Have you ever caught yourself in the pursuit of something edgier to set your bedroom ablaze? For all kink enthusiasts out there, wax play makes an unmissable playground for exquisite lovemaking indulgence!

Without a doubt, the exhilarating connection between pain and pleasure amplifies your overall lovemaking experience, and wax play makes the perfect starting point for beginners.

Not too risky but risky enough to get your juices flowing, wax play can be an extraordinary technique that ensures that extra dose of sexual arousal and sensation.

As with everything else, with wax play too, there are certain precautions that you need to be aware of before launching yourself into the experience.

Are you ready to dip into the hot and dripping world of erotic wax play?

Read on as we unravel the why’s and how’s that make a super-sexy and safe wax play session!

All the Kinks: What is Wax Play?

Those sensitive nerve endings located right under your skin make a superb field of exploration, especially in terms of sensation and foreplay.

Everything, from the warmest touch on your skin to the lightest of spanks and that delicious nibbling, can help awaken even the most dormant pleasure points on your body.

However, the delicate link between pain and pleasure during sex cannot be exclusively confined to the world of BDSM. A related study examining the visualizations of male and female brains while masturbating found that over 30 areas in the brain equally react to both pain and pleasure stimuli.

Given that our skin is the largest organ on our body, engaging in wax temperature play can serve as an amazing experimental ground for sexual indulgence.

Representing one of the most renowned BDSM practices today, wax play easily makes a favorite technique to explore, especially for curious kink enthusiasts.

Wax Play Rendezvous Essentials

Playing at the border of tolerable pain and avoiding serious burns is a priority when initiating a wax play session.

First thing’s first, scented and coloured candles are not wax-play-friendly, and should only serve to create an inviting bedroom atmosphere. The reason why traditional candles do not work is due to their high melting point. With this in mind, what you should go for instead of the regular are specifically designed and sex-appropriate wax play candles.

To avoid any medical injuries or mishaps, always look for body-safe candles that have a lower melting point and are made of soy, paraffin, or a mixture of both.  

Soy candles represent the safest wax-play option since they cool down quickly and are less likely to irritate the skin. Also, soy candles make a great choice for beginners who are yet to dig deeper into what wax play is. Even more, soy candles have a rather soft feel on the skin once dripped, and make the removal easier and your sensation a more natural one.

Paraffin candles, on the other hand, have a higher melting point when compared to soy candles, as well as longer cooling time, and harder consistency once cooled down. As a result of these properties, paraffin candles make an appropriate alternative for those with higher pain tolerance and a burning desire for pain and pleasure, no pun intended.

Regardless of your choice, before you get into action, consider doing a test to see how tolerant your skin is to both wax temperatures. For those who love to make the best of both worlds, there are also candles which combine both soy and paraffin for your ultimate wax-induced pleasure and versatility.

By all means, steer clear off candles made from beeswax or those with artificial colouring or additives. Not only can these cause severe burns to the skin, but they are also considered poisonous for your skin.

Preparing Your Space

Enjoying a smooth and pleasurable wax play session largely depends on the way you organize your space and create the proper mood.

Ideally, and to avoid fire incidents, have a few wet towels ready to go- just in case. Wet towels are not just beneficial to extinguishing a fire –God forbid-  but also to remove unwanted wax stains afterwards.  

Since it is pretty difficult to clean off hardened wax from your hair, make sure you keep it pulled in a ponytail or a bun. This also applies to body hair- if you are experimenting with wax play, shave it all off or leave as little body hair as possible.

Better yet, why not wax it off while you are at it? For one, waxing your hair off can be largely indulging during both foreplay and after play.  

In either case, when waxing, avoid the sensitive genital area, as well as your face, or any open wounds on your body.

How to Manoeuvre Melting Wax?

Working with wax can seem tricky, especially if it is your first-ever rodeo.

However, playing with wax right mostly depends on the type of candles you choose to get down and dirty with. Typically, you want to avoid glass wax play candles as they heat up quickly and leave the glass prone to breakage.

Instead of these, try experimenting with taper or pillar candles which make a more convenient alternative, especially for holding the candle or when using a larger amount of melted wax. 

Once your candle is lit, give it from 20 to 30 minutes before using the wax.

While waiting, feel free to engage in some sensual cuddling or surprise your partner a warm oil massage!

Taper candles can be found in pre packed wax play kits, and oftentimes include a bondage rope, too. Time-efficient and practical, taper candles provide melted wax instantaneously and need little to no cool-down time.

Keep in mind that melted wax drops are hotter than the pillar ones. For a burn-free and injury-free experience, consider giving yourself a greater dripping distance.

Arousing Sensation Play Tips

If arousal and eroticism are important for your experience, you can spice up your wax play sessions in a variety of ways.

First, begin your wax play with a heavy make-out session to help enhance the intimacy and chemistry. Also, once you kick off your wax play, ensure you reciprocate to your partner often to let them know that you empathize with their possible discomfort.

Wax play requires a bit of comfort, too, so use it on various body parts and caress or massage your way through it. If you care to get deeper into temperature play, combine your wax drips with ice cubes and enjoy this stimulating game of hot and cold!

Once all is said and done, you can use a blunt knife to remove excess wax from the skin, and perhaps, create a whole new sensation from the experience.

Staying Safe during Wax Play

Before you get to after-care, there are a few important safety rules to keep in mind. Remember, safety and consent when fooling around with wax is a must, given the nature of this semi-risky kink.

That said, ensure you engage in the experience completely sober. While at it, even if you are not drinking, do not- I repeat- do not bring alcohol anywhere near a flame.

Before pouring hot wax on your body, test the temperature on your skin first to give you and your partner a clear idea of your heat tolerance.

Among other things to remember is to never leave a candle unattended or burning long after you finish up. Just to stay on the safe side of things, keep a first-aid kit in your nightstand cabinet.

Remember, wax play is and always will be external play, so never, ever drip on the inside, as it may cause serious tissue damage.

As a reminder, keep hot wax off your genitals, and that goes even for the most experienced BDSM players.

Moreover, if you have any piercings or fresh tattoos, keep your wax dripping away from these areas. For the safest mutual experience, you can also come up with a safe word, to help avoid excessive pain or any consent misunderstandings.

Wax Play After-Care is Crucial

Never forget that an intense experience such as wax play requires a thorough and elaborate after-care for both of you.

Therefore, take the time to cuddle with your partner long after the deed is done, and discuss both the experience and your overall impressions.

When you are ready to go for a higher level of wax play, you can introduce a rope or a blindfold to further enhance the stimulation.

In the meantime?

Stay safe,

Stay kinky,

Stay Divine!

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