Ever heard the phrase ‘the best things come in small packages’?

Well, that couldn’t ring truer than when it comes to the humble but mighty bullet vibratorsand these things definitely make you come.

My bullet was one of the first sex toys I had ever purchased. I can still recall that awkward memory of having to order it online only for that small, cardboard box to arrive at my doorstep a few days later. Then there was me, with rosy cheeks and sweaty hands, looking at my neighbors’ windows in fear they would spot what was hidden underneath all that bubble wrap. 

Oh, those innocent times. 

I remember opening it for the first time. A small, pink device, no bigger than the size of my palm. I didn’t even know how to use it. I just remember reading all those articles about how every girl needed to have one in her arsenal for those hot and bothered moments.

The beginner’s collector item, they said – and in hindsight, I agree.

Bullet vibrators are a staple in the world of women’s sex toys. Not only are they easy to use, easy to clean, but nowadays you can also get them for under ten bucks. 

Now, for all my experienced ladies out there, I’m sure you think you have heard it all before. But I promise you, there is a lot more to uncover with these bad boys than you might have initially thought, as new channels of sensuality emerge with new touches, new angles, new approaches… 

And they allow you to go back to the classics every once in a while too. Perfect little mechanical clit critters.

For all the beginners, get ready to explore a whole new world of positive vibes, in all the right places. If you’ve never used these magical, small vibrators before, let me give you the rundown.

How do bullet vibrators work?

If you’ve ever seen porn, it’s just sensory overload on top of more sensory overload. Sounds, sizes, vibrations, positions, roughness. Women are faced with this daunting task of having to know exactly what a man wants at all times, but sometimes they forget to take care of their own needs – and a woman’s needs are delicate.

It’s also why I see many of my girlfriends in desperate need of some attention in the bedroom despite being in very loving and committed relationships.

Those clitoral nerve endings are no joke. They’re basically the secret sauce in every good sex session. 

how bullet vibrators work

After all, only one in four women manage to orgasm from penetration alone, which is exactly why we need women’s sex toys to get us to the promised land.  That’s why these vibrators are the first step to opening yourself up to a completely new sexual reality. 

Women simply need clitoral stimulation to achieve the same (or sometimes better) orgasms as their male partners. To feel that rush of excitement, of actual orgasm! Not just a feeling of relief that they can finally lay back and sleep! 

That’s not sex. That’s a fake sex life – and won’t end well.

So, what’s there to know?  

These small vibrators work to make you happy. They’re non-intimidating, extremely discreet and pack quite the punch for being basically finger-sized. They’re also skin-friendly!

They come with no complicated mechanics either. It’s just the push of a button and off you go! 

The excellent thing about them is that they can work at different vibrations so you don’t have to get the full on, earthquake-like shakes when you need a little tease. Alternatively, if you need to get off quick and easy, that setting is right there for you.

The best part is that they are tailored to target specific areas of the body. If you have one precise spot that needs to get some positive vibes, then this is the toy for you. No more plugging into walls, long cables or giant heads that are difficult to maneuver. 

In short, they go where you need your orgasm to be. Just point and click.

How to use bullet vibrators

how to use bullet vibrators

There are several methods all ladies should try out. You never know which one will be right for you – I had to try bullets in a fuckload of new settings to get this info. 

All in the name of science – and pussy power!

The D-I-Y method

I know what you’re thinking. Fine, they’re gonna make my clit happy. What else?

Now, while they are amazing companions that focus on that pearl with surgical precision, they’re also a great gateway to new, wetter adventures. 

They work wonderfully as a tease all over the body, and are sure to touch all those very sensitive areas before you can get to the lower parts. The best way to build up tension is from the neck down, and with this little guy’s vibes, it’ll come to you intuitively, as you build towards eruption. 

Discovering all those new pleasure spots between your legs is like the bonus you didn’t expect to get at the end of a hard month at work. 

Be careful though, some aren’t meant for penetrative use and some are not safe for anal action if you wanna up down that street. Choosing the right bullet vibrator is key!

Otherwise, whether you’re a new timer or experienced users, you can’t go wrong with the bullet in your alone time.

Partner it up

If you have an enthusiastic partner – sharing is caring!

These small vibrators are the perfect toy for teaching your lover to explore past the hump and lump of the bedroom – and dive into some of the freakier stuff.

I cannot stress this enough, but ease your partner into it.

Start off by using it on yourself and set the mood and pace to get them acquainted with the new sensation – and the new reality that you’re presenting to them. Remember to use lots of lube too! Whether it’s nerves or pressure, nobody wants to wake up with a sore injury because of pride – and ladies look delicious dripping with lube, anyway.

Besides, I’ve had the best orgasms of my life when combining the magic of vibrations and penetration. 

Get the best out of your sexy time. Explore points on each other’s bodies with the bullet. Explore cavities. Go boldly where no one has gone before!

Enhance your other toys

bullet vibrators women's sex toys

If you like the idea so far, stay stoked, there’s more pleasure to be had!

What plenty of ‘sex experts’ forget when it comes to small vibrators, especially the bullet, is their ability to enhance the effects of other toys. 

If you’ve already dipped your toe in the world of sex toys, then bringing this little guy back is sure to give you a wet and wild time. 


Easy – combinations.

Butt plugs work especially well when you give them a little vibration at the base. If your partner enjoys male sex toys (or women’s sex toys), then introducing some pulsation into the mix is gonna give both of you a completely new sensation. If you prefer nipple play, a high-vibration here and there will have you – or them – going crazy.  

Long story short, whether it’s just the start of your sexual adventures, or you’re looking for a new way to expand your pleasure in your own bedroom – you can’t go wrong with bullet vibrators. 

They are known for shaking things up, after all.

Stay classy.

Stay sexy.

Stay Devine.