Dildos are a mainstay in the world of sex toys. They come in more shapes and sizes than you can count, they’re made in a variety of materials, and provide loads of fun for couples and singles alike.

But what happens when your partner wants in on the dildo action? Sure, you can share one and take turns pleasuring each other, but that can leave you or your partner severely underfucked, especially if you’re tight on time. We all know this feeling, and it’s worse than not being sexed up at all.

See the hole in the market? Тhis is where double ended dildos come into the picture.

Double ended dildos can turn a solo or assisted penetration into a duet that hits all the sweet spots in double-time jazz rhythm. Double the pleasure – double the moans, and a million times the satisfaction!

At the same time, you can use some of these dildos to double-penetrate yourself, if you crave that rough, hole-fulfilling pleasure.

The Top 10

Just like with regular, one-sided toys, there are loads of double sided dildos out there, and I’m here to help you pick the one that’ll raise your sexploits to the next level. My reviews are based solely on my experience with these specific models, so if you’re feeling ready to get one, keep reading.

Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo by njoy

stainless double dildo by njoy

Design & Material

Hard, full-body, all-round steel. When I first held the dildo in my hand, I expected it to be a lot heavier, but I guess that’s just my history with metal dildos speaking. Still, it’s a lot heavier than silicone, jelly, or PVC dildos, but you won’t need extra effort in maneuvering it down there.

The shape is simply irresistible. Hell, I got wet just looking at its shiny, smooth excellence. One side has a smaller tip, which is perfect for starters, and the other is the ‘full-action’ side – perfect for all those in search of women’s sex toys to enjoy some hardcore action, alone or with their partners!

My Experience

A wet, throbbing, leg-shaking ride.

I was so wet the first time around, I decided to try it without lube. After a little warm-up, it slid in seamlessly. Every stroke was thumping with the same intensity, and the slight coldness of the steel was getting me even more aroused. In a few minutes of drilling out my innards, I had a blastorgasm so shaky I could barely stretch out my toes!

My second tryout, I decided to share it with a partner, and had the same results – double-gasm. We lubed-up beforehand and went slow, because this baby won’t bend at all.


  • Warming-up is a must with this dildo. Take it slow to give your precious pussy time to adapt.
  • If you find it too cold, you can simply toss the Njoy dildo in a bowl of warm water before penetrating.
  • It might be a bit heavy for solo, and doing it with a partner can be risky if you have no experience with double sided dildos.

Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On Double Dildo Set by Pipedream

fetish fantasy strap on

Design & Material

A full PVC dildo, the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Double Delight is all about doubling your pleasure. The harness is very comfy and easy to get into, and both sides of the dildo stay in place after you insert it.

I was a bit worried about the firmness because at first, it seemed too soft and would go all over the place if I wanted it a bit rougher, but no, the harness keeps it in place. 

The whole thing looked 10/10, but unfortunately, it smells. The plastic odor is a bit weird, and it didn’t come off even after washing and cleaning it. 

My Experience

Power and satisfaction – that’s what this double sided dildo is all about.

A double dildo and a strapon in one? I’m ready 24/7 for that combo!

My partner and I took turns while using it, and we loved the power and control you have when thrusting – but also the slight movement of the part inside both of us.

If it wasn’t for the odor, it would have certainly been one of my top 10 most used toys.


  • The straps and harness are sturdy and stay in place even when you go a bit rougher, but this can be uncomfortable for girls with bigger thighs, as the harness can dig into your skin.
  • Lube it up – always! 
  • PVC is a porous material, so make sure you clean it well before and after use. Store it in a dry place, away from other women’s sex toys.

Maxx Men Curved Double Flesh Dong by Nasstoys

curved double ended dildo

Design & Material

Large, veiny, slightly-curved – no, I’m not describing the perfect dick, I’m talking about Nasstoys’ Maxx Men Curved Double Flesh Dong. 

The dildo feels very realistic in your hand, which is amazing considering it’s made from PVC material and usually, they’re not this high-class. It’s just bendy enough for you and your partner to play around safely and it’s just hard enough to stay in place when you up the tempo. Want anal escapades? It’s soft enough for that, too!

My Experience

Bigger is better – and Maxx Men’s double dildo is all about size.

The sheer volume of the dildo allows you to play around and twist whichever way you want. That’s what my partner and I did when premiering this toy. The smaller end seemed too thin for any enjoyment, but as soon as I felt those veins rubbing against my soft, inside walls, I couldn’t think straight anymore and just gave in to the experience.

The thicker end got me all the roughness I need, with the added length making my vagina feel like an incredibly comfortable dildo-glove. 


  • A good choice as your first double ended dildo.
  • If you plan on using it for anal, make sure to lube up nicely prior to penetration – those veins won’t slide that smoothly without lube.
  • Clean it with a bit of warm water and some antibacterial soap. Make sure it’s dry before putting it away.
  • Don’t give in to the temptation of going overboard while playing with the thicker end. It can seriously hurt if you push it in too much.

Icicles No. 57 by Pipedream

pipedream dildo

Design & Material

Pipedream’s Icicle #57 has a sleek, artsy design, and it’s made from body-safe borosilicate glass. Classy, smooth, compact – these adjectives came to mind when I first saw it.

The texture is amazing, with one end shaped like a proper dick head, and the other like a swirl, providing a more intense sensation than a random veiny texture.

My Experience

In short? Smooth, glassy, and very classy

My partner and I spent the first 10 minutes looking at the double dildo before we started our motion in the ocean. It slides without any friction, pressing gently against my vagina.

This is yet another wonderful toy that would’ve made it into my favorite arsenal of women’s sex toys – if it wasn’t too small for my taste!


  • Cool it down or warm it up before playtime. It intensifies the orgasm!
  • Clean it gently. Some warm water and some soap will do. If done properly, the #57 Pipedream Icicle will outlast most women’s sex toys.
  • It’s kinda small, so if you want a fulfilling ride you can synchronize your movement with your partner’s and complement each other – out of you, inside your partner, or out of your partner, and inside you. It’s a DP rollercoaster!

Ice Gem Realistic 16-Inch Double-sided Dildo

ige double sided dildo

Design & Material

With sixteen inches of masterful work, the Ice Gem is a frosty but gentle giant.

It’s made of PVC, with a clear, glassy structure full of waves and other textures that provide extra stimulation. In short, it looks great, and performs even better!

My Experience

This wobbly popsicle made my partner and I extremely insatiable, so all those sixteen inches were used to the fullest.

The whole experience would’ve been fine if it wasn’t for the weird odor that kept creeping up in my nostrils – slightly defocusing me and getting me off my flow. I came eventually, but that smell ruined it.


  • Give it a nice wash. Several times. It will reduce the odor or it might just make it go away completely. The more thorough you are, the less you have to worry about the worst aspect of this toy.
  • For all you anal-hungry fiends, this might be the toy that finally fulfills your backdoor desires!

Crystal Jellies Double-Sided Dildo by Doc Johnson 

doc johnson double sided dildo

Design & Material

This PVC Johnson is all about the soft, romantic nights you want to have with your partner, or by yourself. It’s extra bendy and soft, so you can choose if you want it smooth or veiny when ordering.

It’s quite large – 18 inches, so you can also double penetrate with it if that’s your thing. A soft, warm double penetration doesn’t sound fun or possible, but it’s fulfilling – pun intended!

My Experience

I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Double-sided Dildo arrived at my door on a rainy day. My partner and I were not in the mood for getting sweaty and rough – so this double dildo came at the perfect time – and so did we! 

We took it slow, and as it was extra bendy, it allowed us to get even closer to each other and exchange all the touchy-feely love we needed, and the dildo connected us in the most romantic way possible!


  • Clean with warm water and soap before and after use. Store it separately from other toys.
  • Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with this dildo. It can bend quite a lot, so feel free to twist and turn with it inside you.
  • The smooth Doc Johnson slides in and out better, while the veiny one is more intense. Pick wisely!

KingCock 12-Inch Slim Double Dildo by Pipedream

kingcock double dildo

Design & Material

I’ve never seen or felt a dildo as realistic as Pipedream’s KingCock 12-Inch Slim Double Dildo.

With a full PVC body covered in bumps and ridges, this dildo seemed ready to take me to the promised land where I could worship it for eternity and make it a deity in the world of women’s sex toys. I wish it was a bit bigger, but the veiny texture is a nice compensation.

My Experience

This dildo turns a solo act into a duet and a duet into a trio. It’s not a dildo, it’s a person. It felt so lifelike that me and my partner got greedy and decided to push against each other to get it even deeper. Does it actually make you hungrier? Lovely!

The only bummer in the heat of the action was that light, but ever-present odor coming from the toy. Nothing unbearable, but that’s what turns a 10/10 into a 9/10. 


  • Just like with other shorter dildos, you can synchronize with your partner and go on a sexual seesaw ride!
  • Wash it a few times with some warm water and plenty of antibacterial soap. Didn’t remove the odor completely for me, but now it’s definitely less intense.

Vibrating Double-Ended Dildo by loverbeby

vibrating dildo loverbeby

I know, we’re discussing simple double ended dildos, but I couldn’t resist throwing in this techy awesomeness!

Design & Material

This bad boy has a full-silicone body, vibrating motors at both ends, and it’s surprisingly flexible.

These features make the loverbeby Vibrating Double-ended Dildo perfect for couples. It’s slightly bent, and while not as flexible as other dildos on this list, it allows some freedom for twisting and turning your hips while it vibrates you to seventh heaven!

Oh, it’s also equipped with a whopping 10 different vibrating modes!

My Experience

There are times when you want to get some, but don’t really feel like putting in the work. This is your go-to double dildo for those times.

I was just getting over a cold, but I was also a little frisky, so my partner surprised me with this majestic phallic piece. I was able to focus entirely on myself and feel the warmth of my partner enjoying the toy next to me. I can’t describe how this made me feel – more than happy – more than blissful…

The textured ends hit me right in the G-spot, and I got my first leg-shaking orgasm of the day after just a few minutes. I came three times without breaking much sweat, but it felt damn good!


  • If something works downstairs, you can get it to work upstairs too!

Realistic 13.2 Inch Double Dildo by MATATA

matata realistic dildo

Design & Material

The first and only TPR-made double dildo on my list. It’s completely body-safe, incredibly flexible (you can bend it in half), and it’s perfect for playing with your partner and trying out different positions!

I was positively surprised by the lack of any strong odor. It was just mild, and it went away after washing it a few times – a big difference from other PVC and jelly toys!

My Experience

This one made it both into my own sexploit adventures, and my partner’s. The softness and flexibility gave us the confidence to go crazy and switch positions every 20-30 seconds. After a good 10 minutes we pulled off something that’s a rare sight in the kingdom of orgasms – we came at the same time!

Since that magical first time, I keep the MATATA double-dildo closer to my bed than most toys.


  • It’s completely waterproof, and perfect for getting your groove on in the shower.
  • If deep-anal is your thing, MATATA will become your favorite toy. With a bit of lube, that veiny structure will make you gasp from the first time it enters.

Adam & Eve Twisted Love Glass Dildo

adam and eve love glass dildo

Design & Material

When I first laid my eyes on Adam&Eve’s Twisted Love Glass Double dildo, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Sure, it looks amazing, but it’s just 5.5 inches long!

However, the longer I gazed at it, the wider my smile got. All those swirls and ridges had to pack quite a punch, right? It’s not really double ended, as one side has the classic dildo, but the other is more like a butt plug. 

I decided to stop bitching and just get down to testing. Great decision.

My Experience

I went for a solo run first – not just because I’m greedy, but because I wasn’t in the mood to leave either of us underfucked. The solo ride was amazing – with or without lubrication, it slides in and out perfectly.

When I got around to including my partner in the play, we were both ready to give up on thinking about each other and focus on the intense pounding. 

Results? We came three times – each!


  • Glass dildos are usually reserved for the more experienced, but Adam&Eve’s Twisted Love is a safe choice for those making their first steps in the world of dildos.
  • Keep it in a dark place and on a soft surface.
  • It’s a bit heavy, so be careful not to push or pull too hard. Glass abrasions hurt like hell.

Final Words

The ancients used to say all good things came in pairs, but this is the 21st century and we’ve evolved, so now we can have one thing to give us twice the pleasure – a double ended dildo!

The key to finding the perfect one for you is to follow the rule that applies when picking your sex toys – do your research, compare reviews, and most importantly, consult your partner!