part is made out of 100% phthalates-free silicone, and the handle is made of comparably safe ABS plastic. The best of the best materials, as you may already know

The handle is a pure white, elegant choice, with four buttons to control the motions. 

Use the “+” and “-” to control the intensity and the strength of the vibrations.  You can use the ‘⇑’ and ‘⇓’ buttons to change your vibrations pattern, choosing among 6 available options:

  • Wavy vibrations;
  • Two types of pulsation and;
  • Two randomized motions. 

Whatever sensation you want down there, this toy can provide it. 

The buttons are kinda rubbery – a small, but crucial detail for slippery situations between your thighs. Your fingers will stay on it, even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside

The charger hole is on the bottom, and it takes around 2 hours to fully charge this bad boy. Then, you have another 2 hours of playtime for it to scream ‘time out lady, it’s time for a recharge!’ 

At that point, just plug it in and make sure it lights up.

A couple of hours of playtime is more than enough time for you to enjoy every possible aspect of this toy. Believe me, I’ve exhausted it completely, and there’s plenty to discover! 

But that’s not the best part – once charged, Lelo Mona 2 can keep that charge for a full 90 days. It can just sit around for almost 3 months without losing charge – something you can’t find in most women’s sex toys. That’s what I call: always ready for a quickie. 

All in all, the control panel it’s simple and intuitive to use, so your focus stays on the points you want to excite. 

You can experience around 60 combinations with these 4 buttons. Each one brings a unique sensation.

That’s 60 different orgasms. Each with a different “O” moment than the previous one. 

Let that sink in a little bit.

That’s certainly more than what your ex and his/her current date have! 

If that didn’t get your juices flowing, let’s talk about the size and shape of the vibrator. 

The Lelo Mona 2 vibrator feels very light in your hand, and the velvety, sensual feeling you get from touching this toy will give you chills. It’s thinner on the outside, with a curvy line that expands near the top. A true masterpiece in women’s sex toys engineering.

That curve is essential for us, ladies! 

It’s the magic wand that finds our G-spot, designed specifically to target and hit that spot successfully, every time. 

I know what you’re thinking – ‘how loud is it? If it hits the spot every time, it must work hard for it and that means a noisy experience, right?’ 


The Lelo Mona 2 vibrator will make you blush without saying a word – or in vibrator language, without making a buzz. For those among you who want specifics, the maximum noise level is under 50dB. On the lowest vibration level, you may not even feel it’s working until you leave it on your nightstand. Anyway, it’s completely safe to use with your roommate in the next room – they won’t discover your secret. 

lelo mona 2 vibrator loudness

Another place where it’s safe to use this toy?

The shower. 

Yes, this vibrator is 100% waterproof. If you want to play with it during bath time, go right ahead! 

Your showers may take longer if you use it – just saying. Your clean, wet, naked body will crave the sexual arousal from this toy and you’ll want to enjoy it every time you’re taking a bath. 

Because it’s waterproof, it’s perfectly safe to clean it underwater. You can use the Lelo’s antibacterial gel before and after use, but you can also use other gel brands – your prerogative. 

Store it in your satin case – and that’s all the care it needs. 

Let’s talk about places this vibrator can take you – figuratively speaking. 

The Place Where The Sun Always Shines 

g-spot vibrator lelo mona 2

Ladies, this thing is going places.

Let me tell you – I was a bit skeptical at first. 

I knew everything about it – the size, the girth, the material – and I quickly felt it was a bit too small. I’m a fan of big things, and that’s particularly true in sex terms. 

Boy, was I wrong about this one.  

You can use the toy both externally and internally and it will always deliver. It’s so versatile you can even experience clitoral orgasm with the vibrator inside of you! Also, the feeling you get from all the different levels of vibrations is something else. Personally, I love to use it on its higher settings – because a girl loves a challenge. As it’s smooth and curvy, it felt amazing inside me – like the inside walls of my vagina are kissed by Aquaman himself!

As in, all that’s left – is dripping.

With the specific shape of this vibrator’s tip, the G-spot is no longer something to find. This little thingamajig finds it automatically – every time! Pair it up with your favorite butt toy for the extra spiciness!

I was surprised by how ergonomic the handle felt. I even tried it without holding the hand and it works just fine, but I’ll leave that up to you. 

Also, if you’re trying it out with a partner, it’s a hell of a trip for both of you. Use it on the clit and your partner can feel the vibrations while inside you – see if that doesn’t make you both orgasm! 

You know it, and I know it – orgasms from women’s sex toys are incomparable to anything else, so it’s safe to say I enjoyed every inch of this toy. The Lelo Mona 2 vibrator really stands up to its name. Classy, yet so puttylike!

And frankly, for the price, it better bring it home every time! 

It’s worth investing in this toy because you’ll almost certainly cherish every experience with this toy. Yes, it’s that good.

Say you want to use it by yourself. Say your blinds are open and everything is visible from the outside. Say you want to make someone’s mouth water. This toy is perfect for extracting looks from your neighbors – if you’re into that sort of thing. I don’t know, exhibitionism was always my thing and it’s hard to see it differently. 

Anyway, you can close your blinds, but you can’t mute your moaning. If you use it with a partner, talk a bit about it before trying it and make sure you’re both alright with the extreme reactions and vocalizations you’re about to create. 

Just have some fun with it, or should I say, a lot of fun with it! 

Stay classy.

Stay sexy.

Stay Devine.