The interest in Yoni eggs first sparked up back in 2017 when Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, Goop, started selling the product as pelvic muscle enhancers believed to possess mystic healing powers. 

Interestingly enough, within the first quarter of the 21st century, nobody but Goop revealed that the Yoni eggs have a thousand-year-old tradition of being used in supposed sacred Chinese rituals, as one of the ways for concubines to please their masters.

Sounds like an exaggerated mythic story of subjugated female eroticism and alpha men?

For the sake of reality check, archeologists and gynecologists both dismissed the claims behind the traditional existence of the Yoni egg. As a result, countless buyers worldwide were immediately compensated by sellers who falsely advertised their product as ancient.

Now more present on the market than ever before, Yoni eggs are considered the trigger of female sensuality and arousal.  

To better depict how they came to be one of the most popular additions in the bedroom, here is a detailed guide on Yoni eggs and the way they serve your pleasure goals.

What is a Yoni Egg?

In Sanskrit, Yoni is another name for vagina, which is considered to be the sacred temple of female sexuality. The Yoni egg is a spherical egg-shaped vaginal gemstone, possessing almost magical attributes oftentimes linked to its divine spheric shape. 

Since it is made from a smooth-surface gemstone crystal, each Yoni egg has a specific energetic healing source attached to it to  ultimately empower the women wearing it. 

Think of it as a practical and spiritual bracelet for your vagina, if you will.

The Yoni egg, also referred to as the love stone, vaginal egg, or jade egg, is generally designed to pleasurably fit inside the vagina. Its weight, furthermore, plays a key role in intensifying the orgasmic experience by training the vaginal muscles and strengthening the pelvic floor.

Oftentimes, Yoni egg lovers also use the product as part of their meditation or during other rituals and mystical ceremonies. In essence, Yoni eggs are believed to represent a magnifying source of pure and intense feminine sexuality.

The Benefits of Wearing a Yoni Egg

For Yoni egg enthusiasts, the material and the weight of the egg have a positive physical and spiritual impact on the overall female sexuality and pleasure. 

Physically speaking, like in the case of Kegel exercise balls, a Yoni egg is placed inside the vagina to cause a smooth muscle contraction which also prevents rifts in the egg. If practiced over an extended period, this exercise will fortify the pelvic floor and lead you to explosive and downright orgasmic experiences.

If you are keen on trying this vaginal gemstone spa and massage treatment, Yoni eggs are a great way to initiate your saucy adventures. When used, the egg will provide a stronger pelvic floor to help you reach more intense orgasms. At the same time, the level of penetration will be limited but also enjoyable and comfy, all thanks to your fortified vaginal muscles’ grip.  

Because of the ancient flair its name carries, the Yoni Egg is believed to hold spiritual and healing properties, especially when used ceremonially. 

Whether this is true or not, we’ll never really know.

But, if you dare give this unusual pleasure-booster a try, ensure that you are taking action in keeping yourself and your experience safe.

Yoni Eggs: How Long Should You Wear Them?

Naturally, there is widespread debate on this subject. 

Nevertheless, Yoni egg users suggest the best effects are visible after holding the gemstone inside your vagina for an amazing 12 hours during the day or night, which kind of calls for reluctancy. 

I mean, twelve hours are a tricky task for your daily vaginal Kegel fitness, wouldn’t you say? 

Well, mind you, before inserting the Yoni egg crystal, ensure the eggs’ surface is entirely smooth. This way, you prevent bacteria from piling up ultimately also makes the egg safer to use and easier to clean. 

A Brief History of Yoni Eggs

Yoni egg experts claim that the product was first developed in ancient China, about 5000 years ago. Back then, legend has it that ladies at the Royal Palace of China carved egg-shaped objects of jade to help enhance their sexual powers and stamina. 

And yet, no clear evidence that Yoni eggs were native to the ancient Chinese culture ever arose in public. 

Interestingly, not even archeologists were lucky in tracing Yoni eggs back to its original roots. Nope, not even when they explored the egg’s merits and background in detail, and not even when they examined an abundance of traditional Chinese gems.   .

So, are Yoni eggs a project of marketors’ imagination to help make sales in the 21st century?

While we might never really know for sure, there is something almost poetic and dramatic about the purpose of Yoni eggs that simply urges us to eat up the historic legend it comes with. 

Are Yoni Eggs Safe to Use?

Let’s be clear, placing an external object inside your vagina, and for a long period of time, can be dangerous to your health, and even lethal.

The first issue with using Yoni eggs is the risk of bacteria multiplying on its surface, something which can also happen when wearing tampons. In both cases, built-up bacteria can lead to a somewhat rare yet super-dangerous condition known as Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

As discussed earlier, you want to be extra cautious when buying Yoni eggs from unreliable sellers which carelessly urge you to wear the egg for 12 to 24 hours. This timeframe not only puts you at risk for contracting TSS but can also cause other inflammatory conditions to your insides. 

Essentially, the prolonged stay of an object inside the vagina prevents proper drainage of natural secretion, and impairs the vagina’s self-cleaning abilitiy. 

Even more, the continuous contraction of your pelvic muscles can have a downturn effect, referred to as pelvic tension, whose complex symptoms include constipation, as well as pelvic floor and vaginal penetration pain. 

Reducing the Overall Risk of Using Yoni Eggs

If you are not ready to abandon the concept of wearing a Yoni egg, here some advice to help you reduce its potential risks:

  • Choose an egg that enables easy and swift penetration. To choose right, go for Yoni eggs that have drilled holes and attached threats for a quick insertion and removal.
  • Instead of choosing larger sizes, start with smaller egg shapes, and work your way up based on how comfortable you feel. Remember, wearing Yoni eggs should never feel painful! 
  • Cleaning your Yoni egg with just soap and water won’t suffice. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you sterilize the egg in-between uses. You can do this by boiling the egg for half an hour, until to ensure a sterile surface. Next, let the egg cool down and check its surface again, as hot water might leave it cracked. 
  • Before inserting the egg, use either water or oil lube to prevent vaginal irritation and facilitate penetration.
  • Never sleep with an egg inside your vagina. Ideally, you want to wear the egg for no longer than 25 minutes a day.
  • Avoid porous Yoni eggs, as they make a fine nest for bacteria and infections. 
  • Last of all, never use the egg during intercourse. As appealing as some tips online might seem, a gemstone placed within a vagina during sex can lead to injuries or even get lost somewhere on the inside. 

The Bottom Line

While not scientifically backed-up, Yoni eggs mage a suitable addition to your sex life and can help spice things up when used safely. 

However, with the richness in choice we have today, finding a high-quality Yoni egg to use is almost imperative. To avoid any risks, side-effects or infections, always decide on a largely recommended and specifically proposed Yoni egg brand. 

Also, when choosing the perfect Yoni egg for you, go for a guaranteed product that is also non-porous and safe to use. 

In the meantime?

Stay safe,

Stay sexy,

Stay Divine!

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