If you’ve ever gone past a sex toy shop, you will have seen the sometimes ludicrous prices of each little gadget on the windowsill. $55 for a bullet vibrator? Anal beads dipped in gold that cost $150? Diamond handcuffs for $200? A silk blindfold for $45? 

Here’s the thing. Most sex toys last for a limited amount of time. Not because they go bad after a while (although there was that one time I paired silicone anal beads with silicone lube), but because, at some point, you get bored of them. How many times can you use the same dildo you bought at 19 before you want to get your hands on the newest vibrating one? 

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy splurging on women’s sex toys. I could probably fill a whole room with those that are on the expensive side! Everyone likes to spoil themselves every once in a while. 

So, I’m not one to tell you not to indulge in high-end brands, but cheap sex toys are just as worthy of your money and time. 

Before you get your pennies out however, there’s a limit to how cheap you can be. While there’s a variety of sex toys for women available, and plenty of online retailers will try to have you believe buying five dildos for $5 is a good deal, there are drawbacks to the cheapest options. 

Notably, the fact that you are putting something inside the most sensitive part of your body. Maybe try skipping that one coffee and use the savings to buy an affordable sex toy for $20, rather than gambling with your genitals for $2 or less.

The cheap sex toys market is booming. There are a lot of brands whose entire marketing strategy bases itself on low-end sex toys made out of good materials. Silicone, glass, metal, smooth plastic – all at an affordable price, at the click of a button at checkout. 

Tips before you buy 

Don’t splurge before you can try 

Whatever the newest discount on Amazon is right now, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. That means the ‘horse monster glass 18-inch dildo’ that they have on the front page right now is not a match for you, if you’re just starting out. 

If you’re a complete novice, I always recommend starting off with a particular vibrator as your first sex toy – the bullet vibrator. Women’s sex toys are great in that there’s so much variety, and bullet vibrators make for very cheap sex toys regardless of where you’re buying from. Unless you want to explore the backdoor first.

Either way, make sure you know your vagina and how you like to be stimulated before purchasing anything!

Choose your focus

If you’re looking to please the clit, then a vibrator is your best bet. If you want to hit your G-spot, special massagers and dildos will do the trick. Want to introduce your butt to the world of anal play? The beads and butt plugs are coming to the rescue!

It’s important to acquaint yourself with your body. Some of my girlfriends were really disappointed when venturing into the online world of sex toys for women. They had seen this really good ad for a butt plug and bought into it, before even realizing that playing with butts was not their thing. 

That’s another reason why choosing cheap sex toys is key at the beginning of your sex toy quest!

Read everything!

One thing people forget about when buying sex toys are the product details. While the dildo may look like what you’ve been looking for on the screen, have you checked the insertable length? Do you know if it’s waterproof? Can you use it with another toy? What materials is it made of? 

I’m putting my hands up and admitting I made my fair share of mistakes when it comes to not reading before purchasing. That’s how I ended up with three (or, uh, maybe seven?) sex toys stuck in the back of my drawer, unused since I unboxed them. 

Anyway, now that we have the tips out of the way, what should you actually buy?

What are the best cheap sex toys to buy? 

You will find plenty of promises for the ‘most orgasmic thing that has ever happened to your body’ for just a few bucks. I don’t know where else you’re reading, but my sources are legit because I’ve literally tried most of these out. When you have a monthly sex toy budget, it’s not hard. 

Anyway, here’s a list of cheap sex toys under $25 that will get your rocks off – Lady Devine guaranteed!

‘Broad City’ Yas Kween Vibrator 

‘Broad City’ Yas Kween cheap sex toy

Do you enjoy spending some time with your partner on the couch, watching Broad City and munching on popcorn? I suggest introducing the Yas Kween vibrator during commercials, so you can see what the fuss is about. I know Abbi and Ilana would be proud of me for it. 

Not only is it extremely cute to look at with the hot pink and yellow lettering, but it packs a punch for the price and the size. It has three speeds to cycle through and seven modes to work with!

Price: $7.20

PlusONE Bullet Vibrator

PlusONE Bullet cheap sex toy

I was shopping around in Walmart for some things to buy for the living room, when I came across a little black box. In that moment, I found myself in a movie, where the heavens came down with a bright light right on the gadget, and a choir of angels sang in the background.

And it suddenly dawned on me. 

Walmart has a line of sex toys. 

My eyes feasted upon their bullet vibrator, a little dark blue toy that I would find is the perfect way to experiment with women’s sex toys for newbies. I tried it myself out of curiosity and I’m giving it a solid four out of five. Not the best, not the worst – Walmart style.

Price: $9.98 

Master Series Anchor Flared Butt Plug

Cheap ex Toy Master Series Anchor Flared Butt Plug

If you’re getting into the expert world of butt stuff, then this flared butt plug is all you need. I was very intimidated by it at first, as the tip flares to the point where it looks like three dildos in one. Both me and my butt hole are happy to report it ended up working out – really well. 

You just have to pinch the two ends together before inserting it into your butt, and then let loose. 

As the feeling of ‘fullness’ is what most women crave during sex or masturbating, your butt is gonna feel all that stretch without any injury or discomfort. 

Price: $14.32

SCREAMING O My Secret Vibrating Lipstick 

SCREAMING O My Secret Vibrating Lipstick

If you’re a bit shy when it comes to owning women’s sex toys and don’t want to be found out, this very special lipstick can be your partner in crime. 

I remember going out with a couple of friends during the weekend, when one of them accidently stumbled and dropped her purse. When we all rushed to put her things back, my hands came across this interesting looking lipstick. She told me it was just a vibrator. 


It’s a mini vibrator with 4 functions, made out of silicone. Seeing how expensive silicone toys can get, owning a cheap sex toy like this – one that’s silicone-based – is perfect! Plus, it’s as discreet as it gets.

Price: $14.97

Kama Sutra Massage Oil Candle 

Cheap Sex Toys Kama Sutra Massage Oil Candle

Massages and oils are underrated when it comes to sex. I’ve had my fair share of convincing partners to introduce temperature play into our sex life, with total success. Turns out, once you start waxing, you never go back. 

For one, it can set a mood in the room – a mood that can turn a light massage into the most sensual sexual experience of your life. If you wanna dabble in both pain and pleasure, then wax play on your partner (and their genitals) is always an option.

The Kama Sutra candle is soy-based, which means it burns at a much lower temperature. As a result, it’s safe to use on your partner’s body and your own.

As a bonus, you will also end up smelling like papaya and berries. 

Price: $15.99

Purple Reins Beginners Wrist or Ankle Cuffs 

Purple Reins Beginners Wrist or Ankle Cuffs Cheap Sex Toys

These were my first purchase after I opened the door to the amazing world of bondage. I never thought I would enjoy the feeling of being restrained, but it turns out I’m really into a kink that comes with ropes or cuffs. 

The cuffs are very durable and look pretty non-intimidating for beginners, so if you wanna start out without feeling like you’re trapped in a BDSM cave or anything, this is a very good first step!

They also don’t have any metal on them, so bring them on the plane for your trip abroad too!

Price: $16.99

PerfectFit Brand Tunnel Butt Plug 

PerfectFit Brand Tunnel Butt Plug

I didn’t know I needed this one until my partner purchased it. It’s a clear, silicone butt plug, hollow in the middle. Not only can you use it as a regular butt plug, you can also pair it up with your other sex toys. As it has a hole in the middle, you can always insert another vibrator, a mini dildo, or your fingers. 

It manages to make you feel open and full at the same time – and it looks good too!

Price: $17.63 

Dalliance Adult Upscale Sex Dice

Dalliance Adult Upscale Sex Dice

Heating up foreplay has never been easier. Thanks to the wide selection of sex toys for women available on the internet, we can enjoy our partners in new and exciting ways. One such way is an ancient favorite, with a twist – the sex dice. 

I got these from my partner for Christmas and we had a jolly ol’ time for the rest of the holiday season.

They work like any regular dice, except that rolling them will tell you what kind of kinky combination you’re gonna experience. You can get vanilla ones like kissing your partner while you’re riding him, or you can end up with the most twisted sexual position while having your toes sucked. 

It certainly brings humor and entertainment to sex – and we’ve all had that one giggling sexual experience!

Price: $19.00

Icicles No. 8

A Cheap Sex Toy Icicles No. 8

Sex toys for women have come a long way since I first started experimenting. This is probably the most expensive-looking cheap sex toy that I own. It could probably pass as one of my favorite high-end brands. Although it looks like it could cost somewhere around $100, you can get it for around $20. It’s actually a hand-crafted icicle glass dildo that will make the nub between your legs feel like a million bucks. 

Did you catch that? Glass. Dildo. Want to explore temperature play? Heat it up under some hot water or ice it down for a cool sensation – both are great ways to surprise your partner in the dark!

Another plus is that it’s slim enough for anal play – which is how I prefer to use it anyway. 

Price: $21.89

CalExotics’ Butterfly Kiss

CalExotics' Butterfly Kiss

Good things come in small packages? With the Butterfly Kiss, orgasmic things come in very small packages, packed to the brim with gadgets. 

When I first found out about it, I didn’t think it was possible to pack so many things into one toy and have them work so well. It’s a dual-action vibe that works on your clit, your vagina and your butt – all at once. Or, if you prefer using it on a partner, then their genitals can enjoy the same intensity of stimulation with this pink wonder. 

It’s also one of my most resilient sex toys. I have had it for months now and haven’t needed to change the battery once – despite using it at least a few times a week.

Price: $22.00

Fifty Shades of Grey Adjustable Nipple Clamps 

Fifty Shades of Grey Adjustable Nipple Clamps

If you feel like exploring the fine line between pleasure and pain and getting a taste of the BDSM fantasy, then jumping into bed with one of the sex toys from the Fifty Shades franchise is probably the best way to start. 

Nipple play is one of those things that doesn’t get explored as much during sex, which is a shame considering how sensitive they are, and how pleasuring playing with them can be. These clamps are a great introduction for first timers, and they’re adjustable so you can squeeze until you can’t take it anymore. 

Plus, they look really good dangling from my boobs!

Price: $22.00

UTMI Vibrating G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

UTMI Vibrating G Spot Rabbit Cheap Sex Toy

I often make it a point to buy the best rated sex toys online, and Amazon usually gets me the best finds. As a big fan of the rabbit and a proud owner of one that has served me for many years, I thought it was time to scout out a new one. 

That’s when I came across this toy. 

Not only is it silicone based, has ten vibrations speed and is waterproof, but it also has one of the best clit massagers I’ve ever had the pleasure of touching my pussy. I may or may not have experienced more than 5 orgasms in 20 minutes the first time. 

Bless the wonderful world of sex toys for women and the variety it offers at such affordable prices!

Price: $23.00

Romp Butt Plug 

Romp Butt Plug Cheap Sex Toy

Not only is this one of the most affordable butt plugs I own, but it’s given my butt plenty of good times too. It helped me and my partner explore some hidden kinks, like getting me plugged up before a date to prepare both of us for a night full of butt fun. 

It’s also perfect if you’re just starting out, or you’re into casual foreplay. 

Price: $24.00

Tsk BDSM Crop 

Romp Butt Plug Chap Sex Toy

I love giving my butt crop spanks. They’re a lot more powerful than any other spanking toy I’ve used, and when it comes to this 2-in-1 bad boy, it knows how to whip me into shape. It comes in the prettiest pastel pink color, equipped with a leather paddle on one end and a silicone tassel on the other.

It’s the perfect way to get your partner introduced into BDSM-related women’s sex toys.

It’s a little bit up there when it comes to price, but nothing to completely break the bank. If anything, it gives you twice the smack in one little paddle. 

Price: $24.00

Conclusion? Be frugal, not cheap!

We live in a day where the market for sex toys for women is so vast and varied that you’ll find plenty of gadgets to fulfill you sexually in any way you want. Whatever products you decide to go for, make sure they’re all safe to use and come from a trusted seller. 

This guide is a helpful way for you to introduce frugality into your sex life, because we all know how expensive sex toys can be. Thankfully, the industry is booming with pleasure and sex toy brands are popping up left, right and center – which means less money to spend, and more time to explore!

Of course, you don’t have to stick to cheap sex toys forever. There’s plenty of time to find the more high-end dildos, butt plugs, vibrators or anything else in between – once you’re comfortable enough to open your wallet!

Until then, the ones on this list will help you reach the level you want, and whatever price point you decide to go with, make sure to have a motto whenever you’re hunting for a new sex toy:

“It better give me a bang for my buck!”

Stay rich.

Stay satisfied.

Stay Devine.